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Dan A jensour I don't know if you two watch his other videos, but he is a solid low stakes player. I'm sure he does well live as well being online games are much tougher. He is making essential videos not Elite. Essential is basically for 200NL and under and if he was an "elite" coach he would probably make videos for other stakes, but that is not what he is paid for. He is paid to provide us with information on beating these low stakes.

While I disagree with some of his live advice, his online advice is very solid. His live advice is not totally wrong either, but it won't make you a crusher at live low stakes. It will have you follow some etiquette though. I think you two are looking too literally into titles, which some coaches don't even choose titles to their videos, RIO is choosing the title for them as I have learned recently. Don't take things so literally and the video will be much better when obtaining information whether you agree or not.

There are tons of members who take my advice and have no idea how high or low I play, but I am not being criticized based on the stakes I play because it is solid advice. Not going to get into a "pissing match" on smoke screens or he is just trying to market himself etc etc. I would just suggest keeping a more open mind to what he is saying and ignore the title.

Sept. 25, 2020 | 1:06 a.m.

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I literally wrote 4 long messages in response to Emty & Chris Pimmer but ended up deleting them. The two video links above is something I am going to be working on for the rest of the year. I will try and let everything else come to me naturally, but focus on waking up early and not procrastinating. Really LOVE the David Goggins video and what he says at the end. Don't want to write it out because it doesn't do it justice. Just have it hear it from David Goggins himself. I've literally listed to waking up at 4:00am video at least 45 times now last 3 weeks or so. Now I just need to listen to David Goggins and not make excuses on why i'm not doing "it."

Thanks for all the feed back. I will check back in at the end of the month with progress I've made or early next month. Hope you enjoy the videos above as well. Hopefully not against RIO policy either. Find them pretty inspiring.

Sept. 25, 2020 | 12:57 a.m.

I'm 100% going to ask this question again in the future when it comes up. I still can't ever see myself 3 betting this combo on the river here. Maybe it is because I don't see people folding AJ or QQ+ here to a raise. At least not to this sizing being little over 3x. Also noticed on the flop 1.78 to 8.5 seems rather large (4.77x) sizing, where turn / river is just 3.25x sizing (8.96 to 29.12). Is opponent really going to fold Jx calling 20.16 to win 67.2 (30% equity)?

Sauce123 comes to mind with some of his 10x pot shoves blocking straight, some full houses etc. Where shoving (96.02) opponent has to call 87.06 to win 201bb (43% equity).

I guess just part of the tree I am going to disagree with here, at least in terms of sizing.

Sept. 24, 2020 | 1:05 a.m.

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He will sort it out asap and said that there is an "other" under which
they are listed.

I had a feeling someone would say this, that is why I shared my screen shot of the drop list I have. I didn't cut anything off the list, this is the entire drop down list that I can see on my computer. The only "other" is under "other Omaha," which if you select that option, your video does not pop up. I have to have "all game types" selected in order for your video to show up. It's just my personality type, where I don't like to see all the other videos listed as they can be distractions if I see a high stakes MTT video or something, I may get distracted on my day.

maybe take a moment before reading on

I would say I am not a very hardcore person at all. I am playing professionally, so there is some stress that comes with it in terms of wanting to make money, but I also took steps to put a year of expenses aside because of possible variance that can come. Despite being well rolled for stakes I am playing totally separate from any expenses that will occur over the year, I still get stressed on a losing week and thoughts of "what if I go broke in 18 months" cross my mind, "when will this downswing every end?" Then thoughts of people go through 100k or even longer stretches of downswings / break even stretches all the time. Have a friend who went 2 years without winning he said. Just extreme stress that would cause me, but I know it is possible, just refuse to accept that is part of my future. I would rather drop down to low stakes where I have a big edge, where money would be consistent, rather than playing mid / high stakes where edges is smaller and variance can last for a really long time. I recently watched Sauce video on variance where he was showing if you have 1-2bb win rate, you might not actually confirm your actual win rate until you reach 3-4 million hands!

Also part of my mindset for whatever my true win rate is, will be the downswing or break even stretch will end once I have 100k 200k 500k etc hands and it is not going to continue past that based on variance calculators and bb/100 win rate. Taking time off from grinding out these 100k-500k hands only delays the variance, where if I take a week off, now I am looking at maybe 6 weeks of dealing with downswing instead of 5 weeks and that is just wasted time in life of being "unhappy."

