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No Limit Hold 'em

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

QQ on T83 2 tones by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 5 13h 48m ago by I_Fold_Jacks
Preflop Strategy Rake$5/$10 and $10/$20 Live ? by DanDanDanDan Topic $$$ 2 3d 8h ago by RunItTw1ce
PIO on Mac by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 8 8d 12h ago by BigFiszh
did i fcked it up on every street? by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 8 10d 4h ago by Demondoink
Preflop solving with PokerSnowie. Weird results needs explanation. by Jakob Tøstesen Topic $$$ 9 11d 17h ago by Bingo 123
Is limitless bluffing or ...? by zinom1 Hand $$$ 12 11d 23h ago by ohmyrage
Insanely high rake in private games.. by Justin_Case Topic $$$ 2 11d 23h ago by ohmyrage
Deep 4bet pot, Linus vs jinmay by kas. yraa Topic $$$ 11 14d 9h ago by RalphWaldoEmerson
4betting a linear or polarized range, SB vs BB. by Boazobargi Topic $$$ 1 1m 2d ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Can we build up a decent raising range here? by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 3 1m 6d ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Thoughts on my play, in a somewhat small pot by MidnightBacon Topic $$$ 2 1m 11d ago by MidnightBacon
Are we supposed to 5bet bluff jam by FlaXmarZ Topic $$$ 18 1m 16d ago by ERA7ER
Turn sizing by BobbyG Topic $$$ 4 1m 16d ago by korn1337
Three (3) Blind Game Pre-Flop Range Adjustments by Chad10splayer Topic $$$ 10 1m 18d ago by Kalupso
Live 5/10 turn bluff shove by 123pocky Topic $$$ 5 2m 8d ago by Demondoink
I am not sure if we should 3bet jam vs turn by seanish Topic $$$ 2 2m 17d ago by seanish
How do u play AK in this spot? by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 3 2m 18d ago by LetBe123
live 2/5/10 with flopped top set. Looking for some suggestions on optimal strategies. by polarizing53 Topic $$$ 7 2m 19d ago by polarizing53
What is a solid check raising flop %? by rekop Topic $$$ 9 2m 22d ago by BalboBiggins
PokerDetox Pio unlocked course by Mike H Topic $$$ 9 2m 23d ago by FlaXmarZ
JJ in a river spot by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 17 2m 28d ago by dannyboy6292
2 Black KK on J♠️6♣️5♣️ by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 3 2m 28d ago by dannyboy6292
Thoughts on playing over pairs out of position post flop (3 way) by dannyboy6292 Topic $$$ 0 2m 28d ago by dannyboy6292
Need advice about buying solvers. by Bulka Topic $$$ 3 3m 13d ago by riocats
Preflop ranges for PIO by Like.a.G6 Topic $$$ 8 3m 21d ago by chanmix
Whatsapp Group for online poker (study/exchange info) by mikechan96 Topic $$$ 0 3m 26d ago by mikechan96
Soft High stakes China mobile app games?? by ouch787 Topic $$$ 15 3m 26d ago by mikechan96
3rd nut flush getting overbet shoved for 350bb on the river by Mike H Topic $$$ 12 3m 27d ago by Demondoink
Ranges by bobbuuu Topic $$$ 0 4m 9d ago by bobbuuu
Villain makes hero call on the river by Jerman Hand $$$ 6 4m 10d ago by Uri Peleg
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