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Pot Limit Omaha

Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 0 2m 3d ago by Eldora
Capped range - Facing raise on the river by menofold Hand $ 5 1h 40m ago by Cory Mikesell
Phil Galfond wanted a PLO starting hand chart and here it is. by PastyWhiteDonkey Topic $ 7 2h 38m ago by ponyneck
Facing PSB on the River - NF & FH gets there by menofold Hand $ 7 5h 8m ago by menofold
General Discussion about stacking off with AA in 4bet pots by Mystic Topic $$ 6 5h 37m ago by Nick Johnson
Transitioning from NLHE HU hypers to PLO. How to navigate learning and get good at PLO as fast as possible? by splitpersonality Topic $ 10 11h 5m ago by 500zreg
KKJ5ds OTB facing 3 bet pre and strange line post flop (microstakes 4PL) by AnQsoul Topic $ 4 16h 33m ago by AnQsoul
Medium Hand in 3bet pot Flop action by Phily Hand $ 4 1d 3h ago by Gweedz
Agen Poker Online Resmi by agenpokeronline888 Topic $$$ 0 1d 7h ago by agenpokeronline888
Thin value bet (minraise) on river w 4th nuts on paired flush board by menofold Hand $ 4 2d 13h ago by plolearnerguy
$50/$100 PLO - Marginal Draw in 3BP, Turn and River Decisions by Phil Galfond Hand $$$ 12 2d 13h ago by menofold
QQ Top set C/r and Bad turn card 50 PLO by Chris Bowling Topic $ 7 2d 14h ago by Voodoo32
JJ98ss open raise by ZeroDegrees Hand $ 5 5d 6h ago by Nick Johnson
LIVE POKER - 5/5 PLO AA w/ NFD facing turn bet in 3bet Pot by Chris Bowling Topic $$ 4 6d ago by erdian
LIVE POKER - 5/5 PLO middle set w/blocker facing pot size bet by Chris Bowling Topic $$ 3 6d 22h ago by Phil Galfond
How to approach draws on lockdown boards by SchwapSchwap Topic $$ 2 7d 5h ago by Alien Slayer
Monker Postflop Solves by radtupperware Topic $ 0 8d ago by radtupperware
The right way to study PLO by Lordof0815 Topic $ 15 8d 9h ago by menofold
PLO from scratch by Overbetted Topic $$ 20 8d 11h ago by menofold
3bet pot - 3way - SPR 3,5 - AA w NFD on J84 by menofold Hand $ 2 8d 11h ago by menofold
Bottom set in 3-way pot from BB 50 PLO by Chris Bowling Topic $ 4 8d 11h ago by Chris Bowling
Facing PS lead when board changes on the river by menofold Hand $ 10 8d 14h ago by menofold
KK97ss - 200BB - Facing 4 bet - 4bet range ~6% by menofold Hand $ 4 9d 21h ago by plolearnerguy
3bet pot flop decision 3 ways by Phily Hand $ 4 12d 22h ago by devwil
AK Top 2p on AKT 5-way 50 PLO by Chris Bowling Topic $ 8 13d 7h ago by devwil
Hand vs a maniac, how should we play? by Andrey Kravchenko Hand $ 7 14d 7h ago by devwil
Bottom Two Pair facing flop pot c-bet 50 PLO by Chris Bowling Topic $ 3 14d 7h ago by devwil
OOP Multiway pot, tough turn spot by Andrey Kravchenko Hand $ 4 14d 8h ago by devwil
Uncomfortable playing live plo by secretfish3 Topic $$$ 2 14d 8h ago by CRUSHER19
AA in 3bp - easy fold on K35 after getting x-raised small (~3x) by menofold Hand $ 2 14d 8h ago by devwil
Somewhat standard 3bet pot that got me thinking by Mystic Hand $$ 2 16d 9h ago by erdian
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