Part of me also can't put in writing why I play this game, it is a mixture of things from freedom, money, laziness, being my own boss, having the skill set for it, etc. It is just something I seem to be pretty good at and has more and more resources become available, I am learning maybe I am not very good at, but I have a great work ethic with learning and grinding, so I can still become really good at it for being top of whatever pool I choose to play. I can't clearly say what my LONG TERM goal is when playing this game is though. Will I stay on low / mid stakes, will I move up to high stakes? What amount of money do I plan on making this year or in the next 5 years etc. I don't have a plan for that and I am just going with the mindset of trying to be the best I can each day and as the bankroll grows I can make choices in the future of what I want to be doing in terms of moving up in stakes or investing extra money into something else and just keep grinding out current stakes. ok.. that is my response before I read other part of your comment... Oh, just to add i've been doing this since 2005, but I did work 2011-2018 as well. Would think after all these years of grinding, I would be high stakes, but I seem to limit myself, which is another mental issue for another day. "Fear of success."

poker is a wonderful microcosm of life and if you think the two
completely separate then you will not improve enough

Not quite sure I understand this part. I often take "work home with me" as people say where poker seems to be constantly on my mind as I strive to get better and better each day and often lose out on life balance. I have been trying to block out poker, where I set a time segment of the day to grind / study and once that time is done, there is no more poker or talking about poker. Have to focus on other aspects of life with health, happiness, and family. To treat it the same, would tip the scales of life balance right?

You have to be very clear on what the true issue is.

I honestly do not know!?!?! It could be as Eliot says with having a mission, but not a vision, where a lot of people have a vision of winning a $1,000,000 in poker, but they don't have the baby steps of that vision in terms of having a mission. I seem to be the opposite, where I am taking baby steps to get better and better, but I don't have a true vision of where I see myself in 10 years.

along the way things might change yet again...

This is big part of the issue I think. Coming from a live background where I was grinding and winning consistently each month, then after joining run it once and making some adjustments to my live game, I was able to double my win rate last year. The money was really good for the life style I live (very simple) and able to save quite a bit. My game continued to grow even more this year and win rate seemed to increase even further hourly and it seemed like I would be playing high stakes by years end. Just really crushing the pool I am in and easily see myself as one of the top players, only thing that set me back just a little bit was not maximizing volume, where I would do 35-45 hours a week, but I know if I was not being lazy I could easily do 60 hours a week and still have quite a bit of life balance. The issue became when Covid hit and I had to transition to online play, which created a lot of uncertainty in my hourly, less money and being a long term winner in current modern online games. 2005-2011 was "easy" to make a living, but I knew online got a lot tougher so would have to really STUDY HARD to be able to beat online. So that is what I set out to do and from March to July I was doing really well, then volume decreased in August some, then currently in September i'm going through my first losing online month for grinding. At the same time, I am moving out of state in October, about 2 hours from Vegas, so this is also a big change, that just reinforces I need to really make online grind work out long term. Can travel to vegas once in a while to play live, but trying to avoid it with covid and stuff, not one to take high risk, one of the reason I haven't moved up to higher stakes all these years. So you have stress / pressure going from crushing live, to uncertainty to online, to working hard online and doing well, to hitting a downswing around the same time I am about to move. It just really messed with my head mentally and roller coaster as you said before. Having a lot of eggs in one basket in order to obtain success! Just looking for certainty and stability, which is often hard to find in poker, but almost every year I achieved it, but also limited my own potential but not embracing variance of moving up stakes.

if you want to change your way of life, you need to constantly live
in a way that is conducive to this change if you know what I mean.

This is another route I am going on with my life. As stated before the uncertainty of being successful online as I only have a sample since March of playing online for a living. Where the previous life balance I had with live poker as I increased my win rate and made good money where I only need 35-40 hrs a week to play, to playing online for half the money or even less, now life balance is out the window where I feel I need to reach success "faster" to know for sure what my hourly is, so all I've been doing recently is grinding and studying (more studying than grinding). Trying to reach the point where I only need to play 30-40 hrs a week maybe 50 total if I include studying into those hours. I know GF, friends, family etc get "angry" I guess that I am not visiting or missing social gatherings etc. I feel like what I am doing is the right way to achieve happiness in taking care of myself first before others. It is not like if something bad happens in a year, that someone else is going to pay my bills for me. When the year of expenses I have set aside runs out, I need to make sure I have the next year of expenses to set aside again. I am in control of this and no one else, so some sacrifice is needed.

