No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

HUD (hand2note) STATS by skygrupo Topic $$ 3 14h 45m ago by zinom1
Bad bluff vs fish? by doctorkc Hand $$ 10 1d 13h ago by zinom1
call or jam FH OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 2 1d 15h ago by zinom1
c3bo QQ overpair OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 3 2d 4h ago by zinom1
CSQi 2p OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 4 2d 6h ago by zinom1
c4bi 2p in 4str8 baord by zerocool Topic $$ 2 2d 15h ago by zinom1
trip get raise OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 1 3d 7h ago by zinom1
c3bi villian xc3st by zerocool Topic $$ 2 3d 13h ago by zinom1
Looking for coach for CFP by A94859 Topic $$ 1 4d 13h ago by zinom1
Thinking in ranges by Wyvern Topic $$ 2 4d 14h ago by zinom1
srp fold set OTR? by zerocool Topic $$ 2 5d 4h ago by zinom1
Attacking capped ranges by Ryan Topic $$ 3 5d 4h ago by zinom1
Math check on turn shove by Ryan Topic $$ 1 6d 6h ago by BigFiszh
Rare spot, is there any merit in betting the flop here? by Ryan Topic $$ 7 6d 8h ago by BigFiszh
c3bi sd OTT by zerocool Topic $$ 2 6d 12h ago by Jeff_
2p oop facing raise OTT by zerocool Topic $$ 3 7d 1h ago by A94859
Why is this standard? by Ryan Topic $$ 7 8d 11h ago by blackluster777
villian donk OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 5 9d 11h ago by blackluster777
make str OTR in 3bp by zerocool Topic $$ 4 9d 11h ago by Jeff_
make flush OTR get raise by zerocool Topic $$ 4 9d 18h ago by BigFiszh
c3bi in 2p board by zerocool Topic $$ 1 9d 18h ago by BigFiszh
nl200 vs rec by Jeff_ Topic $$ 2 10d 7h ago by A94859
non nut full house get raise jam on river by zerocool Topic $$ 1 11d 16h ago by BigFiszh
2p OTT in multi way pot by zerocool Topic $$ 3 11d 17h ago by lIlCitanul
nl200 3bet spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 9 11d 18h ago by Live_your_dreams85
3Bet pot JJ by MordorMtDoom Topic $$ 4 12d 22h ago by MordorMtDoom
Study Group Looking For Players by 1Jack Topic $$ 2 14d 12h ago by 1Jack
nl200 snap vs shortrec by Jeff_ Topic $$ 3 14d 12h ago by BigFiszh
is it profitable to go all in with Ak pre? by zerocool Topic $$ 4 14d 20h ago by BigFiszh
Understanding 'Preflop Hands EV' and making use of Aggregated reports by mozzie17 Topic $$ 4 15d 20h ago by mozzie17
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