No Limit Hold 'em

Biggest Leaks by keithdunlap Topic $ 0 1h 23m ago by keithdunlap
I dont know how to play this kind of spots with AA. [nl2] by Verdilo Hand $ 7 2h 55m ago by jlew2008
Bluffcatching river shove by Akame Topic $ 2 3h 14m ago by Akame
AQo oop 3bet pot. by maco Topic $ 5 6h 16m ago by Mudkip
Thoughts on 3bet vs. fish - 10nl by wdres123 Hand $ 4 8h 35m ago by GTO Warrior
200NL Fast. Talk me out of folding the 2nd nutz. by Seed2Shade Topic $$ 3 12h 47m ago by Jeff_
NL1k vs Reg 200bb deep River x/shoooove bluff or noooot by korn1337 Topic $$$ 8 14h 27m ago by Bingo 123
Weird spot v fish by maco Topic $ 6 15h 56m ago by justn14
Struggling to Grind - Helpful friends wanted! by BF Topic $ 6 18h 49m ago by MrTorchWesterns
Flop and River Decision Points 100NL by Ryan Topic $ 7 23h 12m ago by Ryan
Calling river allin with top pair? by Akame Topic $ 6 1d ago by Akame
nl100 - difficult situation OTT by 1BuckPlease Topic $$ 3 1d 2h ago by 1BuckPlease
Good bluff or spew? by maco Topic $ 6 1d 3h ago by maco
┬┐Very agro? NL 25 overbet by itaba Hand $ 2 1d 7h ago by Jeff_
KK 200deep. by maco Topic $ 5 1d 8h ago by HawksWin
NL 50 range advantage bluff? by Sjankerd Hand $ 9 1d 8h ago by Mudkip
50z AKo by Olamegusta Hand $ 10 1d 11h ago by Jeff_
JJ 4bet or not? by maco Topic $ 5 2d 1h ago by Mudkip
nl200z interesting 3bet spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 2 2d 11h ago by Jeff_
Mental Game by keithdunlap Topic $ 4 2d 12h ago by HeavyMask
25NLz: Check-shove bluff on river. Punt? by asdf321 Hand $ 5 2d 13h ago by MatoStar
JJ 4bet pot oop! by maco Topic $ 1 2d 19h ago by HawksWin
AJo 3bet pot oop by maco Topic $ 1 2d 19h ago by HawksWin
River Decision w what I think is best Bluff candidate by Ryan Topic $ 3 3d 4h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Explo fold or burning money? by maco Topic $ 3 3d 8h ago by Mudkip
Good bluffing spot?? by maco Topic $ 1 3d 9h ago by RaoulFlush
How to View profitable hands on PT4 on a chart? by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 5 3d 9h ago by HeavyMask
Good bluffing spot? by maco Topic $ 1 3d 14h ago by RaoulFlush
99 3bet pot oop. by maco Topic $ 1 3d 14h ago by RaoulFlush
nut fd 3bet pot v x/r by maco Topic $ 8 3d 15h ago by RaoulFlush
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