Thank you for reading long response. Just a lot of pressure and I don't mind sharing this stuff openly. I'm sure others go through it too, but only way to improve some times is to be open with people who have a better understanding or experience in the matter, where something they say may click in my head and light bulb just turns on.... HOPEFULLY!

Thank you again! I think just writing this all out for me also helps even if there is no response. Just get it off my chest kinda. Usually I am able to answer some of my own questions once I put it in writing, but still kinda of stuck in where I see myself 5-10 years in terms of poker.

Sept. 24, 2020 | 12:53 a.m.

This is a spot where I think computer programs CHEAT. Wants us to call huge raise without a diamond blocker, but in my experience with snowie or grinding, even though it tells me to call as does this trainer "32%" of the time, software always seems to have a flush here, so in my head they are cheating by telling us to call, so they get paid off LOL. Feels like a mental leak of mine and some what tilting when I take the advice and pay off, but shown value every time! I don't see this being a bluff very often. There are a bunch of AdXx combos they can bluff with, but tends to be very value heavy here for river over-bets.

Also on some 500z videos, I'll see some 1/3 turn bets with naked AdXx combos that are designed to bluff the river big when diamond does come, so when the turn goes XX, I feel they no longer have these naked ace diamond combos in their range if they are betting their NFD on the turn or the naked AdXx combos on turn for small sizing.

Also didn't show in screen shot but rolled a 93, so if frequency is 32%, would you use 0-32 on your roll to call or 69-100?

Sept. 23, 2020 | 11:48 p.m.

31-32 min mark where you talked about if player is spewy or nitty to make this decision, I think it is more about your blockers than the opponent. The opponent definitely helps, but if they are unknown, you have to rely on something else. For me this hand really comes down to your suites and blockers. Having the Jh9x is blocking the J10, KJ, J8s type bluffs. The Jx9d is good that you block some A9, Q9 combos, but also 9d could also be negative as you block some flush draws, but I think a lot of 9x would just check back river anyways and not turn hand into a bluff. I think a hand like 97o here unblocking all the JT, KT, KJ, J8, T8, etc combos would be more of a call. Still quite a few bluffs in opponents range as I am usually betting this turn with all these bluffs as well, but my river barrel is not as bluff heavy as I tend to give up on 3rd bullet too often. Just don't want 8, T, J, or K in your hand to make this call imo with 3rd pair.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 11:37 p.m.

23:19 when you said blocking T and 9 so you check, but trainer likes to bet, I was thinking holding 9d blocking flushes that would bet the river if you check, makes your hand more of a bet and you don't want a diamond in your hand if you are going to check. The "9d" seems to block a lot of bluff house / 1 diamond combos that would bluff the river. What do you think? Would be really nice to see how other T9 combos are playing this river or range in general. It's also a spot where i've been checking on ignition, but usually river goes XX, so I think it is more exploitable to just have a donking range even if range is face up. Pool will make way more calling mistakes than betting mistakes.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 11:23 p.m.

20:50 mark I thought this would be a lead for 25-50% pot on this turn. 9x should favor your range, where you have trip advantage, but not nut advance or EV advantage since you won't have the AQ AK hands in range. I see Pluribus lead this spot a lot with trips and bluffs such as J8, 87, QJ, etc, then follow up with a river over bet if turn goes donk + call. Shocked to see this trainer having check 100% of the time here.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 11:17 p.m.

14:05 mark I think this is a good bet actually and from what I understood from some of Nino HU video recently is having the Tx8s in your hand is actually really good because now villain is more likely to have check and give up when turn goes XX. Where his combo draws like 8s7s or 8s6s would of kept betting the turn. Not sure I worded this right. Do you agree it's better to have spade in your hand on this river, given flush draws likely bet the turn? Still a concept I'm trying to understand more of. Also only shows frequency for bet size you chose, can you have it show all bet size frequency options, so you know which one is best? We know checking is preferred, but curious what other percentages are for other two bet sizes.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 11:06 p.m.

