Positional bb/100 in FLO8

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Positional bb/100 in FLO8

Hello everyone.
I would like to know what is good positional winrate for FLO8 (3 to 6 handed)

My current data shows after 3k hands (i admit sample is too small tho),
Pos Winrate VPIP
BB -10/100 55
SB -11/100 53
EP 13.5/100 19
MP -13/100 19
CO -3/100 24
BN 38.6/100 40
Overall 2.8bb/100

What is desirable winrate for every position for 6-max game?
It seems currently figure of BB is too good, so i expect it to drop sooner or later, but up to how much is ok?
I want to target 4-5bb/100 given the stakes i play.

My current VP/PFR is 40/19.


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