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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Upgrade to PIO edge? by HugO Topic $$ 1 1h 13m ago by Jeff_
Is GTO allways making money? by HugO Topic $$ 5 3h 11m ago by BigFiszh
Good players now and before by Kuunatsi Topic $$ 7 1d 12h ago by Arabella
1/3 live, odd flop all in by entendu Topic $$ 1 1d 12h ago by Arabella
Adjusting while at the table by Chap32 Topic $$ 5 2d 4h ago by Chap32
2-5 Hand played against reg by ryanspicer Topic $$ 12 2d 11h ago by Arabella
200NLz triple barrel bluff in 3bet pot MP vs UTG by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 5 2d 12h ago by Live_your_dreams85
5-5 Live facing 2x OB from unknows.... by FlamingJay1 Topic $$ 3 2d 15h ago by Arabella
Missing river value bets with "thin" hands in B-B-B lines and distrusting PIO by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 4 2d 18h ago by DNegs98
Pt4 experts! Heatmaps? by oslonick Topic $$ 1 5d 12h ago by BigFiszh
Online full ring 100bb default game? by doggosu Topic $$ 2 7d ago by Jeff_
1/3 Live Facing Flop Lead in 3b Pot - Range Construction by ryanspicer Topic $$ 6 7d 18h ago by ryanspicer
2/5 live deep. Tough spot by PanickSucks Topic $$ 6 9d 15h ago by talkin6muffin
1/3 live & 100NL/200NL Grinder. Stats posted. by RegDegen Topic $$ 1 10d 20h ago by BigFiszh
Solving multi-way pots by ZeroAbsolut0 Topic $$ 3 11d 1h ago by Jeff_
Is Pokersnowie still the best software to play against bots? by betgo Topic $$ 2 12d 9h ago by betgo
Choosing a sizing when we overbet the turn as cbettor in SRP. by sirin Topic $$ 7 16d 13h ago by DNegs98
1/1 live 450bb deep AQ 4bet pot river spot by JayeDog Topic $$ 4 23d 2h ago by akissv7
MACAO,Venetian 50/100 hk,top two on wet board againtst BT reg by cmacsj Topic $$ 9 27d 11h ago by IluxaVag
Short Stacking by HugO Topic $$ 2 27d 22h ago by Jeff_
How wide do yo expand your range with recs in blind by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 1m 2d ago by belrio42
Khigh flush vs action by Jeff_ Hand $$ 7 1m 4d ago by IluxaVag
Difference between GTO+ and Piosolver by Pref2playgolf Topic $$ 8 1m 5d ago by HULKSMASH73
Facing small river bet w A high in lowstakes Live by ryanspicer Topic $$ 2 1m 7d ago by ryanspicer
Preflop Solvers, PIO or Monker? by ItsPokaBruv Topic $$ 5 1m 9d ago by WM2K
Live 1-3 faciing raise from SS closing action multiway by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 1m 12d ago by ryanspicer
Monotone board high x/r frequency by Hummus Topic $$ 6 1m 13d ago by IluxaVag
EQUITY REALIZATION by HugO Topic $$ 3 1m 16d ago by HugO
How do _you_ decide when to bluffcatch and when not to? Toppair 3b pot OOP by DatpKay Hand $$ 5 1m 18d ago by stillBatman
NL500z - River decision from a passive line by wesdaco Hand $$ 24 1m 19d ago by IluxaVag
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