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Fantastic results. Have a feeling you'll bink something during June. Dealers often tell me to get a job dealing because I catch everything. Rake being $4 instead of $5, players not getting their change, side pots being off etc. Its all relatively simple stuff just staying focused and basic math. Most of the time the ones who don't know me ask me where I deal.

Anyways its June, LFG!!!!

June 1, 2023 | 5:25 p.m.

I noticed the cc in the SB with 33 vs the 2bb open. Are you doing more cold calling in mtt even though stacks are shorter?

The 65o hand for finding bluffs did you purposely leave yourself with like 0.4bb? I noticed the river wasn't quite all in lol.

May 31, 2023 | 7:24 a.m.

Demondoink I wish you posted this 6 months ago. Its just pure gold.

but perhaps less so in 3bet pots after you have cbet flop/turn and arrive otr w air.

Everything you said can be quoted from your message and some of the sessions I struggle with live is applying range bets or BBB lines trying to be over aggressive towards fish. Also 3 betting light as you said and barreling. It’s just a recipe for disaster live and I shouldn't over adjust to how bad some of the players are. I'm essentially exploiting myself in some of these situations trying to get them to fold a TPWK hand that should have folded already on the turn. Just need to stick to solid ranges preflop and be more equity driven in general. Stop looking for some polarized bluff spots where I am showing down trash. The OOP GTO strategy can easily just be applied to IP strategy as well for live games. I also got it in my head that they are going to overfold the river based on my ignition database. Where GTO is going to give up a lot of FD or OESD that brick out and play B-B-XF I was barreling these off thinking villains had enough 2nd pair or missed draws themselves, but they are just like "call. Top pair." They may have wide ranges, but they didn't come to the casino to fold top pair. I need to remind myself of that more often. I am still doing well overall, but I honestly think my win rate would increase 50% if I just played more logically and equity driven. I shouldn't apply too much online stuff to live poker. It’s just a different beast!

May 27, 2023 | 11:21 p.m.

Thank you Hunter Cichy I think this was one of your best student coaching sessions.

May 25, 2023 | 10:41 p.m.

37min on the 975r I often freeze up with AA-TT or A9s when I open HJ, CO & BTN call. On the flop I'll check range but then CO will bet 1/2 pot and btn will call or put in a small raise and I'm left guessing how good my over pairs actually are in this situation. Are we just playing cold call and evaluate the turn? Besides sets, 2 pairs, and straights how are we playing are one pair hands when guy in the middle bets a medium size and another guy raises? Are we just folding everything besides our strongest hands? A lot of the time these guys are raising to "find out where I'm at" mentality. So when they showdown J9s and win the pot against 88 It can be really annoying if I folded TT (blocking some bluffs) on this board.

One example from a $1/$3 game I was in a couple weeks ago. I open $10 A9s, BTN 3bet $30 (seems like a solid tag), SB cold calls (80% vpip player), I call completing the action. Maybe not a great call preflop as I would just fold if HU, but felt impelled to call with the VIP. Flop ($93) 942r. BTN CB $45, SB XR to $100, I fold A9. BTN jams $285. SB tank calls. Board runs out clean 94274. BTN ends up having AK and SB 82s. I do not know how to play single pair hands when players are raising to find out where they are at and over protecting their hands. I thought SB would have some 9x, TT, JJ, A5s, 65s type hands, but expected BTN to have a pretty strong 3 betting range preflop and given half pot CB weighted more towards QQ-TT, AK, AQs holdings. Besides sets I have no idea what to do with the rest of my range in these scenarios. Players are just putting in way too much money than their hand is worth and I'm being a nit I guess and over folding.

May 25, 2023 | 10:34 p.m.

22min On 975r heuristic to use is to XR a lot of GS + BDFD, 2 overs BDFD BDSD, and XC AQ/AK that can turn a strong top pair and the outs don't complete any straights i.e floating AJ on 975 for a turn J completes T8 straight in BTN's range. You don't want to XC with dirty outs. Also more of a polarized range since AA-TT is not playing XR at a high frequency. Lot of bad run outs to 4 liners on this board that favor the IP Player. OOP doesn't want to build a big pot that they are going to lose more than half the time.

May 25, 2023 | 10:15 p.m.

