QJo on BU in 3way pot

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QJo on BU in 3way pot

Hi Guys, played this hand today and wanted to hear your thoughts on it.
The tournament is a 22$ bounty builder, it was either just before or just after the money.

Hero has QhJd on the BU. Effective stack is 30bb

CO (22/16) minopens, Hero calls, SB folds, BB (23/17) calls

The flop comes 7hTc5h, everyone checks

Turn: Th, BB bets 1/2 pot, CO folds, Hero calls

River: 5c, BB bets 1/3, Hero?

First question would be if prefolp is fine. Second, on the river I can see all 3 options here, hero calling vs 98, 86, 64, bluff shoving to fold a seven (in case I didnt raise a T on turn, if that would ever make sense), or just folding.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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