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Pot Limit Omaha

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Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Topic $ 0 8d 11h ago by Eldora
PL50 - KKQJss COvBTN - SRP - Flop and turn Line? by Bluechip Hand $ 3 5h 13m ago by Phil Galfond
25PLO Unsure about all streets by Teemu Vuorinen Hand $ 2 7h 17m ago by devwil
Bluff repping overfull (Was that great move or spewing money? by MegaGrinder Hand $ 8 15h 13m ago by MegaGrinder
Playing weak FH on river IP vs loose opponent by devwil Hand $ 3 15h 40m ago by Gorak
AA: Top set IP vs straightening, busted flush draw river by devwil Hand $ 1 1d 6h ago by MegaGrinder
Terminology question: blocking continues by nhx Topic $ 3 1d 14h ago by devwil
What is villains CR-range here? (Q72 rb flop) by MegaGrinder Hand $ 4 1d 14h ago by devwil
AT with FD at 33TA. Turn spot vs aggro fish. by MegaGrinder Hand $ 2 1d 15h ago by devwil
River bluff with missed draw after turn checked through? by MegaGrinder Hand $ 2 1d 15h ago by devwil
List for studying topics in PLO - Creating PLO Studying plan - Brainstorming help needed! by MegaGrinder Topic $ 7 3d 16h ago by MegaGrinder
bottom 2..turn into bluff on river? by leadnuts Topic $ 6 4d 23h ago by Kyyberi
Line discussion OTT? Turned GS/NFD OOP by nhx Topic $ 2 5d ago by Kyyberi
Trying to better understand and utilize blockers by nhx Topic $ 5 9d 6h ago by nhx
too aggro? throwing money in the burn pit? by leadnuts Topic $ 1 10d 7h ago by devwil
Playing all streets w/ AA OOP vs fairly innocuous board/action? by devwil Hand $ 6 11d 5h ago by midori
PLO 10: Top Set on Mon flop (BTN vs BB) by Aquila Hand $ 7 11d 8h ago by leadnuts
weak AAxx on super dry flop by leadnuts Topic $ 2 11d 12h ago by devwil
Questionable cbet turns underfull; how to play final two streets? by devwil Hand $ 5 11d 13h ago by devwil
Turned three pair on dangerous board. Plan? by devwil Hand $ 3 11d 13h ago by devwil
Awkward "value bluff" spot with AA by devwil Hand $ 3 12d 14h ago by MegaGrinder
Observed spot from vid: BvB, check/call on paired turn: what's most common hand you see shown here? by nhx Topic $ 2 13d 23h ago by nhx
PLO25 Did i missplay all streets ? TOP hand miss 3bet by Gorak Hand $ 2 16d 6h ago by devwil
PLO25 Top 2 + GS on very drawy board facing donkbet in 3 way by Gorak Hand $ 2 16d 6h ago by devwil
PLO25 BVB facing 3 Barrels with trip and flush Th river by Gorak Hand $ 2 16d 7h ago by devwil
PLO 10: TPTK get barreled on in SRP by Aquila Hand $ 2 16d 7h ago by devwil
Trips good kicker in 3bet bot with ini by benfiquista Topic $ 1 16d 7h ago by devwil
10PLO AAxx facing flop C/R bvb by Teemu Vuorinen Hand $ 2 16d 8h ago by devwil
i think i duffed this one by leadnuts Topic $ 7 16d 8h ago by devwil
Drawing hand gets called. Shall I bet turn when I have odds to call by MegaGrinder Hand $ 5 17d 7h ago by Aquila
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