Pot Limit Omaha

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J987ds 3-bet HU pot on T734r by ZeroDegrees Hand $ 2 2d 7h ago by devwil
AQJ2ds on 963tt7f 3B SB vs BU by ZeroDegrees Hand $ 7 2d 7h ago by devwil
plo25 zoom questionable flop and turn play by dudel1 Hand $ 3 2d 7h ago by devwil
[PLO10] QQ99s bluff turn by plorious Hand $ 8 3d 10h ago by Puha-Jekka Tero
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[PLO25] AQT8s 3bet pot by plorious Hand $ 6 5d 15h ago by God_of_War
[PLO25] AKJ8s 3bet pot vs reg by plorious Hand $ 1 5d 20h ago by God_of_War
KKQJss deep vs 3bet by fuzzbox Topic $ 1 7d 13h ago by plorious
[PLO10] 3bet pot IP: 'semibluff' top set by plorious Hand $ 7 8d 15h ago by koky
[PLO10] Q987s 2nd nuts turn by plorious Hand $ 2 9d 1h ago by koky
Profitable shove OTT? PLO10 by emajiin Hand $ 2 9d 1h ago by koky
Flopped 2nd nut FH: best exploitative line? by devwil Hand $ 3 9d 2h ago by God_of_War
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Profitable checkraise? PLO10 by emajiin Hand $ 6 9d 3h ago by God_of_War
[PLO25] AAQ2ds facing flop checkraise by plorious Hand $ 9 9d 12h ago by Downswing
QQJ6 w ss on AhTs2s facing pot size bet from 42bb fish 3-way - 50 PLO - Global Poker by Chris Bowling Topic $ 2 9d 20h ago by devwil
[PLO10] AKQ4s overfull river by plorious Hand $ 7 9d 20h ago by devwil
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