Playing wider than Vision preflop? PLO50

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Playing wider than Vision preflop? PLO50

I wonder if there are any merits by playing a bit wider than Vision suggest? Im mostly talkling about for example opening all suited kings and like QQ89ss from EP/MP which otherwise would be a fold at my stakes. And what about coldcalling those high pairs in multiway pots vs fish, say QQ73sss/QJJ5ss from late positions or in the blinds to purely setmine and likely getting paid when we hit. And much easier to get in a lot of money on the flop in multiway pots. If fishes are opening/calling trash hands WAY wider than GTO and also being very sticky on the flop, shouldn't we deviate and be able to call a bit wider? I know rake is a concern but if the fish will stack off too light, won't that make up for it?
The GTO ranges are so nitty it is insane and made the game way less fun imo

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