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Omaha 8

Interested in learning PLO8 or 08...fearful of the rake by Cory Mikesell Topic Omaha 8 11 1m 28d ago by ponyneck
HUO8 Limit - Fold to a CBet? by jjrunitoncejj Topic Omaha 8 9 2m 10d ago by Cory Mikesell
Low counterfeit question by JadeLizard Topic Omaha 8 4 3m 6d ago by Mikey Stotz
NLO8 ROI? by Max66 Topic Omaha 8 0 4m 2d ago by Max66
Best books for 08? by JerseyGrinder23 Topic Omaha 8 10 4m 13d ago by ponyneck
Omaha 8 - Introdution by Iamapoorboy Topic Omaha 8 3 8m 12d ago by FTWMidland
plo8 for essential? by resinah Topic Omaha 8 2 1y ago by kerbernes
$1,050 SCOOP-H nlo8 - Anyone folding this in sb on 22bbs on direct bubble? by Nital J Hand Omaha 8 4 1y 2m ago by Raphael Nogueira
PLO8 HEM/PT3 by w34z3l Topic Omaha 8 4 1y 5m ago by crinkledaces
Positional bb/100 in FLO8 by okopon Topic Omaha 8 3 1y 7m ago by okopon
Reader Check In by Gideon Topic Omaha 8 0 1y 7m ago by Gideon
defend? by plolearnerguy Topic Omaha 8 0 1y 9m ago by plolearnerguy
Starting Out by Pike Haxton Topic Omaha 8 12 2y 3m ago by antihero
Study group omaha8 by leBresil Topic Omaha 8 0 2y 3m ago by leBresil
2-5-10 NL Big O by Stlplo Topic Omaha 8 1 2y 8m ago by SlotMachine
River bluff in 25-25-50 Big O by Stlplo Topic Omaha 8 0 2y 10m ago by Stlplo
PLO8 top two on the flop, what to do? by midori Topic Omaha 8 4 3y 2m ago by So_Nitty
hud for 5 card plo8 by OMG_IM_SEXY Topic Omaha 8 1 3y 3m ago by OMGRIVERED
8/16 PLO8 by dsmith3427 Topic Omaha 8 1 3y 4m ago by Charney666
FLO8 $4/$8 close turn decision by Raphael Nogueira Hand Omaha 8 6 3y 7m ago by So_Nitty
08 check flop? by So_Nitty Hand Omaha 8 3 3y 7m ago by S.M.S.
Fundamenals of Omaha Hi Low by Benn88 Topic Omaha 8 3 3y 8m ago by So_Nitty
O8 worth learning? by Fatman Topic Omaha 8 8 3y 10m ago by So_Nitty
FLO8 Spot vs the spot by Raphael Nogueira Hand Omaha 8 1 3y 11m ago by Misha Savinov
PLO8 Final Table vs CHip Leader by bingerminn Topic Omaha 8 0 4y 2m ago by bingerminn
Dealing with Hyper-Aggressive players Pilo by smokedflowers Topic Omaha 8 3 4y 5m ago by Abu Nazir
Low stakes O8 is beatable online by Misha Savinov Topic Omaha 8 4 4y 6m ago by Misha Savinov
PLO8. Getting started by Fuchs314 Topic Omaha 8 3 4y 8m ago by Fuchs314
turning hand into a bluff in nlo8 and got hero called by OMGRIVERED Hand Omaha 8 2 4y 11m ago by OMGRIVERED
Whitch pot are you playing for? Hi, low or both? - Low stakes by Julio Jimenez Topic Omaha 8 13 5y ago by Coby Wright
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