Multi-Table Tournaments

High Stakes - $100 Freezouts and $50 Re-buys or Bigger

Tough Spot on River Deep $109 Mini Tuesday by ra_raa11 Hand $$$ 10 9h 20m ago by KidBunz
Live MTT Advice, Bullet points. by Damian Copeland Topic $$$ 4 2d 2h ago by stumbras
Best videos for WSOP main event? by mike Topic $$$ 6 2d 2h ago by stumbras
merits of playing satellites to online tourneys by Andre Bilenky Topic $$$ 3 2d 3h ago by stumbras
Cooler or Could I have kept pot smaller? by aramsay Topic $$$ 3 2d 8h ago by aramsay
KK vs check/raise on dry flop by q3timmy Hand $$$ 6 6d 5h ago by becks7pt
Exploiting aggression with flushes OOP by q3timmy Topic $$$ 2 7d 15h ago by q3timmy
Sunday Million final table bubble. Forget ICM, going for the win! by Sebastian L Hand $$$ 7 10d 3h ago by impregnatio
100-200$mtt Hand history (Rejamming) by FlaXmarZ Topic $$$ 3 15d 13h ago by q3timmy
1650 Heartland main AA by CRUSHER19 Topic $$$ 4 25d 5h ago by betgo
Rio member HH review by Pedro Madeira Topic $$$ 2 29d 18h ago by Eldora
Concealing Tells by impregnatio Topic $$$ 2 1m 5d ago by VIVInv
Yet another puke river spot by q3timmy Hand $$$ 5 1m 7d ago by Pedro Madeira
Seminole Hard Rock $360 MTT unique ICM spot by Brian Hastings Topic $$$ 1 1m 8d ago by Owen Shiels
UPSWING PETRANGELO course vs RYE by Paulo360 Topic $$$ 4 1m 9d ago by victor795
winter series main 60/11k left by tobsenn Topic $$$ 2 1m 9d ago by Pedro Madeira
Ugly river spot with JJ by q3timmy Hand $$$ 2 1m 10d ago by Raphael Nogueira
R/f worst hands to limp from BB HU by betgo Topic $$$ 1 1m 11d ago by q3timmy
54o in SB vs bounty x4 (initial bounty). by nogues Topic $$$ 2 1m 12d ago by Goodfellahh
3-bet Pot with suited connector shortly before finale table by 90020590 Topic $$$ 2 1m 12d ago by Pedro Madeira
Bovada $300 $50 KO - weird turn spot with all the draws- fold too nitty? by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 5 2m 11d ago by Douggyfr3sh
JJ in SB vs a 10.5x preflop R on button by blackhat Topic $$$ 6 2m 21d ago by betgo
Why have 3-bet sizes gone back up? by betgo Topic $$$ 2 2m 22d ago by betgo
AQ in SB vs UTG passive limper by arunvictor Topic $$$ 6 2m 22d ago by Jrive96
100 Euro 6 max. Possibly overplayed FD on the turn? by q3timmy Hand $$$ 1 2m 24d ago by Pedro Madeira
AKs with royal draw facing donk bet by betgo Topic $$$ 3 3m ago by betgo
Question about a cbet from an old Jason Koon video - review of AlexS1 in the warm up. by sirin Topic $$$ 3 3m 1d ago by sirin
4 Players left from 1000+ players in $200 buy-in online event: Turn Push or check/fold with marginal holding? by 90020590 Topic $$$ 11 3m 4d ago by Pedro Madeira
High stakes MTT career question by pokerinlondon Topic $$$ 2 3m 26d ago by pokerinlondon
Estimate for ITM and ROI in live MTTs by midori Topic $$$ 3 3m 29d ago by Pedro Madeira
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