No Limit Hold 'em

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

Who is the oldest professional player in the online high-stakes game? by Cursor Topic $$$ 0 1m 4d ago by Cursor
GTO Trainer - Good Scores / Bad Scores and Does it actually improve your game much? by Archer1066 Topic $$$ 1 1m 14d ago by GMjunior
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Master Mind Group by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 2 1m 27d ago by detroja3
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lets talk about this crazy hand from limitless by Adorned_in_Gold Topic $$$ 2 2m 5d ago by Evelyn09
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GGPoker Super Users by wtf666 Topic $$$ 1 2m 22d ago by Gjokes1
QQ in a live game by eug44 Topic $$$ 3 7m 29d ago by albe0170
I made a hand analyze GTO+Exploit on Tom Dwan vs Elton. I hope you like it by jassumace Topic $$$ 2 9m 12d ago by YoungJedi
The first tool that allows to simplify, compare side by side, and as a result really understand GTO or node locked solver strategies by grand_ua Topic $$$ 3 10m 2d ago by grand_ua
Exposing scamming coach from Runitonce Nuno Alvarez aka Checkrais3r by Nunoscamralez Topic $$$ 4 10m 2d ago by Nunoscamralez
How to construct balanced ranges, how not to over- or under-bluff in frequent lines by grand_ua Topic $$$ 2 10m 6d ago by grand_ua
Are there any great videos on database/stat analysis and HUD optimization? by jeckha Topic $$$ 2 10m 6d ago by grand_ua
Pocket Aces vs A new Player in their First Hand by Kaseyorr Topic $$$ 4 11m 23d ago by Kaseyorr
Any High Stakes HU Crushers in Dallas Area by wflasowski Topic $$$ 1 1y ago by Wk1220
Tools and Topics for Live CG by LuckyGiuliano27 Topic $$$ 0 1y 3m ago by LuckyGiuliano27
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What did the work look like? by pberube16 Topic $$$ 13 1y 3m ago by emsterdad
Why do great payers check this type of board. by tbeckett Topic $$$ 7 1y 4m ago by Psycho7044
1knlHU vs buttonclickr by MatoStar Hand $$$ 2 1y 5m ago by DNegs98
US Poker Sites by hrobert29 Topic $$$ 4 1y 6m ago by Chefjohn7168
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HREC to PIO by Tiberiustime123 Topic $$$ 3 1y 9m ago by Kalupso
PioSOLVER on Amazon Web Service by ItalianStallion Topic $$$ 6 1y 9m ago by fishcheckmate
What do you do live that you wouldn't do online? by nothingfancyhere Topic $$$ 3 1y 9m ago by nowonasperholdem
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