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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

NL200 runner runner flush on paired board vs whale by Resolve Hand $$ 4 13m ago by DNegs98
NL200 5card straight on board by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 2h 34m ago by DNegs98
2-5 Hand played against reg by ryanspicer Topic $$ 7 18h 6m ago by Samu Patronen
NL500z - River decision from a passive line by wesdaco Hand $$ 10 23h 39m ago by BigFiszh
nl200z multiway by Jeff_ Hand $$ 1 23h 56m ago by IluxaVag
NL200 Call or raise river with full house? by Resolve Hand $$ 4 1d 10h ago by DNegs98
Monotone board high x/r frequency by Hummus Topic $$ 5 1d 20h ago by Hummus
BB 3-Bet Ranges by Hummus Topic $$ 2 1d 20h ago by Hummus
Facing aggression with capped range by HugO Hand $$ 12 3d 1h ago by belrio42
Turn decision 1-3 Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 4 3d 6h ago by ryanspicer
nl200z ugly spot vs rec by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 3d 14h ago by DNegs98
2-5 Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 10 3d 15h ago by belrio42
NL200z getting action in 3b spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 5 3d 19h ago by IluxaVag
4bet POT deep Bluff? by HugO Hand $$ 1 4d 21h ago by Jeff_
4bet POT bluffcather by HugO Hand $$ 0 4d 21h ago by HugO
PIO question about backdoors by Hummus Topic $$ 4 5d 1h ago by Samu Patronen
Big bluff 200 NL by HugO Hand $$ 13 5d 1h ago by Samu Patronen
Flop Sizing 3 way OOP paired board Live 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 8 5d 7h ago by Samu Patronen
Snowie Challenge 600 hands 14-17/bb/perhr/@40ishhands an hour, if it was live roughly by simonfrost681 Topic $$ 1 5d 23h ago by simonfrost681
Wierd spot 200NL by HugO Hand $$ 4 6d 22h ago by belrio42
Can I fold QQ pre here? (large 4 bet pot oop 400bbs deep vs UTG) Live 3/5 by gorillav Topic $$ 4 7d 18h ago by ryanspicer
Live 1-3 Facing Turn Lead by ryanspicer Topic $$ 4 7d 19h ago by ryanspicer
Turning SD value into a bluff 200 NL by HugO Hand $$ 11 8d 12h ago by DNegs98
Bluff 4bet pot 200 NL by HugO Hand $$ 16 8d 21h ago by ryanspicer
Time to make a big laydown? by HugO Hand $$ 4 9d 16h ago by IluxaVag
200NL 4bet pot tight ranges, fold? by HugO Hand $$ 12 9d 17h ago by simonfrost681
3bet pot vs unbalanced size? by HugO Hand $$ 2 10d 14h ago by Samu Patronen
Though spot vs strong regular 200 NL by HugO Hand $$ 4 10d 18h ago by IluxaVag
Turn stab 3bet pot 200 NL by HugO Hand $$ 1 11d 23h ago by Jeff_
Building a study group, only for active players. by HugO Topic $$ 0 12d 2h ago by HugO
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