Mutliway hand with a Whale - Thoughts?

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Mutliway hand with a Whale - Thoughts?

Whale at my table was jamming any two and hitting dumb shit and amassed like $300 doing this. I open, he jammed $100 without glancing at his cards, I snap with AK. He shows J7o and hits a J on the river to take it down.

Seat to his left opens. Hello! I move.


$1/2, I have $400 behind.

V1 is aforementioned whale.

V2 is your standard player in his late 20's-30s. He had commented that he had to claw back to get his stack to where it was after getting wrecked. I bluffed him off middle pair at one point, but in general, he's been observing me crushing. Every hand I've tabled except for the T7dd with him as been great. Trips with T9hh, AK multiple times, big pairs, AQ, TJs, etc. V2 is highly aware that our whale is being dumb. He is also trying to get into pots with him. He is to my left.

Whale is UTG. I keep my eye on his cards. He doesn't look at them. He opens to $25.

I flat JTdd.

V2 flats.

I think Seat 2 flats but he's irrelevant.

Upon my calling, and while V2 calls, our whale decides to take a looksie. When myself or V2 are in pots with him he gets nervous and announces "gotta look at my cards I don't like this guy" as a "joke"

Flop is KcQc6x.

SB checks. Whale bets $25. I flat. V2 decides to punch it up to $150.

Upon seeing this, I immediately thought to myself that
if the whale folds, I'm going to jam the rest of my stack in.

1) I'm perceived to be the strongest player at the table by villain

2) I know that he's raising to iso the whale, and believes that I'm just gonna ditch my QX, KX, 22-JJ. I believe he has AK because he's fairly passive and flatting that against the whale and hitting would be pretty clutch. He also could have other KX or even aces, but I think of he had JJ+ he would have iso'd pre instead of letting me in. He could have top two (p rare) or bottom set (also rare) but given how all the action went, I think he's sitting on a one pair hand.

3) This bet will put a MASSIVE amount of pressure on him, knowing that against a whale there's a number of things I could flat. He is quite tight, and believes me to be tight as well.

So everyone else folds and it's on to me and I decide to rip it in pretty quickly.

Q: Do tag players fold AK often enough for this to be break even?


He's pretty flabbergasted and realises that his plan didn't work and now he's facing a monster bet and starts to talk a lot. He tells the table that it's going to be a minute and starts asking me what I want him to do. "You can do whatever you'd like" I say, and he doesn't like that answer, it makes him more nervous. He starts to believe that I'm super value oriented here and is convinced I have KQ. He apologizes to the table and continues to tank before showing AK and announcing that he folds. I show him the TJdd and the 2 other good players at the table along with him spend the next orbit talking about that hand. All of them believed I had KQ, and were pained by that bet size and they all said they would have folded as well.

He lets me know what I suspected. He was trying to iso the whale and thought I'd just fold, without any particular thoughts of what I might have, because I could be floating the whale with A hi.

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