18:20 why are you folding AQo HJ vs LJ 2.2 RFI? There was no explanation in the video so is this a standard fold for you? On wizard for the new simple solutions AQo is folding this spot vs 2.5x half the time. But I think the 4bet tendencies have to be really insane to not 3 bet this hand right? I was treating a lot of 99+ AQ+ and most suited broadways as 3bets given people don't 4bet enough and we get to realize more of our equity. Are you using a range similar to wizard with some medium pairs and SCs that can call a 4bet and not be dominated?

May 25, 2023 | 9:52 p.m.

Hunter Cichy combining some of your comments together

One thing I've noticed is that the bigger the BTN bets, the more likely the solver is the check-raise bottom pair instead of trying to check-call.

You either want to check-jam or check-raise really small and leave yourself a pot sized bet for the turn.

On the KT6hh board 65s isn't doing much XR, but 86s I am not sure why that is the case. Also spades seem less preferred because if you face a 3bet you don't want to get blown off your bdfd equity I guess where 86d doesn't care if it faces a 3bet. I think I still prefer having spades 6s5s, 7s6s, 8s6s, or As6s in this spot to have a bit more room for barreling.

In this example though when BTN bets $60 into $85 student has solver set up for a larger 4x XR to $240. You mentioned you have started using more smaller raises, so would you just go to $180 here (3x) instead of the $240 (4x)?

May 25, 2023 | 9:32 p.m.

Hunter Cichy how small are we talking 3x, 2.5x? These small XR sizes in terms of multiplier is vs the larger CB sizes or also the smaller cb size? If the screen shot above if BTN bets 7 into 20, would you XR to 17, 21, 28? If BTN bet 13 into 20, would you go 34, 40, 52?

May 25, 2023 | 9:17 p.m.

How are you playing this spot in the HJ when opponents bet bigger? Pot is already bloated, but when you face like 13 into 20 and you are sitting on 95? The XR size seems a bit weird if you go to around 40 (3x) and leave yourself with 55 and everything becomes a 2 street game. Are we just XR all of our combo draws and AQ+ to shove the turn? Pot would be 100 on the turn with about 0.55 spr.

In a $2/$5 game You'll get $15 open, 2 callers. Flop ($45), the IP player will bet $30, are we XR to $120 (4x) here with $485 effective? Its really weird when IP player has around $300 (60bb) and we are just XR combo draws and AQ+ for stacks? I don't see a lot of these 1/3 bet sizes that monker or solver prefers, so it creates a lot of awkward stack sizes.

May 23, 2023 | 8:17 p.m.

19:50 on AQ88Q do you think KXs is bluffing more often than small pairs because of the chop equity? BTN still has to call with some KX right? Betting almost as a free roll some times.

22:10 on KT6hh I noticed a lot of QT/JT/6x folding the flop. Vs B70 are these QT/JT hands only calling with bdfd (spades or a heart)? I'm often very sticky on the flop with any KX, TX, or 6x because 2/3 is a standard bet size in live games and I don't see a lot of 1/3 being used at low stakes. How do we decide to fold these 2nd and 3rd pair hands when their standard bet size is just a medium size?

May 23, 2023 | 7:09 p.m.

Hunter Cichy thank you. Great break down!

May 23, 2023 | 6:36 p.m.

It's crazy that we often treat ourselves much poorer than we would treat our worst enemy. It's literally insanity.

I really like this line.

after reading eat that frog and the creative procrastination chapter, i also realise now that sometimes i can let them clothes build up, or the messages or emails build up, and not worry about it as i am prioritising other things

I often do this as well. I know I am supposed to go to work, but I end up going on discord, checking emails, finding a youtube video, etc first instead of prioritizing my time. One thing Eliot teaches in A-game master class is "time is my most valuable asset." I need to meditate on this and hear it a million times because I haven't gotten it to stick. I do not appreciate my own time as money. Eliot talks about giving a random person $100. Would you do it? If not why would you procrastinate for hours and waste your own time? Again that mental edge book I suggested has a few times for planning ahead with this stuff. Color coordinate your list or number things in order of priority.

May 23, 2023 | 7:40 a.m.

