No Limit Hold 'em

Playing MP MW by RaoulFlush Hand $ 1 47m ago by Eurocrat
KK SQZ pot got action from 3 players OTF by MatoStar Hand $ 4 2h 16m ago by MatoStar
Fish isoraising betsize by new_fish Topic $ 2 4h 52m ago by new_fish
make str OTR in 3bp by zerocool Topic $$ 2 5h 18m ago by zerocool
make flush OTR get raise by zerocool Topic $$ 4 5h 37m ago by BigFiszh
c3bi in 2p board by zerocool Topic $$ 1 5h 42m ago by BigFiszh
10NL - KK 4bet Pot OOP by Bartello82 Hand $ 5 6h 16m ago by Bartello82
10NL - 3bet Pot oop by Bartello82 Hand $ 6 6h 19m ago by Bartello82
Defending whide vs aggression (NL25) by RaoulFlush Hand $ 3 10h 49m ago by Dan Self
Is squeezing SCs from the blinds a thing? by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 1 10h 53m ago by Dan Self
Meh blockers for herocalling by RaoulFlush Hand $ 2 16h 6m ago by RaoulFlush
nl200 vs rec by Jeff_ Topic $$ 2 18h 43m ago by A94859
Potential spew at 5nlz by Sneker314 Hand $ 4 20h 31m ago by DeerNBeer
10NL - Flatted 3bet IP by Bartello82 Hand $ 5 1d 3h ago by Jeff_
4 bet folding JJ co vs btn? by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 6 1d 3h ago by Jeff_
villian donk OTR by zerocool Topic $$ 4 1d 4h ago by flash2717
Varying Bet Sizing by DeerNBeer Topic $ 12 1d 16h ago by RunItTw1ce
In hand thought process.... by D94ccm Topic $ 4 1d 20h ago by Jeff_
non nut full house get raise jam on river by zerocool Topic $$ 1 2d 3h ago by BigFiszh
5NL: Another Rig Job by BigDickPlaya Topic $ 21 2d 4h ago by BigFiszh
100NL 3bet pot three way AK on KJ2ss by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 3 2d 4h ago by Dan Self
2p OTT in multi way pot by zerocool Topic $$ 3 2d 4h ago by lIlCitanul
nl200 3bet spot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 9 2d 5h ago by Live_your_dreams85
How wider should I open from CO when there's a fish or nit in the blinds? by HaAbDe Topic $ 6 2d 13h ago by RunItTw1ce
Preflop play with AK/QQ by TK1991 Topic $ 6 2d 14h ago by RunItTw1ce
3 barrel with AIR? by Sjankerd Hand $ 5 2d 14h ago by RunItTw1ce
KQ on KQ7 four ways by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 5 2d 14h ago by RunItTw1ce
Top Pair, Strong Kicker facing 3 donk bets by DeerNBeer Topic $ 4 2d 16h ago by RaoulFlush
Why is this standard? by blackluster777 Topic $$ 2 2d 20h ago by BigFiszh
nl200 AK by Jeff_ Topic $ 2 3d 1h ago by MatoStar
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