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No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

nl200 pull trigger vs rec by Jeff_ Topic $$ 2 18h 10m ago by Bingo 123
More or one turn c-bet sizes? by 1BuckPlease Topic $$ 2 1d 15h ago by Ryan
Snowie's BTN betsize, any explanation? by 1BuckPlease Topic $$ 1 1d 19h ago by runitoncebeto
Simple GTO Trainer Best Practices by mrdelivery Topic $$ 5 2d 11h ago by Ryan
from monker to pio by totoflip Topic $$ 4 4d 23h ago by doctorkc
3BP vs non standard range by Ryan Topic $$ 0 5d 15h ago by Ryan
nl200 unusual situations by Jeff_ Topic $$ 6 6d 16h ago by MatoStar
Database Analysis Leaks by Flexin Topic $$ 0 12d 15h ago by Flexin
Monkersolver preflop ranges discussion by Resolve Topic $$ 0 14d 10h ago by Resolve
nl200 vs rec by Jeff_ Topic $$ 6 15d 15h ago by lIlCitanul
Solvers - where to start by fzth1 Topic $$ 15 15d 15h ago by lIlCitanul
NLHE Discord study Group by TheLove_Below Topic $$ 0 16d 9h ago by TheLove_Below
GTO+ subset share. by Tonyzer Topic $$ 0 18d 2h ago by Tonyzer
Best poker room in Vegas? by Ryan Topic $$ 0 19d 14h ago by Ryan
Not sure if we have enough equity to call here by Ryan Topic $$ 2 19d 20h ago by Ryan
200reg Have no strong opinion about this one by Jeff_ Topic $$ 4 20d 11h ago by Ryan
nl200z hard situation vs rec by Jeff_ Hand $$ 10 20d 17h ago by Ryan
NL100 player mostly, Essential plan or Elite ? by WannaImprove Topic $$ 3 20d 18h ago by Ryan
How does my Cbet sizing on flops differ from Online to Live? by Ryan Topic $$ 0 24d 15h ago by Ryan
Study group for aspiring/current pros by L131 Topic $$ 16 24d 17h ago by zache86
HU cash preflop ranges by KOXI Topic $$ 1 27d 14h ago by Beaiza
solver by claudia Topic $$ 1 28d 22h ago by lIlCitanul
Study Group Looking For Players by 1Jack Topic $$ 2 1m 1d ago by 1Jack
Export data from Piosolver by simingforever Topic $$ 0 1m 3d ago by simingforever
NL100/200 PS.fresh hands by Beaiza Topic $$ 0 1m 3d ago by Beaiza
nl200z weird spot to be honest by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 1m 4d ago by Mates.
nl200 headscratch spot by Jeff_ Topic $$ 4 1m 5d ago by Jeff_
Bet Sizing Multiway Raised Flop - $1/$2 Live game with 2 Dealer's Choice/Orbit by tsossong18 Topic $$ 2 1m 5d ago by tsossong18
ev loss and simplification by Adorned_in_Gold Topic $$ 3 1m 6d ago by BigFiszh
1-3 w $5 straddle and LOADS of action by Ryan Topic $$ 6 1m 7d ago by tsossong18
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