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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

PIO preflop ranges leave me scratching my head by pokerinlondon Topic $$ 0 9h 47m ago by pokerinlondon
How often do people actually bluff here? by CheaterBot Hand $$ 5 1d 6h ago by James Hudson
Mathematic of poker book question by kingkong Topic $$ 11 1d 11h ago by BigFiszh
That's okay to spew here? by Jeff_ Hand $$ 5 1d 12h ago by Pref2playgolf
2 pair vs weak player by Jeff_ Hand $$ 14 1d 13h ago by Demondoink
We check/raise flop in 3bet pot. Now what? by sirin Topic $$ 2 1d 18h ago by Krzysztof Slaski
facing small river bet Live Game 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 6 3d 5h ago by James Hudson
Should I go for thin value on the turn? by BackdoorEverything Topic $$ 5 7d 10h ago by BackdoorEverything
Facing River C/R Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 2 8d 3h ago by ryanspicer
3b Pot w TPTK vs bad aggro by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 9d 7h ago by wesdaco
overpair facing turn bet LIVE by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 9d 9h ago by wesdaco
Question about squeezing SS by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 9d 12h ago by wesdaco
Live Poker Isolating by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 9d 13h ago by wesdaco
Looking for live poker coach by tyeee Topic $$ 3 9d 14h ago by ryanspicer
Three (3) Blind Game Pre-Flop Range Adjustments by Chad10splayer Topic $$ 2 9d 16h ago by Jeff_
Monotone texture facing flop raise by ryanspicer Topic $$ 6 10d 6h ago by wesdaco
Best Pro Video for Overbetting by Chad10splayer Topic $$ 1 10d 15h ago by James Hudson
£1/1 live facing a 3bet jam otr with 3rd nuts by seanish Topic $$ 4 13d 14h ago by seanish
nl200z nutfdro vs donk by Jeff_ Hand $$ 7 14d 6h ago by Archer1066
2-5 river decision. by wdwnim Topic $$ 5 14d 9h ago by wesdaco
Best option to fold? Or other play OTT by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 14d 9h ago by wesdaco
small river sizing and we have top pair Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 2 14d 9h ago by BigFiszh
How wide do you isolate? by ryanspicer Topic $$ 0 14d 12h ago by ryanspicer
nl200z interesting spot vs regular by Jeff_ Hand $$ 3 14d 13h ago by wesdaco
nl200 TPTK in 3b OOP vs triple by Jeff_ Hand $$ 8 14d 16h ago by Dekkers
nl200z calling turn? by Jeff_ Hand $$ 9 15d 12h ago by wesdaco
Close Flop decision 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 3 16d 11h ago by ryanspicer
nl200 Sq spot vs weak player by Jeff_ Hand $$ 22 20d 3h ago by neenee
Live £1/£3 - Action packed home game. Thoughts on approach? by essexpoker Topic $$ 6 20d 10h ago by essexpoker
Manic play or am I pussy for not pulling the Trigger by FlamingJay1 Topic $$ 5 21d 10h ago by ryanspicer
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