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How do you get backing for live poker? by Jessie Barbin Topic Live Poker 5 11h 17m ago by charlotteava
Anyone have a good guideline for tipping in live casino games? by dallasap2 Topic Live Poker 13 5d 10h ago by jeniferajee
Dealing with cash deposits as a live poker pro by roelofs-88 Topic Live Poker 1 29d 7h ago by EthanSilberstein619
Line Check at 2/5 (first RIO post :-) by VerlocVerloc Topic Live Poker 2 1m 26d ago by Buckridge
Hello, Name is Jin, but people call me Kobe. I live in north side of Chicago. I've been a dealer for 2 years. I've dealt hold'em and PLO. I worked on .50-1, 1-2, and 2-5 games: small blind-big blind by Kobe24 Topic Live Poker 1 5m 8d ago by Sashakissa
Live Tournament Advice by PocketTwo393 Topic Live Poker 2 7m 26d ago by Brian Rasta
how to count pot size and stack size in live poker? Thx by G G Topic Live Poker 8 9m 29d ago by Brian Rasta
ONLINE Rigid and Exact Preflop Play might be preventing me from exploiting opponents MORE LIVE? by Daz Topic Live Poker 15 11m 9d ago by Brian Rasta
Is there bad loose play in high stakes mixed games? by betgo Topic Live Poker 6 11m 10d ago by Brian Rasta
City country for live poker in eu during covid by Deactivated User Topic Live Poker 0 11m 19d ago by Deactivated User
Best Live Poker Tracking APP for 2020 by JohnnyRevs Topic Live Poker 0 1y ago by pokerguru
Calculating live cash game rake by jba88 Topic Live Poker 0 1y 1m ago by jba88
Mutliway hand with a Whale - Thoughts? by nat2r Topic Live Poker 2 1y 5m ago by jerrymorrell
North-East 1/3 Live PLO by Dddogkillah Topic Live Poker 6 1y 8m ago by nothingfancyhere
10% tax on winnings reduces ROI by more than 10%?? by therapist Topic Live Poker 4 1y 9m ago by abbaddabba
£1/£1 NLHE - AKo in SB vs 2 opponents, 250 BB deep by m3taphysics Topic Live Poker 3 2y 1m ago by Oats1
Is this rake beatable? by robetoblanco Topic Live Poker 0 2y 1m ago by robetoblanco
Reckless home game by zmya Topic Live Poker 0 2y 1m ago by zmya
Run it once Elite - Hoodie / Hat by RunItTw1ce Topic Live Poker 0 2y 2m ago by RunItTw1ce
Harrahs Cherokee by Ryan Topic Live Poker 0 2y 3m ago by Ryan
New Coaching Rates For LLSNL by Nick Johnson Topic Live Poker 0 2y 5m ago by Nick Johnson
When is an add-on good or bad? by Andreas.p305 Topic Live Poker 1 2y 6m ago by Jrive96
SNG 6 MAX VS MANIAC by pegasplayer Topic Live Poker 3 2y 6m ago by Jrive96
2-5 annoying spots. by wdwnim Topic Live Poker 3 2y 6m ago by Jrive96
Building a Product for players by WayneDaBang Topic Live Poker 1 2y 9m ago by ppadala
Short Deck Strategy by jmbarney Topic Live Poker 0 2y 10m ago by jmbarney
Straddling from any position by JDGskychaser Topic Live Poker 12 2y 11m ago by Samu Patronen
50bb cash game strategy by hkabir200291 Topic Live Poker 3 2y 11m ago by mrhobbeys
Looking for Poker mentor in Perth, Western Australia by perfor8 Topic Live Poker 1 2y 12m ago by seonaila
Live 1/2 Spot - 8Tss in CO vs Maniac by nat2r Topic Live Poker 4 3y ago by VerlocVerloc
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