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From The Ground Up

PLO Edition


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Run It Once Pro Thomas Emter is your guide through the extensive 54 video course covering all of the ins and outs of Pot Limit Omaha.

Beginning with the basics including bankroll management, understanding rake and variance, and how to study the game, Thomas establishes the foundation required for success at the tables.

Thomas Emter
Emty Essential, PLO
You’ll Learn:
  • Solid preflop fundamentals
  • Playing 3-bet pots from all positions
  • GTO basics with exploitative adjustments
  • Soft skills like software/tools, avoiding rake traps, and understanding variance
  • Cold-calling, squeezing, and 4-betting
  • Deep stack adjustments

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Purchase Course$149.99 *Lifetime Access

Introduction, Game Fundamentals, and Study Excellence

Course intro, bankroll management, Variance, GTO/Exploitative Play

Preflop Mastery

Raise First In Ranges, Limpers, 3-Betting, Squeezing, 4-Bets

Postflop / Flop

Single Raised Pots, Leading, Multiway Situations

Postflop / Turn & River

Delayed C-betting, Turn and River Transitions

Theory into Practice: Recap and Conclusions

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