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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Deep Stacks. Combating a wide 3 Bet Range Preflop and Postflop by faisal94 Topic $$ 11 20h 15m ago by faisal94
NL500z - River decision from a passive line by wesdaco Hand $$ 7 1d 3h ago by Jeff_
NL200 runner runner flush on paired board vs whale by Resolve Hand $$ 1 2d ago by Jeff_
NL200z getting action in 3b spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 4 2d ago by Jeff_
NL200 hero call in 4bp by Resolve Hand $$ 2 2d 13h ago by TZhang98
NL200 Call or raise river with full house? by Resolve Hand $$ 2 2d 19h ago by Juan Copani
NL200z strong king in 3b pot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 3 3d 5h ago by David Alford
NL200 5card straight on board by Jeff_ Hand $$ 4 5d 14h ago by Mancuso
trips facing raise turn and bet river by kakofigueiredo Hand $$ 3 6d 8h ago by Demondoink
NL200 trips facing raise by Jeff_ Hand $$ 5 6d 15h ago by kakofigueiredo
NL200 flopped straight and board gets ugly by Resolve Hand $$ 4 7d 2h ago by Krzysztof Slaski
2-5 annoying spots. by wdwnim Topic $$ 4 8d 10h ago by wdwnim
NL200 turn xr in 3bp with monster draw by Resolve Hand $$ 8 9d 16h ago by David Alford
NL200 baby full house vs river check raise 175bb deep by Resolve Hand $$ 3 9d 18h ago by Resolve
overpair in a bad node too by Jeff_ Hand $$ 12 9d 18h ago by Jeff_
Why does everyone use 33%? by Marshmallowliebe Topic $$ 9 10d 10h ago by David Alford
Is there information on solver recommendations for flop play with various hands and flops? by betgo Topic $$ 0 11d 1h ago by betgo
z100 JJ sqz spot by kakofigueiredo Hand $$ 1 11d 9h ago by David Alford
NL200 crying call in 3BP 200bb deep by Resolve Hand $$ 29 11d 13h ago by David Alford
z100 tptk vs x/shove river by kakofigueiredo Hand $$ 2 11d 14h ago by David Alford
set turned in a bad node by Jeff_ Hand $$ 3 11d 16h ago by Jeff_
2pair 3bet pot by kakofigueiredo Hand $$ 1 12d 7h ago by David Alford
Where to start by rileybrown5 Topic $$ 3 13d 6h ago by Demondoink
100z Tricky spot with AQ sb v btn 100BB by gaucho2121 Hand $$ 7 13d 12h ago by Demondoink
funny spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 4 13d 17h ago by FlaXmarZ
nl200 QQ in 4b ugly spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 7 14d 1h ago by David Alford
nl200 bluffing opportunity by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 14d 1h ago by David Alford
nl200 strong hand vs weak size (but presumable strong range) by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 14d 19h ago by ERA7ER
AA 3 way by Jeff_ Hand $$ 5 16d 21h ago by Jeff_
Coaching needed by pokerinlondon Topic $$ 0 17d 16h ago by pokerinlondon
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