How do I cancel my membership?
To downgrade or cancel your membership entirely, go to the “plans and pricing” section and select the level of membership that you would like before the end of your billing cycle. You will retain the level of access that you paid for when you signed up and won’t be billed (or billed less if going from Elite to Essential) on your next billing date.
If I upgrade from essential to elite, should I wait until the end of my billing period so I don’t get billed the full cost of essential and elite?
You may upgrade to an elite account at anytime. If you are upgrading from essential to elite, you will be given a pro-rated rate that takes into account the amount that you’ve paid for your essential account up to that day for that billing cycle.
Is there a minimum length of time that I have to sign up?
The minimum length is 1 month.
How often and what day am I billed?
The billing cycle for essential and elite is one month. Your billing date is the same that you signed up to the site. If you signed up on December 13th, your next billing date will be January 13th.
Can I pay for a few months of membership up front at a discounted rate?
We do not offer a discounted rate for advanced payment at this time.
Can I pay with a PokerStars or FTP transfer?
This goes against the terms and conditions of PokerStars and FTP. We will never be allowed to accept transfers on a poker site as a form of payment for a Run It Once subscription.
Is there any way to pay other than with a credit card?
At this time we can only accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Paypal and Skrill as payment.
When I enter my information in the payment screen and click submit, the screen appears to load for hours. What is the problem?
This is a bug that occurs as a result of our sites interaction with our payment processor. It means that the credit card you are using to pay for your subscription has been declined. While this can happen for any number of reasons, in our experience the predominant reason is that your banks anti-fraud measures have declined the transaction. If you call your bank and inform them that the purchase is one that you are trying to make, the problem is typically resolved.
What exactly do I get with the essential package vs the elite package?
The essential package is $24.99/month and provides you with access to all of the videos made by our essential coaches. This also includes 1 Phil Galfond video per month specifically made for essential subscribers. The elite package is $199.99/month and provides you with access to all of the videos on our site including those of our essential coaches. Regardless of your level of subscription, you will have access to our forums.


I can’t view the videos. What is the problem?
There are a number of different reasons why this can happen and it usually requires a different solution for each situation. If you email [email protected], please include:
  • Email address
  • Site username
  • Level of subscription (basic/free, essential, elite)
  • Operating system
  • What occurs when you attempt to watch the video? (error message, site crashes, endless loading)
  • Have you attempted to watch the videos on another machine/browser and if so were you able to do so?
  • Does this problem occur for all videos or just certain videos? If only some, which video(s) can’t you watch?
  • When did this problem begin? (Has it been a problem since you signed up or did it (begin sometime after you’ve been a member?)
Can I download the videos?
We do not offer our videos for download at this time. This is a decision we wrestled with, but ultimately decided to make the videos available via streaming only.
Will the videos work on my iPad or iPhone?
My essential package comes with 1 Phil video but I am not able to watch the one I want?
The essential plan does come with 1 Phil Galfond video per month however this is not a video that can be chosen. The essential video from Phil is one that is chosen by us each month. We try to vary this as much as possible and definitely listen to the suggestions posted in the forums and sent to the [email protected] email account.


How can I become a coach for Run It Once?
We are always on the lookout for new talent and if you think you would make a good instructor, please send an email to [email protected] with:
  • Real Name
  • Names on all major poker sites
  • Have you made videos before, if so for what site and how many?
  • Native language + other languages spoken
  • Preferred game/stakes
  • Any other relevant information about yourself
Why does the hand history that I am posting not work properly?
With literally hundreds of poker sites, we aren’t able to offer the ability to post a hand from every site. We tried to include the major sites first and will continue to add other sites and games but it is a tedious process. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
How does the point system work?
Our point system is designed to reward subscribers for generating quality content. While the rules and reward system aren’t set in stone, we award points for receiving “likes” or “hearts” from other users. Currently, users receive 1 point for a heart from another subscriber and 5 points for one from one of our pros. At the end of the month, top 5 users will receive a free month of elite membership.
Are there any plans to hire coaches for ___?
We get a lot of requests to find coaches for a specific game and stakes. While we are always on the lookout for new coaches, our main focus right now is building our MTT, PLO, and NLH database. Eventually, we’d like to be able to accommodate all of the requests that we’ve received for coaches with different specialities, but we don’t have a timetable for when we will begin expanding into some of the mix games and other variants.
What web browsers do you support?
We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and the latest two versions of Internet Explorer.
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