Losing my mind! PokerBros is rigged beyond belief

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Losing my mind! PokerBros is rigged beyond belief

I say this as a winning player / crusher on this site. Not someone just complaining as a losing player. This is my experience from playing on multiple sites / apps. Pokerbros is the most rigged site i've ever seen in my life.

On the App Pokerbros for the past 3 days I have had QQ vs AA or KK vs AA in the blinds, set over set, straight vs full house, 2 pair vs set, full house vs quads. Every fucking session is the same shit. Getting super annoyed. I am even going back through Eliot's course on A-Game master class trying to make sense of it all and think logically. But Jesus Christ so much bull shit on this site. I am on another club as well, and only see about 10% of the bull shit I see on Pokerbros. As an American, I don't have very many options and mostly have been playing on pokerbros because of the rake back. I was beating it pretty consistently for a while, but it's like a fucking doom switch went off. Maybe some minor leaks in my game, but unless I start folding QQ, KK, AK preflop IDK what else to do. It's not even vs EP / MP formations; its mostly late formations, so money is supposed to go in.

Example last hand of the session that made me just rage quit all my tables.
Hero MP 9h8h $2.50
Co $7
Hero calls HU
Flop ($15.5) J 9 7r
check x2
Turn ($15.50) J97Jr
check x2
River ($15.50) J97JJ
Hero $10.33
Co $34
Hero calls
Co shows KJo.

Snowie has this hand as -0.06 EV preflop and -8.7 EV vs a river raise. I guess snowie knows people are not bluffing in this spot and just gotta fold one of your best bluff catchers?

Who the fuck plays like this and just gets a perfect run out where I can't fold? forced to basically bluff catch because it doesn't make much sense. So many fucking hands are like this. At first I thought it was my sleep, eating habits, exercise, etc all the performance stuff Eliot speaks of. Start sleeping more, eating more salads, daily runs / work outs, etc. But no it's just this fucking site rigging the action for more fucking rake. Pathetic ass company. Only playing on avg about 1300 hands a day. I shouldn't have QQ / KK vs AA in the blinds 3 fucking times a session. Set over set etc.

I checked my equity when all in and the site is legit when money is all in, you record is true to you equity. But the amount of fucking coolers is mind blowing. No other site is like this. Makes poker "fun" for the fish because of all the action. Miserable for legit poker players. Ran into quads yesterday twice and three times today. Just brutal "variance" I wanna call it, but it's most likely the site trying to circulate the money or some bull shit. I don't know any more.

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