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No Limit Hold 'em

NL10z AKo in squeezed pot by csiga666 Hand $ 1 50m ago by Jeff_
Adjusting while at the table by Chap32 Topic $$ 5 3h 25m ago by Chap32
Critique my delayed double barrel as preflop caller. NL100. by Seed2Shade Hand $ 0 6h 45m ago by Seed2Shade
NL10z AQo unpleasent spot by csiga666 Hand $ 2 7h 22m ago by Zachary Larson
NL10z A9s vs reg by csiga666 Hand $ 1 7h 30m ago by HawksWin
NL10z AKo SB vs BU limp by csiga666 Hand $ 1 7h 42m ago by HawksWin
NL10z JJ against C/R multiway pot by csiga666 Hand $ 1 8h 25m ago by HawksWin
V 2x pot on turn. We're high in our range, but this smells funny. by Seed2Shade Hand $ 9 8h 33m ago by HawksWin
NL10z QTs calldown by csiga666 Hand $ 2 8h 46m ago by HawksWin
2-5 Hand played against reg by ryanspicer Topic $$ 12 10h 28m ago by Arabella
200NLz triple barrel bluff in 3bet pot MP vs UTG by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 5 11h 8m ago by Live_your_dreams85
Optimal preflop strategy for SB and BB in highrake games (NL 10) by oslonick Topic $ 2 12h 39m ago by oslonick
5-5 Live facing 2x OB from unknows.... by FlamingJay1 Topic $$ 3 14h 30m ago by Arabella
Missing river value bets with "thin" hands in B-B-B lines and distrusting PIO by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 4 17h 3m ago by DNegs98
23M who enjoys champagne and long walks on the beach seeks study group for companionship and a rocking good time by BootsMollie Topic $ 0 17h 7m ago by BootsMollie
nl100z Repping strong by Jeff_ Hand $ 4 19h 44m ago by akissv7
From Micro to Highstakes :) hand 1, playing 3bet OOP, facing a triple barrel by MatoStar Topic $ 2 1d 2h ago by MatoStar
3BP, TP2K OOP vs relatively tightish player by devwil Hand $ 4 1d 3h ago by akissv7
River vs Nit by Bartello82 Hand $ 4 1d 5h ago by Jbarez
AKo vs fish 3bet pot by csiga666 Topic $ 1 1d 5h ago by Jbarez
86s BB vs SB by csiga666 Topic $ 2 1d 5h ago by Jbarez
NL10z AKo against river overbet by csiga666 Topic $ 2 1d 5h ago by Jbarez
Suspicious Results on Bovada/Ignition by Nick Howard Topic $$$ 7 1d 10h ago by Nick Howard
NL16 KK facing agression, no draws by lush_3d Hand $ 2 1d 18h ago by akissv7
nl100z deep madness by Jeff_ Hand $ 4 2d 12h ago by IluxaVag
[10NL Zoom] Top set vs Villain shove river 1.5x pot by heobay Hand $ 4 2d 21h ago by IluxaVag
Pt4 experts! Heatmaps? by oslonick Topic $$ 1 3d 11h ago by BigFiszh
[50NLz] AA facing donk + call in three way pot on the flop by akissv7 Hand $ 0 3d 18h ago by akissv7
Having issues with MW spots, zoom NL 10. by oslonick Hand $ 8 3d 19h ago by oslonick
Block betting by Knuckles89 Topic $ 3 3d 23h ago by akissv7
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