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No Limit Hold 'em

$10nl - turn line 3bp? by Fleetttt Hand $ 4 1h 52m ago by DNegs98
Exploiting Someone Who Bets Too Much When Checked To by DNegs98 Topic $$ 0 2h ago by Kalupso
RNG in HUD? by Fleetttt Topic $ 14 4h 34m ago by belrio42
16z Line check with trips by Kruzer20 Hand $ 4 5h 42m ago by belrio42
Missing Value here? Live 1-3 by ryanspicer Topic $$ 8 12h 13m ago by simonfrost681
Are pio solver and Snowie mostly in agreement? by simonfrost681 Topic $$ 3 18h 2m ago by simonfrost681
Constructing Flop Strategy on KQ4tt Btn vs BB SRP by Chris Bowling Topic $$ 6 1d 2h ago by DNegs98
NL16z-4 bet pot B v B is this a spew? by Kruzer20 Hand $ 8 1d 19h ago by Kruzer20
$10nl - Turn line with middle of range in 3bp? by Fleetttt Hand $ 7 1d 19h ago by Samu Patronen
[NL10][6max] - Rec playing tricks on me :) by Monthol Hand $ 9 1d 19h ago by Fleetttt
Hero call against LAG rec by belrio42 Hand $ 6 2d 4h ago by belrio42
Getting value on 5nl ignition. by Pran Topic $ 4 2d 5h ago by simonfrost681
100NL. 4bet pot. What type's of bluffs should I be using on this river, if any? Does mine qualify? by Seed2Shade Hand $ 8 2d 11h ago by Seed2Shade
Folded 2pair turn - okay? by Kamator123 Topic $ 7 2d 11h ago by kingre9816
CO AQs vs SB overcall in 3bet pot by Treysix Hand $ 5 2d 11h ago by kingre9816
NL 25 JTs BTN Multiway by bikmak Hand $ 1 2d 18h ago by Samu Patronen
A4s 4bet pot OOP - value betting? by Treysix Hand $ 3 2d 19h ago by belrio42
Flop/Turn spot blind vs blind against a LAG reg. by belrio42 Hand $ 2 2d 20h ago by belrio42
A5s Deep stacks River Desicion by OlegDvornikov Topic $ 9 3d 10h ago by Fleetttt
[NL10][6max] - Aces in 4betted pot IN by Monthol Hand $ 10 3d 10h ago by Fleetttt
advanced poker brain needed to understand these numbers please by simonfrost681 Topic $$ 2 3d 13h ago by simonfrost681
Systematically designing a preflop range by Leighton Acheson Topic $ 4 3d 14h ago by Leighton Acheson
Preflop overcalling 3bet? by Treysix Hand $ 1 3d 15h ago by gorillav
$10nl - Good bluff combo by Fleetttt Hand $ 7 3d 16h ago by HawksWin
TPTK Situations From Last Live Session by billylyons99 Topic $$ 7 3d 16h ago by ryanspicer
$10nl - Should I be doing this at this limit? by Fleetttt Hand $ 7 3d 17h ago by Fleetttt
$10nl - Call down spot LP 3bp by Fleetttt Hand $ 8 3d 18h ago by HawksWin
What do you guys think about Pluribus' (6max bot) style? by DonoDrapero Topic $$$ 38 3d 23h ago by pierrecan
16z SB v BU 3bet by Kruzer20 Hand $ 2 4d 3h ago by Kruzer20
SimpleGTO trainer drills by pokerinlondon Topic $$ 1 4d 21h ago by Nuno Alvarez
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