3:30 mark hero chooses to 3bet river, I never even thought about 3 betting this spot, just call or fold. Figure mostly fold with 9 blocker to 98 makes me wanna call as well. I was some what surprised to see 3bet as even an option here. What is the purpose of this 3 bet? Are we trying to get a hand like AJ KJ to fold? Over pair to fold? Assume this is a 3 bet bluff right, not value? Are we thinking when villain checks back turn and raises the river its AJ+ or bluff? Not sure what better hands we are trying to get to fold here.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 10:47 p.m.

On GTO trainer can you set the number of players on the table or is it just IP / OOP and train? On snowie, can play against any number of opponents 2-10 handed, curious if GTO trainer does that as well. Just downloaded it last night, but haven't played around with it much yet.

I noticed it is just drilling BB vs BTN over and over again on the same texture. Can you set it to change the flop texture every hand?

Also is there a way you can view your range, if you make a mistake and wanna see how your range is playing this flop texture as like a cheat sheet, can you do that? +

Lastly when I downloaded GTO+ I noticed you can turn on live advice, where it will show you the correct answer before you act. I actually think this is extremely useful when just grinding volume against the trainer and building muscle memory. After you play a couple hundred hands, maybe switch off the live advice and see how many you get right. I think learning the correct answers first is extremely helpful than just guessing at least for beginners of GTO like myself. In school, teacher doesn't give you a math test before actually teaching you how to solve the equations.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 10:41 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Living on the Edge

I am not sure what is wrong with my mental game some times. Your video hit the nail on the head with everything I am going through, but the personality type I have it is hard to take time off because mindset just wants to work through the variance. I feel like the guy standing on a bunch of boxes about to tip over at any point in time. I've been playing poker for years and despite studying mindset through you or even the A-Game master class, trying to understand variance through different programs my brain won't fully accept it.

I also work on exercising, sleeping 8-10 hrs a day, not playing when I am tired, make sure I study before grind, and for a while I was mostly just eating salad every day. For some reason my day would start off great! With plenty of energy, would go for a walk, drink liter of water, eat a salad, watch a video, go grind and BOOM DOWNSWING! The outside table work I was doing, despite being correct was not leading to good results on the table. Don't get me wrong, I am still winning almost every week or every month, mostly just this month I am having trouble with, so I try and look back at previous months and remind myself it is just short term variance. During these downswings, I some times will break my diet and "eat my feelings" so to speak by buying fast food and that really just punishes me even further.

I used to wake up and grind, on a really bad session, even if I've only been awake 2 hours, I would go back to sleep! My brain drives me crazy after a losing session and I can't seem to get it under control. Unless i'm winning, my diet and sleep schedule are not healthy. Literally have trouble sleeping whenever I lose, where I can sleep like a baby for 9 hrs when I win, but losing session, 4hrs of sleep and I tend to wake up. The good news is I always seem to increase my studies on downswing, where I might spend 3-4hrs studying for every one hour of grinding. Just reviewing all details of my HH won or lost and then any new content.

What advice would you have for this?

Also I tend to miss quite a few of these videos listed on mindset as I usually filter my videos to NLH. I looked at the drop down filter and it shows "other omaha" but your video doesn't pop up under that either. If you could in the future possibly list your videos as other / NLH I think more people will watch them. I think they are fantastic and a lot of people can relate to them, but not sure everyone sees them who have videos filtered. I don't like seeing all the PLO and MTT videos since I almost never play MTT and never play PLO at all. Just a suggestion to reach more members. Unless RIO will add "other" to the filters or "other / NLH" or something like they did in Omaha.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 10:20 p.m.

Thank you RaoulFlush Brett Banks I will likely post some stuff later today once I am set up. Going to download skype as well. Wanna go over some HH I was asking others about.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 9:58 p.m.

I downloaded GTO+ yesterday, but going to purchase it today. This video on youtube, like a 3-4 part series pretty comprehensive seems to teach you everything you need to know. Going to add it to my list for studying.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 9:54 p.m.

Question on training mode against the solution. Will it automatically load different flops for you if you are training say BB vs btn or do you need to select different flops?