Though it's kinda funny cos when mtt players start playing cash, they have the opposite problem- over defending vs 3bets

Demondoink I'm shocked by some of the folds I am getting in low stakes cash. I am wondering if the 4x multiplier is too large at times given the RFI sizes tend to be bigger. I had a hand where guy opens BTN in a $1/$3 game to $13, which was his normal size from all positions. I 3bet BB to $55 about 4.2x and guy folds AQo face up. Definitely shouldn't show me that as I'm going to 3bet really wide if he is folding that strong of a hand. Another guy opens CO $12 (4bb). I 3bet to $45 (15bb) and guy defends JTo. I can't make sense of what these players are doing. I am leaning towards just using a 3.5x size going forward $12 to $42, $13 to $45, $15 to $53 etc. I think this will capture both IP and OOP size for live games quite reasonably. I think when I go 3x IP they over defend and when I go 4x OOP they tend to over fold.

Still trying to figure out how to not look like such a nit in these live games. They have a very elastic calling range. They will call like 2-3bb opens really wide like 86s in the HJ or T7s btn including a bunch of off suit broadways. They will over limp trash like K8o or A2o mean while I'm trying to ISO around 20-25% of hands and play a lot more 3B/F strategy with a very tight Cold calling range. Where I am putting more money in the pot on avg I still end up having a nitty image. Idk what my vpip / pfr would be in a live game, I think low 20s vpip given 3-5bb opens. I've talked to some coaches such as Elusivemark about this stuff and even though I am making money pretty consistently I am not getting many crushing sessions and I think its due to having that tighter image. I don't like limp calling hands like 86s or KJo etc. I just don't have it in me to give someone playing 40/8 action when they open or ISO. I do get surprised some times. Last week I cold call a 5x open with 77 because guy would usually open 3bb, so I felt like the 5x open UTG was really strong 8 handed. He ended up having 94s and it was just his favorite hand because of the 49ers lol.

Sorry this was a bit of a ramble but I thought maybe you would have some advice given the wider tourney ranges you are getting used to.

May 23, 2023 | 7:26 a.m.

Hunter Cichy If BTN RFI 45% of hands and hero 3bets top 40% of their range, top 18% of hands, but the button defends liberally, so not much FE preflop, doesn't this just increase the rake? Would you still advocate 3 betting from $8 (4bb) to around $30 (15bb) with these top 18% or so of hands if perceived fold equity is low?

May 22, 2023 | 11:06 p.m.

In MW pots where you are in the middle such as HJ vs BTN vs BB. How are you constructing your cb strategy? I've been checking range quite often being MW, but I don't think its correct. I think just strong hands that need protection and some strong equity draws like 25% of hero's range can bet 3 way, but not quite sure.

15:00 On your TT hand on Th-6x-2h-6h-Jx board I think when you XC 80% pot on the flop for this 3BP and then play X-X for turn and river I think maybe villain just got scared. He figured you have a hand like AhKx and are just going to fold or raise and doesn't want to play for stacks even though 53h is supposed to call off. As played though looks like he owned your soul.

29:00 Last hand with Qs4s on T65ss-7x-9x could you simplify to just checking back AsKs-As7s hands and bet all other flush draws? Is building a pot with all flush draws too spewy being lower flush draws could be dominated?

May 15, 2023 | 10:26 p.m.

The Mental Edge I probably mentioned this book a couple of times, but similar to the frog listing out your goals in order of importance, this book does a lot of things like that to give you the most productive schedule.

Hopefully you are able to make a tourney graph this year and not just BB graph. I remember you struggled with this last year right? Have to input the results manually?

I also agree with running your own MTT sims, so there are not that many bet sizes. 500 hands a day for study, how long does that take you? On wizard I looked at BTN vs SB 3BP real quick to see how many sizes they have. All seem pretty reasonable at 10-25-50-75-100-150. This is for 100bb though. Now that I look at the strategy though, its super complicated! Definitely run your own sims for this spot. I would be a nit in MTT as I am not defending BTN wide enough vs 3bets. I thought it would be similar to cash games being 100bb deep and I don't think I had ante selected either. Not sure why preflop ranges change at 100bb in this spot for MTT vs cash. Hope these links help.

May 15, 2023 | 8:24 p.m.

Finally showed up to the casino early afternoon for a change. Games were much better than expected. Also was able to put in almost 8 hrs without being tired. Maybe thats the secret? Just go to work earlier and volume becomes easy.

