From The Ground Up

MTT Edition


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Over the course of 43 videos, Run It Once Pro Owen Shiels walks you through the essentials of tournament poker.

Whether it's how to play different stack sizes, when to exploit your opponents and when to play GTO, or how ICM impacts your decisions, Owen will have you making final tables in no time.

Owen Shiels
Owen Shiels Essential MTT
You’ll Learn:
  • About stack sizes and the impact that they have
  • Opening ranges by position
  • About GTO and exploitative play
  • The basics of HUD use
  • How to play a reshove stack
  • How to adjust to your table

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Purchase Course$149.99 *Lifetime Access

Foundation Principles

Preflop Play, Bet Sizing, Position, And Other Basics

Preflop Play

Deeper analysis of all things preflop

Flop Play

The flop is dealt, now what?

Turn and River Play

Turn and river nuance is examined in these installments

The Independent Chip Model (ICM)

What is it? How do we apply it? How can it help our decision making?

The End Game

Finding yourself deep in a tournament? Pay attention here!

Optimizing off the Felt

Bankroll, Game Selection, and Mental Stability

So What Now?

Continuing your poker education

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