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No Limit Hold 'em

50NL - TPTK - Hero w/ 3b pre in SB vs UTG and BB cold call - Turn check by ifoldedkkpreonce Topic $ 1 4h 21m ago by Jeff_
Tools and Topics for Live CG by LuckyGiuliano27 Topic $$$ 0 17h 13m ago by LuckyGiuliano27
AA vs donk flop and aggression on turn and river by yehudi Hand $ 5 19h 40m ago by emsterdad
AQo from the BB, flatting a raise, two-pair vs shove on the turn (drawy board) by yehudi Hand $ 6 23h 51m ago by emsterdad
QJo SB vs BB w/ trips on the flop vs turn raise and shove on river by yehudi Hand $ 1 1d 2h ago by emsterdad
Why does rake impact the poker strategy so much? by emsterdad Topic $ 17 1d 23h ago by emsterdad
200NL Blitz ACR. Let’s have a discussion. by Seed2Shade Topic $$ 13 2d 9h ago by Seed2Shade
PIO on Mac by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 13 3d 18h ago by khtmhai5
Selling Google account with 5 months of GTO Wizard Premium for 140€ by Djoksi Topic $ 4 5d 10h ago by Djoksi
JTo squeeze from BB vs 2 overfolding villains by yehudi Hand $ 5 5d 23h ago by emsterdad
AKs shove on the river with a busted draw after double barrel? by yehudi Hand $ 13 5d 23h ago by emsterdad
Do we go all-in on the river? by emsterdad Topic $ 4 6d 1h ago by emsterdad
Any study groups for GG R&C games? by one4Miley Topic $$ 6 6d 6h ago by Horkitorki14
BTN vs BB SRP K66r suits that confuse me by Horkitorki14 Topic $$ 3 6d 11h ago by Horkitorki14
1/3 range in every single SRP vs regs at NL100 by Lood111 Topic $ 5 6d 21h ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
How often do you blow of steam at the microstakes? by emsterdad Topic $$ 0 6d 22h ago by emsterdad
BB vs SB - 87s - straight facing bet on a river that completes a flush by yehudi Hand $ 1 6d 22h ago by BigFiszh
Been struggling in 3bet these... by Matu35 Hand $ 9 8d 9h ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
Realizing Equity OOP by AWF314 Topic $ 2 8d 17h ago by GTO_SALERNO22
4-bet pot with KK on A high flop by HodorIsKing Topic $ 2 8d 18h ago by Jeff_
Find combo bluff to call down based on pot odds by totoflip Topic $$ 1 9d 18h ago by BigFiszh
Is this a fold on the flop? by Matu35 Hand $ 2 10d 17h ago by Jeff_
Double Barrel semi bluff by Matu35 Hand $ 2 10d 17h ago by Jeff_
What did the work look like? by pberube16 Topic $$$ 13 10d 19h ago by emsterdad
Checking back strong hands IP to protect your range? by HodorIsKing Topic $ 13 11d ago by BigFiszh
OOP Ugliness...Help by Matu35 Hand $ 1 11d 11h ago by Exploit Warrior
QQ all in by emsterdad Topic $ 11 13d 13h ago by Exploit Warrior
Turning 22 into a bluf versus a regular by emsterdad Topic $ 10 13d 21h ago by Kalupso
NL10FR - Top Set on a flush completing turn vs Fish - Line check by João Guimarães Hand $ 4 14d 10h ago by Kalupso
GTO - Loss leaders by Shaun Pauwels Topic $ 24 14d 19h ago by Deactivated User
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