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No Limit Hold 'em

Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 8 18d 16h ago by Eldora
[THEORY] Few "Range Construcion" Questions by coley1818 Topic $ 3 2h 52m ago by weltcheftrainer
The rake is too damn high? by belrio42 Topic $ 3 7h 13m ago by Resolve
Fold over-pair on the river against fun player??? by Kikiruss Topic $ 15 11h 23m ago by Kikiruss
50Z weird spot with boat 160bb deep by frontdoorbackdoor Hand $ 0 11h 51m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
Avoidable coolers? by belrio42 Topic $ 8 12h 11m ago by devwil
[20NL] How do we play this? by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 2 12h 40m ago by ChaoRen123
[20NL] Do we have to fold the turn? by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 2 12h 42m ago by ChaoRen123
Should I have folded the turn? by GeoPur Hand $ 0 13h 14m ago by zashkaman
Should I fold the river? by zashkaman Hand $ 0 13h 24m ago by zashkaman
QQ on T83 2 tones by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$$ 5 13h 24m ago by I_Fold_Jacks
50Z 3bp line check by frontdoorbackdoor Hand $ 0 15h 29m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
With range advantage but OOP flop cbet strategy by WHATSMYNAMEHUH Topic $ 1 16h 16m ago by Jeff_
[20NL] Lost in a strange pot with a degen and a fish by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 4 16h 52m ago by Jeff_
[20NL] Good value bet versus a fish? by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 3 17h 46m ago by ChaoRen123
[20NL] Is this just a setup? by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 3 17h 49m ago by ChaoRen123
2NLz - Dodgy river spot by SuckMyTilt Hand $ 8 18h 10m ago by SuckMyTilt
ATo BTN vs BB turn decision by synkro7 Hand $ 1 19h 35m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
Deep Stacks. Combating a wide 3 Bet Range Preflop and Postflop by faisal94 Topic $$ 11 19h 42m ago by faisal94
Should I have folded QQ here? by GeoPur Hand $ 2 19h 50m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
Did I play this one correctly? by GeoPur Hand $ 2 19h 52m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
QJs on BTN squeeze or call? by synkro7 Hand $ 2 20h 3m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
Should I bet for value on the river? by GeoPur Hand $ 1 23h 34m ago by Jeff_
[20NL] facing a river raise with top two by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 5 1d 2h ago by Jeff_
NL500z - River decision from a passive line by wesdaco Hand $$ 7 1d 2h ago by Jeff_
[20NL] Not really proud of this bluffcatch by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 4 1d 7h ago by Corgi
Should I have folded here with KK? by GeoPur Hand $ 6 1d 9h ago by coley1818
Squeezed pot 2nd pair vs recreational by synkro7 Hand $ 4 1d 20h ago by Jeff_
50Z river raise BvB by frontdoorbackdoor Hand $ 6 1d 23h ago by Jeff_
NL200 runner runner flush on paired board vs whale by Resolve Hand $$ 1 1d 23h ago by Jeff_
Set vs top pair vs straight flush draw. Did I play this correctly? by belrio42 Topic $ 4 1d 23h ago by Jeff_
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