1knlHU vs buttonclickr

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1knlHU vs buttonclickr

Blinds: $5.00/$10.00 (2 Players) BB: buttonclickr: $2972.67
SB: MatoStar14: $1785.56 (Hero)
Preflop ($15.00) MatoStar14 is SB with 9 A
buttonclickr raises to $24.00, MatoStar14 raises to $120.00, buttonclickr calls $96.00
Flop ($240.00) 6 8 Q
MatoStar14 bets $59.63, buttonclickr calls $59.63
Was thinking that the deeper we are, the smaller cbet sizing I am going to use being OOP. I think its still pretty good board for us. Expecting buttonclickr to have a bit wider range than solver - thinking he is IP and quite deep + having an edge over me. Therefore I do not mind highering my cbet frequency here. Maybe even range betting... not sure cause of the deeper stacks.
Turn ($359.26) 6 8 Q Q
MatoStar14 checks, buttonclickr checks
Should be pretty good card for me that is allowing me to bet with a higher frequency, however, I want to still keep in mind that we were 178bbs deep preflop and therefore lowering the frequency on each street is a good strat imo compared to what I might be used to 100bb deep.
In game I thought that my hand is just a good candidate to check and would rather bet most of my gutters along with some K-highs to fold out his Ax. Probably would play just 1/2 or check I think. Betting around 55-65% of my range sounds good to me.
River ($359.26) 6 8 Q Q 2
MatoStar14 checks, buttonclickr bets $238.51, MatoStar14 folds
I think my hand is a pure check on this blank. However, when he bets I think we have to call some Ax combos. Tbh, in game I was thinking that the 9 is actually quite bad and I would prefer to have K,3,4 or maybe even 5 to block less of his bluffs.
Final Pot buttonclickr wins $357.76
Rake is $1.50

(P.S. there was 2 fishes in the pool and buttonclickr. I like my wallet enough to not battle HU only with buttonclickr :D)

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