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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Solve a bad redline by HugO Topic $$ 3 24m ago by Kalupso
200NL Is this ever a checkback? by HugO Hand $$ 6 1h 37m ago by Dan A
Turn Barrel strategy in singel raised pots. by HugO Topic $$ 5 5h 18m ago by DNegs98
200 NL tight/exploitable flop fold by HugO Hand $$ 5 15h 1m ago by ryanspicer
200NL bluffcatcher by HugO Hand $$ 5 15h 6m ago by ryanspicer
Facing aggression with capped range by HugO Hand $$ 1 15h 42m ago by ryanspicer
Exploiting Someone Who Bets Too Much When Checked To by DNegs98 Topic $$ 0 1d ago by Kalupso
Missing Value here? Live 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 8 1d 10h ago by simonfrost681
Are pio solver and Snowie mostly in agreement? by simonfrost681 Topic $$ 3 1d 16h ago by simonfrost681
Constructing Flop Strategy on KQ4tt Btn vs BB SRP by Chris Bowling Topic $$ 6 2d ago by DNegs98
advanced poker brain needed to understand these numbers please by simonfrost681 Topic $$ 2 4d 11h ago by simonfrost681
TPTK Situations From Last Live Session by billylyons99 Topic $$ 7 4d 15h ago by ryanspicer
SimpleGTO trainer drills by pokerinlondon Topic $$ 1 5d 20h ago by Nuno Alvarez
Surprising solver output- Calling 3rd pair and folding 2nd pair by Dan A Topic $$ 5 7d 15h ago by robbiish
Comparing two textures (EP vs. IP Flat) by wafflesnbeer Topic $$ 1 8d 16h ago by zinom1
Preflop Solvers, PIO or Monker? by ItsPokaBruv Topic $$ 5 8d 18h ago by Basa Tohanj
How to Count Implied odds OTT by luba Topic $$ 1 8d 22h ago by BigFiszh
What are the best adjustments here. by ShaileshGarg99 Topic $$ 2 10d 8h ago by ShaileshGarg99
Adjustments: Can you think of exploitative adjustment Ideas by ShaileshGarg99 Topic $$ 1 11d 9h ago by ShaileshGarg99
Playing against big 3bet sizings by FlaXmarZ Topic $$ 0 11d 21h ago by FlaXmarZ
Skype Group by dkelley1 Topic $$ 13 12d 4h ago by Live_your_dreams85
Facing slight overbet mult-way lead shove Live 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 12d 7h ago by RunItTw1ce
3b pot facing turn C/jam Live 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 4 12d 7h ago by RunItTw1ce
Understanding PIO combo selection. by sirin Topic $$ 5 12d 14h ago by zinom1
100z confused about range interactions here by therapist Hand $$ 15 13d 17h ago by Demondoink
Adjusting to a maniac/badaggro Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 0 15d 11h ago by ryanspicer
AA facing flop shove by DannyH Topic $$ 5 15d 12h ago by ryanspicer
Charity Streaming For My Dawgz by Paid_To_Laid Topic $$ 3 15d 12h ago by ryanspicer
500z hand. poker's not dead. by Demondoink Hand $$ 7 15d 12h ago by ryanspicer
Live 1/1 ~380BB deep hero 4bet with AQs now facing 5bet - what to do? by JayeDog Topic $$ 5 15d 12h ago by ryanspicer
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