Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

Deep in tournament limped pot QTo in BB by slammin22 Topic $$ 2 3d 15h ago by Patk2008
Is it more +EV to play early and deepstacked in MTTs or as a shortstack in late stages? by IveGotTheNuts Topic $$ 1 6m 18d ago by beezmans
5R Awkward Preflop Spot by foldnowpls Hand $$ 5 7m 22d ago by Deactivated User
Study Group by JacquetK Topic $$ 3 7m 22d ago by Deactivated User
MTT Study by cravencustoms Topic $$ 0 7m 23d ago by cravencustoms
Multiway 3BP with AA by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 3 7m 28d ago by Brian Hastings
Preflop ranges: Why should we mix? by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 0 7m 28d ago by Douggyfr3sh
Using open raising range charts by LagRat Topic $$ 0 8m 7d ago by LagRat
6 left with 4k up top, is this a shove spot? by kalmoa Topic $$ 2 9m 15d ago by ScoopCity
Multiway PKO allins by rickybobby1 Topic $$ 1 10m 1d ago by Lecrystalqc
Non-showdown winnings in tournaments by shieldgang Topic $$ 0 10m 15d ago by shieldgang
4-bet ranges BTN vs SB - 30BB by Benji0989 Topic $$ 1 11m 6d ago by GEOabc
QJo on BU in 3way pot by ezzieweb Topic $$ 1 1y ago by NuMiSmA
Late registration by Alexey Popov Topic $$ 3 1y 1m ago by aricjoshua
No limit Omaha tournaments by brainer Topic $$ 1 1y 3m ago by PossiblyNotKangaroo
Newish 50nl reg looking for some study partners / comradery and to swap knowledge with MTT players by braintempest Topic $$ 3 1y 4m ago by EmmaIsabella
Theoretical question about reshove on 30BB Late pos by hyperturbo Topic $$ 2 1y 4m ago by MeredithRachel
4 Left Night on Stars, first price 6k by aleman88 Topic $$ 0 1y 4m ago by aleman88
PLO Progressive ko/ bounty builder mtts by Max66 Topic $$ 1 1y 5m ago by mesha99
Folding nut flush ? ITM WCOOP 55$ BB by Mathieu Grenon Topic $$ 3 1y 6m ago by Nienow
Preflop Study by SelectiveBreeze Topic $$ 0 1y 6m ago by SelectiveBreeze
When is torching SDV to apply pressure on nut adv boards ideal? ( my first time posting on here ) by Keegan Westover Topic $$ 1 1y 6m ago by dpsd05
Top two pair on the flop on a 3-bet connected board by sizanani Topic $$ 1 1y 7m ago by drew.poulas
Low or high variance line? by SoundSpeed Topic $$ 5 1y 9m ago by ValueBetRiver
Maximizing use of PT4 for mtt player by IRichardI Topic $$ 2 1y 9m ago by ValueBetRiver
When reviewing a chip ev spot in icmizer... by bigTROUBLE Topic $$ 3 1y 10m ago by CatorMan
Standard shove?? by Lombrico Topic $$ 0 1y 11m ago by Lombrico
Problems with calculating the value of a bounty in BB by Tolhurst Topic $$ 1 1y 11m ago by Tolhurst
Pads new course - Am I blind or is there nowhere to download all the charts (excel sheets) that Pads is showing during his vids? by PH88 Topic $$ 1 1y 11m ago by Mikey Stotz
How to use solvers to play better against bad players by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 6 2y ago by Douggyfr3sh
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