No Limit Hold 'em

n100(zoom) Not a real hand, but quite a situation by Jeff_ Hand $ 1 2m ago by akissv7
nl100z line check 3b pot by Jeff_ Hand $ 8 20m ago by akissv7
25NL: AKo BTN - 3way all in by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 57 39m ago by SetMineUrAss
Why can't i click fold on rivers: Just a hand to share with friends. 25nl 4b pot IP by microzoomaddict Hand $ 3 1h 3m ago by Jeff_
200NL zoom - RIO Pro EluSiveMark takes a weird river line and gets stacked by Dan A Topic $$ 2 1h 18m ago by Jeff_
QQ in dry side pot by TuttiFrutti Topic $$ 1 2h 32m ago by BigFiszh
Called 3bet preflop question by e-mal Topic $ 13 5h 51m ago by Apatosaurus
25NL: Turn Nut Flush, River Pairs Board by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 5 12h 8m ago by SetMineUrAss
25NL: KK from BB, 3B MP OR, Paired Flop by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 8 12h 9m ago by SetMineUrAss
25NL AQo spot in 3bp by Anton N Topic $ 9 14h 44m ago by akissv7
[NL10] Semi-Bluff-Raise Turn? by joeeey Hand $ 2 14h 49m ago by akissv7
nl100z tricky spot with bluffcathcer by Jeff_ Hand $ 2 15h ago by akissv7
25NL - Should we call 3 barrels w/ KK on A high board? by Seed2Shade Hand $ 7 15h 10m ago by akissv7
what have stars done to tables and how to revert back? by Asdfghjkl1 Topic $$ 2 16h 25m ago by Asdfghjkl1
Official (Odb_BlackBaron) StreamR Thread on RIO Poker by BackFromDagobah Topic $ 3 17h 56m ago by BackFromDagobah
25NL: 3bp MW-pot with AQo. Should I bet flop MW? by Anton N Topic $ 7 1d 1h ago by Anton N
n100(zoom) different site by Jeff_ Topic $ 3 1d 2h ago by Jeff_
2pair vs over bet all in by matiko09 Topic $ 5 1d 3h ago by belrio42
Hand #1 $3/5 Hero SB As2s $700 effective by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 4 1d 5h ago by ryanspicer
25NL: AA SB vs BB, Horrible River by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 2 1d 6h ago by belrio42
Help with graph and stats by buninader Topic $ 4 1d 6h ago by belrio42
BvsB vs Fish: spewy or standard? by Migaloo Topic $$ 7 1d 7h ago by lush_3d
25NL Hand (AA in CO) - How bad did I play this? by Esir Topic $ 3 1d 8h ago by belrio42
Unsure spot vs 500nl reg by tomdrinkwater12 Hand $$ 21 1d 10h ago by Demondoink
Hand selection in PIO, BvB. by sirin Topic $$ 2 1d 10h ago by sirin
Hand #3 75o BB 7 ways. - Turning Trips into a bluff ??? by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 2 1d 10h ago by RunItTw1ce
Hand #2 AQ btn vs small river bet by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 5 1d 10h ago by RunItTw1ce
New here, feel completely outclassed at micros - good starting point? by aWakening2019 Topic $ 9 1d 12h ago by Eldora
25NL: AQs SB, 3B Pot by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 4 1d 13h ago by SetMineUrAss
50NL - Shove river? by sunshine98 Topic $ 7 1d 17h ago by Kamator123
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