No Limit Hold 'em

Sqz AK on 654r OOP by MatoStar Hand $ 0 15m ago by MatoStar
What if... by MatoStar Hand $ 4 27m ago by MatoStar
10nl tptk v all in river by maco Topic $ 3 30m ago by MatoStar
River play OOP vs passive player by MatoStar Hand $ 3 48m ago by MatoStar
Did i butcher this? by darren2607 Hand $ 2 1h 4m ago by lIlCitanul
Microstakes Study Partner by prettyboyswagger Topic $ 0 2h 18m ago by prettyboyswagger
25nl river raise from fish 3bpt by MatoStar Hand $ 5 2h 47m ago by MatoStar
AQs in the small blind against a very tight player's opening range by CrappyTimeSlot Hand $ 2 3h 50m ago by Tir-X
Complex Pio mechanics by Adorned_in_Gold Topic $$ 1 5h 1m ago by RaoulFlush
PIO Node Lock Btn vs BB - Exploring results of OOP raise adjustment on 9c7c5s by tinyelvis58 Topic $$ 3 8h 12m ago by Adorned_in_Gold
Difference between Zoom/Fast compared to regular NL by HaliScotia Topic $ 2 11h 15m ago by Tir-X
Stats at just below breakeven by CrappyTimeSlot Topic $ 8 17h 46m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Turning the wheel blind vs blind by CrappyTimeSlot Hand $ 6 20h 8m ago by RaoulFlush
Combining Hand Histories for Review by titusx00 Topic $ 0 22h 38m ago by titusx00
25z EP vs BB aggression by Luke Hand $ 3 23h 5m ago by Mudkip
Nl 25 BvB semibluff facing agression by itaba Hand $ 0 23h 23m ago by itaba
Trips from the bb vs an open limper by CrappyTimeSlot Hand $ 2 23h 39m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
raise OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 2 1d ago by Jeff_
Downswing??? by fotan35 Topic $ 2 1d 1h ago by HawksWin
Should I call on the River? by Kuby Hand $ 3 1d 2h ago by Kuby
25z KK in 3bet by Luke Hand $ 1 1d 6h ago by RaoulFlush
NL10 AKs vs jam by TK1991 Hand $ 2 1d 8h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
NL10 Value bet on turn? by TK1991 Topic $ 2 1d 8h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
donk bet on a paired river vs a straight by MatoStar Hand $ 5 1d 9h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Statistics after 100k by TK1991 Topic $ 8 1d 10h ago by Tir-X
25NL - AQo 3bet pot by Bartello82 Hand $ 7 1d 19h ago by Mudkip
3bpt bluffcatching a fish by MatoStar Hand $ 4 1d 20h ago by Mudkip
10nl 3bet pot. by maco Topic $ 2 1d 20h ago by Tir-X
NL10 Turn play vs. recreational player by TK1991 Topic $ 3 1d 20h ago by Mudkip
16nl trips vs x/r turn. by maco Topic $ 1 1d 20h ago by Douggyfr3sh
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