Sept. 23, 2020 | 7:29 a.m.

Ok definitely user error, once I hit run solve again everything seemed normal after. Takes less than a minute to run the solve, which is really nice. I thought these things took like 10 minutes or something. Also able to play against solver.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 7:22 a.m.

I hope this is an error. When I click on raise to make it a 4 bet pot on the flop, still stacking off 50% of range? Seems really odd to me! I know it is user error some how, but this is pretty comical!

Also probably because I am on trial, but when I click the little dog tags top right "play against solution" nothing happens. Guessing you have to be a subscriber first to play against the machine.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 7:08 a.m.

Brett Banks So I downloaded GTO+ and think I built a tree. I just did a SB 3bet range for OOP and BTN calling range. On the bet size I tried to put 33%, 50%, 75% for 1st 2nd and 3rd bet, but every time I put a number it kept changing. obviously i'm a rookie at using it. Didn't' say nothing about trial version either... Screen shots below.

How am I supposed to understand this? LOL everything seem split evenly on the range.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 6:56 a.m.

Brett Banks Guess I downloaded the wrong one. Will try and download GTO+ now. Unless there is no trial...

Sept. 23, 2020 | 6:35 a.m.

Brett Banks Only used it once but was showing frequencies when you slide how often you think it is supposed to do something. I think Peter or Steve made a video using it as well.

Around 4:20 shows what I am talking about. The next hand he does is a "mixing error" which is what I don't like. When I train with snowie you can have "live advice" on and you can see optimal bet size it wants you to use for 25%, 50%, 100%, etc. Like playing vs solution, just don't want deal with all these "mixing errors."

Sept. 23, 2020 | 5:56 a.m.

Played against solution when I did a trial of GTO+ in the past, but didn't like getting wrong / right answers based on frequency. Just wanted more of right or wrong solution with bet size / check. Not being wrong because it's 70% bet and not 80% etc. Didn't like that part of GTO+

Sept. 23, 2020 | 4:16 a.m.

If you think in BB where 8bb open is a large raise, you just end up
over folding too much and miss out on a lot of value because people are calling these 6x opens with Q8s or ATo etc.

Didn't word that correctly. What I meant to say was that when you are facing a large raise, you shouldn't be over folding some of these more marginal hands. For a lot of players 5x opens is just their stand open, they may be opening QJo UTG for $25 because it's part of their range and are not considering their raise size, position, range, etc. Have to pay attention because now hand like AQo might be a 3 bet vs this player despite 5x open. Might have to make it $75 to isolate them heads up, even if you only have $400 stack.

Just hope people are not stagnant with their ranges because on RFI sizing a lone. The player is going to be more important than the actual sizing. Also with Hero's sizing, it should be flexible based on table dynamics. Can't just go in and say if I get QQ+ i'm going to open 6x and If I get JJ i'm going to open 5x etc. Live poker is not like that. Really depends on stack size, standard open size, how many callers etc, You know all of this already i'm sure. Just mentioning it for anyone else who reads this.

Example if you have JJ on the button and folded to you, if you have two nits in the blinds, you might just make it $15 (3bb), but if you have whale in the BB, you might make it $30 (6bb) because he always calls his BB and says something like "pot odds." Live poker is a completely different monster from online games.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 2:20 a.m.

sjfraley1975 Feel free to share other thread as well. Some good info in there between the two GTO+ / PIO

Sept. 23, 2020 | 2:09 a.m.

Would add
1) talk about how to not be bored at the casino between hands, with 25-30 hands an hour might only play 5 hands an hour and be bored for 50 out of 60 minutes. I would say paying attention to how each person is playing helps you from getting bored and not just focused on your own hands / ranges.

2) Don't play robotic like online with sizing. If whale is calling any bet size, try and find pain threshold, so if you have a premium hand, might even being opening 10x to maximize value.

3) I agree with 3-5 buy-in with you when you go play. If you do play long session there will be some sessions that are more high variance. I think worse session was around 6 buy-in, but having 3 buy-in and topping off sounds to be about the average needed. I would always have enough where I could go with my reads and call down light if needed. Don't have to over fold because I only have 1 rebuy left. The moment you make a fold because you can't reload, it's time to go home. I once seen a guy fold a set against a combo draw. He tanked forever and the other guy turned his hand face up and told him do whatever he wants. So knowing he's the favorite to win with a set, but not able to reload he folded rather than taking the edge because he had to drive an hour+ to go back home.

