No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Cbetting after 3bet OOP by SomeFatGuys Topic $$ 2 15d 4h ago by SomeFatGuys
slot gacor terbaru 2022 by ajrslot paten Topic $$ 0 21d 1h ago by ajrslot paten
KK in 4 bet pot - best line by Falker34 Topic $$ 2 23d 5h ago by Omarlittle
Any study groups for GG R&C games? by one4Miley Topic $$ 7 29d 7h ago by Diogenes
How to construct balanced ranges, how not to over- or under-bluff in frequent lines by grand_ua Topic $$ 0 1m 2d ago by Kalupso
Where is everyone from? by 8c3628JXvF Topic $$ 105 1m 16d ago by i-hate-soup
200NL Blitz ACR. Let’s have a discussion. by Seed2Shade Topic $$ 13 1m 19d ago by Seed2Shade
BTN vs BB SRP K66r suits that confuse me by Horkitorki14 Topic $$ 3 1m 23d ago by Horkitorki14
Find combo bluff to call down based on pot odds by totoflip Topic $$ 1 1m 26d ago by BigFiszh
4B or Shove Ranges by Eyresy Topic $$ 5 2m 5d ago by Kalupso
What can I do with my subscriptions? GTO Wizard, HM3, Flopdzilla Pro by Djoksi Topic $$ 5 2m 22d ago by Djoksi
Any good videos on RIO for full ring? by changster Topic $$ 2 2m 22d ago by eyecedtea
LOOKING FOR STAKING NL HOLDEM by VLASSS1234567 Topic $$ 6 2m 22d ago by VLASSS1234567
bet-sizing Simplifying strategy by Boazobargi Topic $$ 0 2m 22d ago by Boazobargi
Setting up river bluff frequencies by paparookiec1 Topic $$ 4 3m ago by eyecedtea
Bet-sizing on the turn, general pattern. by Boazobargi Topic $$ 6 3m 9d ago by Tyler Forrester
Looking for footage! by Patrick Sekinger Topic $$ 2 3m 12d ago by Patrick Sekinger
Where to play..? by LuckyGiuliano27 Topic $$ 2 3m 14d ago by jht987
$1/2 zoom hand on Bovada BTN vs SB 3B by Priski Topic $$ 5 3m 19d ago by BigFiszh
100% check in OOP SB vs BB single raised pot. by Boazobargi Topic $$ 3 3m 25d ago by BigFiszh
Is this even possible or I am out of my mind? by kratossuperman Topic $$ 4 4m 3d ago by kratossuperman
stats by Laubendorf Topic $$ 1 4m 6d ago by Pokerica 52
Pio Solver by Simkillen Topic $$ 3 4m 16d ago by BigFiszh
What to study and from which pro? by tanmay333 Topic $$ 2 5m 3d ago by GEOabc
i river trips and hate life by ibey33 Hand $$ 24 5m 4d ago by kountrybilly
How does a solver work, and what is meant by equilibrium? by WarLoGhE Topic $$ 36 5m 10d ago by GTfO
Looking for study partner NL100Z by Muellenbacher Topic $$ 10 5m 15d ago by pberube16
Super deep live 1000BB, getting owned by IP? by sambho Topic $$ 4 5m 15d ago by albe0170
Leading the turn after the board pairs by Alvez10 Topic $$ 1 5m 15d ago by Shaun Pauwels
(500nl) Facing river jam in 4bet pot by csbro1 Topic $$ 1 5m 16d ago by BigFiszh
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