May 15, 2023 | 3:27 a.m.

Best of luck!!! Hopefully this puts you in the black for MTTs.

May 14, 2023 | 6:22 p.m.

What's the secret on creating and maintaining a consistent schedule? Need to run poker like a business, but its way harder than people think because you play poker to have all this freedom and choose the hours you want to play, then things come up that distract you from this schedule. Its hard to make consistent sacrifices to stay on a schedule. If you figure out how to play 40 hours a week consistently let me know! Will be starting A-game master class for like the 3rd time trying to fix this part of my game. Time is your most valuable asset!

May 14, 2023 | 6:20 p.m.

7:30 can you explain this ISO range by the student? This seems really tight to me for only 8% of hands? Are the mixes with AK/KK being used as back raises? Not sure what position hero said he is iso raising from or what position the limper is in. Below I put hero's ISO raising range, what hero put for the limp calling range of the fish, and then what I think I would be using vs a fish. Is the 18% or so of hands I put too wide of an ISO raising range?

May 13, 2023 | 11:48 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Moving up in Stakes

I think for poker bankroll management live players can move-up rather quickly based on the variance. 50 buy-ins is a blanket statement for how many buy-ins you really need to move up, but depending on your win rate the risk of ruin will be lower. So the lowest stakes you need less buy-ins in your bankroll.

If you look at this image I put in 30bb/100 for the win rate. This is based on about 33 hands per hour and a 10bb/hr win rate for live poker. Poker dope thinks you only need about 4 buy-in bankroll for this high of a win rate. Risk of ruin being less than 1%. This is based on about 6,000 hands which I figured if someone plays about 160 hours a month they will be in the 5000-6000 hand range. For games such as $1/$2 or $1/$3 having something like 10 buy-in bankroll should be sufficient for building a roll.

As I plug in more numbers like 15bb/100 over 5,000 hands or 5bb/hr win rate for live now there is almost a 12% chance of losing over 5,000 hands. Pokerdope still thinks you only need about 8 buy-in bankroll for this win rate.

Overall I would use something like
$1/$2 to $1/$3 about 10 buy-in bankroll
$2/5 20 buy-ins
$5/$10 40 buy-ins.

Hunter Cichy does this sound reasonable?

May 13, 2023 | 8:53 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Moving up in Stakes

I really love this question because its one thing I struggle with the most. Besides having a consistent schedule as a professional having a "sexy graph" really holds me back from climbing up stakes. Not just a sexy graph but not wanting to deal with the downswings as lower stakes feel like an ATM.

Sacrificing some hourly rate for no stress and a healthy balanced life style. Bart Hanson from CLP talked about this the other day. When he was grinding $5/$10 he played about 3000 hours from 2018-2019 and was making about $125/hr. When he moved up to $10/$20 his hourly might be $150 /hr, but on 5/10 his worst downswing was about $10k over these 3000 hours. On $10/$20 he said he was constantly taking 15k-30k swings. While he was beating the game for a higher hourly the variance simply wasn't worth it when it starts to effect your volume.

You should always include high hands, jackpots, table shares, and comp redemptions in your hourly. That's live poker's version of rakeback.

This part I do not agree with. It should be tracked as income for the year, but I don't think it should be tracked as part of your hourly rate. Lets say a rec plays 2 times a month and hits a jack pot for $100,000. Are they going to report they made $1,000 / hr or 200bb/hr and then go clout chasing to coach players? Just record it as a bonus.

May 13, 2023 | 8:41 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Moving up in Stakes

Would you say the same thing about going south? I agree casino needs more consequences for breaking some of the rules. Just yesterday there is no smoking in the poker room. Guy on my table would vape 2-3x each dealer and each time the dealer would tell him "no vaping in the poker room." Player would just say "sorry I forgot." Happened over and over again.

Was in a $1/$3 game and table next to mine broke and a whale sitting with like $900 came to my table and sat down with $100 leaving $800 on the table in a rack next to him. Supposed to bring your entire stack, but if you say something about going south to the whale he is just going to go home. As this money clearly locked up. Is it better to have him go home or try and have him donate that $100?

