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No Limit Hold 'em

JJ facing a cold 4 bet (65bb effective) by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 3 1h 1m ago by Samu Patronen
Betting High Frequency without range advantage and nut advatange oop by ethanrox Topic $ 5 1h 43m ago by Kalupso
Playing FD+gutshot and overcard in position by Shifty Hand $ 4 5h 33m ago by belrio42
What do you guys think about Pluribus' (6max bot) style? by DonoDrapero Topic $$$ 35 6h 52m ago by ethanrox
Nl 50z - KK vs river shove by Jan Hand $ 2 8h 10m ago by danilo1
Need help from good regs to settle debate by Fleetttt Topic $ 20 8h 54m ago by danilo1
How to play against over bet? by Matt F Hand $ 2 12h 10m ago by Jeff_
Linecheck NL10 by RaoulFlush Hand $ 4 12h 20m ago by akissv7
Nl 50z - AA vs Fish by Jan Hand $ 0 12h 27m ago by Jan
99 on 347r - Do you raise this flop three ways? by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 3 13h 41m ago by Bingo 123
Top two pair MW on a dynamic flop _ KhTh on KcTc5h by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 0 14h 58m ago by RunItTw1ce
nl200z SB/BB rec triples by Jeff_ Hand $$ 6 20h 42m ago by Kalupso
OE on a dynamic board by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 0 22h 25m ago by RunItTw1ce
22 vs a tag by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 0 22h 35m ago by RunItTw1ce
SOLID FULL RING RFI RANGES by RunItTw1ce Topic $$ 15 22h 57m ago by RunItTw1ce
PIO mixes between checking and betting AA on river, looks like a clear Vbet to me. by sirin Topic $$ 8 23h 5m ago by RunItTw1ce
NL5 Floped straight turn pairs c/r shove by lush_3d Hand $ 3 1d 4h ago by danilo1
Skype Group by dkelley1 Topic $$ 6 1d 5h ago by MartiniTSW
Super Strange PIO Sim in 4Bet Pot by ethanrox Topic $ 2 1d 6h ago by ethanrox
SRP AQo IP - flopped TPTK and turn is a K by Shifty Hand $ 2 1d 8h ago by Jeff_
nl200z multiway by Jeff_ Hand $$ 0 1d 8h ago by Jeff_
Flopped set, line check by Shifty Hand $ 5 1d 9h ago by DNegs98
Folding river? by BanhMi Topic $ 1 1d 9h ago by DNegs98
Nl 50z - KK vs Potbet by Jan Hand $ 7 1d 10h ago by DNegs98
Flatted AA in 3-Bet Pot IP - should I protect hand at any point. by Shifty Hand $ 16 1d 11h ago by DNegs98
nl10z - QQ OOP vs aggression by Nihil22 Hand $ 3 1d 13h ago by belrio42
88 in a 3-Bet Pot OOP by Shifty Hand $ 3 1d 15h ago by belrio42
Live 1-3 Large Straddled Pot by ryanspicer Topic $$ 2 1d 20h ago by RunItTw1ce
z100, AA, SBvsCO by AslanBayramkulov Hand $ 5 1d 21h ago by AslanBayramkulov
Sam Greenwood 4-way River Bluff by Dan A Topic $$$ 3 1d 22h ago by Bingo 123
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