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Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

Observed 44xBB final table 3-bet rip with AKs by betgo Topic $$ 0 1d 16h ago by betgo
call/fold Turn ? by winoorr Hand $$ 0 3d 11h ago by winoorr
Too passive paly IP ?? by winoorr Hand $$ 0 3d 11h ago by winoorr
Bubble limp with BB almost allin by betgo Topic $$ 0 3d 11h ago by betgo
Miss flop in 3bet pot by winoorr Hand $$ 0 3d 12h ago by winoorr
Kc6d steal bubbel by winoorr Hand $$ 6 6d 8h ago by Pedro Madeira
JJ in 3bet potpreflop by winoorr Hand $$ 6 10d 17h ago by Pedro Madeira
TT in SB with 27xBB facing a hijeck raise at final table by betgo Topic $$ 4 10d 20h ago by Jrive96
AQo UTG, 15xBB, half average stack on cash bubble. by betgo Topic $$ 6 10d 20h ago by Jrive96
Late tournament adjustments? by wesdaco Topic $$ 4 17d 14h ago by betgo
MTT Study Group Starting by hughescon Topic $$ 1 18d 15h ago by uriahholt
Ro Study Group by shestx Topic $$ 0 21d 20h ago by shestx
Final 10 Mini Triple Threat 150 bbs pot with JJ ?!!! by Freshbakedchamp Topic $$ 1 27d 16h ago by Pedro Madeira
Did i make a HERO fold or FISH fold?? Help. by PocketAces Topic $$ 5 29d 14h ago by betgo
KJo push UTG 5-handed FT by betgo Hand $$ 2 1m 1d ago by Pedro Madeira
22 - 3bet shove SFT by winoorr Hand $$ 2 1m 3d ago by winoorr
Bubble button push or steal? by betgo Hand $$ 1 1m 4d ago by betgo
First hand posting :-) by discr3tion Topic $$ 4 1m 9d ago by betgo
A8 on 975 flop by betgo Hand $$ 3 1m 10d ago by Pedro Madeira
tough spot on flop Sunday Million - What is your play here ? by TheKirlian Topic $$ 1 1m 18d ago by Pedro Madeira
Should I call with top two pair? by Kipos Topic $$ 1 1m 18d ago by Pedro Madeira
99 4-handed on the final table by DebtsNBooze Hand $$ 5 1m 18d ago by newfishdonk
OESD on monotone board by betgo Hand $$ 1 1m 24d ago by Pedro Madeira
JJ triple barrel on monotone flop. Near the money by Kid_Scratch2 Topic $$ 4 1m 28d ago by paparookiec1
Call off with KQ suited? by Father05 Topic $$ 4 1m 29d ago by betgo
BIG 55, AJo in the SB, 32bb effective by snakerice Topic $$ 4 2m 5d ago by Pedro Madeira
AA preflop decision against 2 raisers by Tom Fun Hand $$ 4 2m 5d ago by ra_raa11
The Hot BigStack Turbo 50 €, 15 000 € garantis final table 3-handed with chips leads by Mrstamkos Hand $$ 2 2m 16d ago by Pedro Madeira
Tough Spot WCOOP ME low deep against reg (Leqenden)!! by ra_raa11 Hand $$ 3 2m 22d ago by Pedro Madeira
Live MTT AK 3bet jam or raise by Dauntlessone Topic $$ 2 2m 27d ago by HasanGul
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