$5/$10 game has a $1500 cap at some casinos. Whale on the other table gets deep, so a regular ask for a table change and shows up on the other table with $3500, extra $2k he didn't have before he changed tables. Without whales and fish the games don't run, so allowing regulars to go north in order to stack the fish faster kills the game. Its like fishing with electricity. Where do we draw the line? End of the day its becoming a free for all. Regs going north, fish going south, and people following the rules seems to suffer.

But my point is if your ok with Regs going North, then you should allow fish to go south.

May 13, 2023 | 8:28 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Poker Journal


I think AJo is going to be low frequency 3bet from the BB vs ISO. You can almost argue for a fold preflop OOP vs 2 players if you CC and have to play a 3 way pot.

two - use the little chain link to hyper link URL's for the HH.
On QJ2r-8ss what bluffs are you 3 bet jamming here? Are you jamming any 88/22 hands? I think its fine not to have bluffs here, but what value hands are you 3 bet jamming the turn?

Seems ok. Could bet small on the flop to clean up some equity.

99 on A76dd also seems ok for a small bet, but on Ace-low-low connected boards you need to be very careful with cbetting. SRP OOP CO vs BTN for example has a 100% range check on A87r. I think having a diamond is good in your spot and check without a diamond.

Interest spot. On Wizard its going OB-OB, but B75-B75 seems fine as its mixed in as well.

May 13, 2023 | 8:15 p.m.

Frankie Carson Yes one board you pointed out on a 874 board where you flopped the nuts and used a 2/3 sizing and said its much different than the 875 board because BB has the 96s / 64s hands that you won't have in the CO. Little changes to the board can Definitley make a big difference on sizing up or down. As I said very educational video. Looking forward to more of these. Hopefully pull in some wizard / pio ranges to visualize in the next video.

May 11, 2023 | 10:16 p.m.

Just wanted to note as the video went on there were some other hands where you spoke more about the range and not just your hand, so you are doing more so of what I was requesting. Maybe throw in some wizard or pio screen shots for some of the spots. Really solid video though, happy to see a lot more of these if it wasn't too much work.

May 10, 2023 | 11:33 p.m.

32:50 great learning spot! This is the most common spot where I tend to use a small to medium sizing and really hurt my EV. I did put this one in wizard as you said its OB or X spot only. Where AT doesn't meet the threshold for OB. But a lot of people don't want to face a XR here and tend to freeze up and use a medium size or check back. However, when you look at opponents response to B130 you see only face a XR about 3% of the time, so nothing to fear! Also river value range on a brick mostly AK+ and its pretty nice to shove sets and A7+ for 250% pot. Then bluffs are coming from 65s/K5s hands that block the straight. Really fun educational hand! Don't freeze up every time a straight or flush completes. Try and force yourself to use larger turn sizes.

May 10, 2023 | 11:20 p.m.

12:30 when you face a XR on KJ7cc board I was wondering why you don't use pot odds with jurojin? Often times when I was grinding if I had 28% pot odds I knew it was a regular clicking their 2/3 hot key. If I had 25% pot odds or 30% pot odds I knew it was more likely to be a rec clicking 50% or 75% site button.

Overall, I like this format. Have you ever seen imbajimba make a rio video? Similar to Luke he put in a lot of work running solves for all hands vpip'd in his videos. Ends up being a ton of work, but very educational video. With that said I appreciate you doing something similar in this video, but would like to hear your approach to other hands in your range. For example at 9:30 screen shot below. Is it just AK with a diamond that is barreling half pot or all AK? Is AQo no diamond barreling? Sets? KhJd? Would just like a general statement on what hands are barreling and where your bluffs are coming from. I put this hand on wizard real quick and found AKo without a diamond seems to be the bottom of the value barreling range. Also interesting facing roughly a 2.7x raise size AK without a diamond just pure folds. I wasn't sure if AQo wanted to play B-B-X for some value / protection, but it just allows OOP to realize their equity. Some times I mess up some double flush draw boards or even just two tone boards like A84dd-9x where I'm betting too much OESD like 76h instead of taking a free card.

May 10, 2023 | 10:55 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Moving up in Stakes

Are you separating life bankroll from your poker bankroll? If your bills are say $4k a month, so you need about $50k a year in living expenses, maybe more but just an example. So $50k in your bank needs to be separate from poker bankroll. If you use 50 buy-ins for poker, you would advise having $100k in the bank to play $5/$10?

May 10, 2023 | 9:30 p.m.

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