No Limit Hold 'em

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

NL1k vs Reg 200bb deep River x/shoooove bluff or noooot by korn1337 Topic $$$ 7 2h 46m ago by anishakapoor11
Master Mind Group by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 0 4d 8h ago by kobeizdabest
Looking for a coach by Ducky7 Topic $$$ 7 7d 16h ago by doctorkc
Terrible Redline by doctorkc Topic $$$ 0 9d 6h ago by doctorkc
Monker Rng file to Pio file by yudaiskywalker Topic $$$ 2 11d 21h ago by totoflip
EV Formula Limp Stab by ASAP1Z2 Topic $$$ 4 20d 19h ago by ASAP1Z2
Suspicious Results on Bovada/Ignition by Nick Howard Topic $$$ 20 1m 1d ago by OhYeah229
I will sell my unused poker accounts to a random guy - what can go wrong? by dasdasdas Topic $$$ 3 1m 22d ago by TheLove_Below
Where to find deep-stack NLHE content? by anti_desitter_space Topic $$$ 2 1m 28d ago by anti_desitter_space
US Poker Sites by hrobert29 Topic $$$ 3 4m 13d ago by Andycivil
How to adapt to a game format with huge amount of dead money by Yolan Topic $$$ 5 4m 26d ago by zinom1
Random Number Generators by BackFromDagobah Topic $$$ 10 5m 21d ago by WillianMates
Quantifying blocker considerations by dshin Topic $$$ 1 6m ago by BigFiszh
. by Deactivated User Topic $$$ 1 6m 2d ago by lIlCitanul
PioSolver: Why do offsuit combos bluff more frequently than their suited counterparts on the flop? by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 12 6m 7d ago by BigFiszh
HREC to PIO by Tiberiustime123 Topic $$$ 0 6m 14d ago by Tiberiustime123
nl500/1k wining 6max player looking to trade knowledge with omaha, MTT or limit games players by whysoseriuuz Topic $$$ 0 6m 18d ago by whysoseriuuz
I made a hand analyze GTO+Exploit on Tom Dwan vs Elton. I hope you like it by jassumace Topic $$$ 0 6m 29d ago by jassumace
NL1000 - Spewy line? by sweet16 Hand $$$ 25 7m 21d ago by JamesYang
PIO solver Aggregated Reports downloading by Scientifik Topic $$$ 3 7m 25d ago by Jeff_
River Call Eff by Jonathan Roy Topic $$$ 2 7m 28d ago by JamesYang
When to edgepass and when to get max chip ev by ASAP1Z2 Topic $$$ 3 8m 10d ago by BigFiszh
PioSOLVER on Amazon Web Service by ItalianStallion Topic $$$ 4 8m 19d ago by Spelly89
Preflop GTO ranges !! by Bulka Topic $$$ 6 10m 1d ago by forCarlotta
PokerMaster BB ante Games by Morten Lund Jensen Topic $$$ 3 10m 2d ago by morten lund jensen
Looking for a better line in a 2000NL SRP SB vs. BB spot by DoctorDonk Topic $$$ 4 10m 9d ago by Bingo 123
What do you do live that you wouldn't do online? by nothingfancyhere Topic $$$ 2 10m 11d ago by nothingfancyhere
Looking for HUNL footage to review by Nuno Alvarez Topic $$$ 13 11m 1d ago by Nuno Alvarez
Solver, bb/100 diffrence , what is a big deal and what is small deal? by ASAP1Z2 Topic $$$ 8 11m 2d ago by Holonomy
Validity of Preflop Sims by ItalianStallion Topic $$$ 3 11m 2d ago by Holonomy
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