No Limit Hold 'em

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

AKss line bad? by robetoblanco Topic $$$ 4 11d 9h ago by Qing Yang
Kk 230bb deep facing 4bet by RunItTw1ce Topic $$$ 7 17d 5h ago by Zeneka
Floor ruling - out of turn - forced to call someone's all in by RunItTw1ce Topic $$$ 6 21d 13h ago by RunItTw1ce
Sulskys most recent video hand by rmthawk64 Topic $$$ 5 1m 3d ago by Demondoink
Value betting or bluffing? 25\50\100 by RunItTw1ce Topic $$$ 9 1m 4d ago by ERA7ER
Preflop Exploits in Live Poker by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 0 1m 6d ago by kobeizdabest
Why 1/3 is the best sizing on the flop? by ilares Topic $$$ 50 1m 6d ago by Rodney1234
$10\$10 + BB $100 ante Middle 2 pair facing 2x pot jam by RunItTw1ce Topic $$$ 9 1m 9d ago by RunItTw1ce
Nut flush draw gets c/r on the turn by Berbatron Hand $$$ 8 1m 14d ago by Demondoink
Offering stake without any investment for online games. NLHE and PLO. by Pokerman1976 Topic $$$ 4 1m 22d ago by Pokerman1976
KK post-flop on coordinated flop by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 1 1m 25d ago by Jeff_
Preflop Strategy Rake$5/$10 and $10/$20 Live ? by DanDanDanDan Topic $$$ 3 1m 25d ago by abbath
5/10 deep turn spot by teubsch Hand $$$ 5 1m 26d ago by SeniorPomidor
PIO on Mac by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 9 1m 27d ago by BackFromDagobah
AQ river desicions 25/25 live by crushed Topic $$$ 8 1m 27d ago by Lezaleas
What is LLinusLLove doing with 22? Is that a mergey type of hand? I am not this high class or advanced lol. by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 11 2m 13d ago by G G
1knl HU session pt 2 by RalphWaldoEmerson Hand $$$ 5 2m 13d ago by korn1337
preflop charts by peibol_allin Topic $$$ 1 2m 25d ago by GaliZianBoy
About Exploitative Plays by FlaXmarZ Topic $$$ 4 3m 16d ago by guialmeidaalt
PIO decides to check 97% and bet 3% on river. Yet the EV of betting with several hands is enormously higher than checking. Why is this so? by Darren Wee Topic $$$ 4 3m 17d ago by zapdosstar
Cbetting 3 Bet pots by FlaXmarZ Topic $$$ 1 4m 1d ago by Mancuso
QQ on T83 2 tones by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 5 4m 9d ago by I_Fold_Jacks
did i fcked it up on every street? by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 8 4m 19d ago by Demondoink
Preflop solving with PokerSnowie. Weird results needs explanation. by Jakob Tøstesen Topic $$$ 9 4m 21d ago by Bingo 123
Is limitless bluffing or ...? by zinom1 Hand $$$ 12 4m 21d ago by ohmyrage
Insanely high rake in private games.. by Justin_Case Topic $$$ 2 4m 21d ago by ohmyrage
Deep 4bet pot, Linus vs jinmay by kalciis Topic $$$ 11 4m 23d ago by RalphWaldoEmerson
4betting a linear or polarized range, SB vs BB. by Boazobargi Topic $$$ 1 5m 11d ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Can we build up a decent raising range here? by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 3 5m 16d ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Thoughts on my play, in a somewhat small pot by MidnightBacon Topic $$$ 2 5m 20d ago by MidnightBacon
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