4) Planning on set # of hours is great discipline! Don't get stuck in casino all night trying to get unstuck! Very bad for your mental game and don't play scared or over folding just because you are leaving soon. I remember folding AQ in EP because it was last hand and I was even on the session and didn't want to have a losing session.

5) Best times to play imo are 5pm-1am, casino I played at cutoff drinks at 1:30am. but also if you are a six max player, playing late a night 2am-6am when games are more short handed can be really profitable as well. You are not against a ton of recs, but you are in a game with a bunch of full ring regs who are stuck / tilted and trying to get even, so you get to help them go home by busting them or doubling them up. Either way they are not on their A-game and tend to gamble a bit more. Can really abuse some of these FR regs who usually just bum hunt and hope to get paid off by fish but their game is awful against any decent reg.

6) In terms of getting a seat at the casino, if you are a regular get to know some of the staff. Remember a lot of the staff floor and dealers are not making much hourly and they are all hustlers, You can get a seat by tipping the floor usually whether it is wrong morally because you are cutting in line, this is the business and I promise you every casino does it. Can tip the floor when they bring you chips or get your seat etc. Money talks when getting a seat even on Friday nights when list is long, might have to throw in an extra $5 to get a seat. You can even tip front desk to boost name on the list. If you can tip $5-$10 to get a seat instead of waiting an hour on the list, is it worth it?

7) in terms of playing 100bb is not really true in live games because opening sizes are usually much larger. You can be in a $1/$2 game where standard open is $15 and avg stack is $500. Is it really a $1/$2 game at this point or is it a $2/$5 game? Understanding that blinds are $1/$2 but $15 is more like 3bb is crucial to understanding ranges. So while you are 250bb deep technically, you are more like 100bb deep and people think in monetary value and not in terms of bb. If you tell someone you bet 20bb and pot was 60bb they will have no idea what you are talking about. So definitely learn to treat some 200bb games as if they are 100bb and you will do much better. Would say $2/$5 game where avg open is $20-$25 you are better off thinking of this game as you are 50bb deep ($500) in a 5/10 game and applying a 50bb strategy to the game. Then when you reach $1,000 (200bb) you are more closer to actually being 100bb based on RFi sizing. If you want to maximize your hourly in live games this is the best way imo to go about it. I was only 5-7bb / hr for my first year grinding live. Don't limit your skill set because you only call "XYZ range" against 3bb opens and call "XYZ range" against 5bb opens. you are just hurting yourself financially with this thought process.

8) I strongly disagree with rake structure impact. I was playing in a $6 "drop" live games which is quite high compared to most places. This is strongly off set by how bad the players are in terms of being a winning / losing player. If regulars / pros avoid "high rake" games that is great! because now you are on a table filled with recreational players. Do you really want to grind a promotion with a bunch of regs who also grind there because of promotion and lower rake? Also in terms of bad beat jack pot etc, yes, it is higher rake, but SUPER LUCRATIVE when fish are calling all in for 1 outer straight flush. I would say you Akshar Patel need more of a mindset for making money rather than saving money. This held me back for a while, but I learned from years of experience. Your tips are very helpful, but just gotta make sure these lower rake games are soft still. Playing against 8 recs with higher rake and no promotion I would choose 100% of the time over a 3 fish / 6 reg game with lower rake and promotion. The $200 you earn a week from promotion is off set a ton by amount of opportunities you get from stacking recs every day.

9) Knowing your two players on your left is important, but I wouldn't discount knowing the two players on your right so much. Being able to 3 bet them (2 on your right) light or isolate them, knowing their pain threshold and what hands they are limp calling with is going to be more financially beneficial than stealing the blinds. Knowing the players on my left, just allows me to basically have 2 buttons each orbit is guy on my left is a nit.

10) Also disagree with waiting your turn to look at your cards. One way to spot a regular is see who waits their turn to look at their cards, usually this player will have some live experience and some old fashion tips. It's important to not give things away like you are going to fold when it gets to you, but there are MANY TIMES where I watch someone looking at their cards and see their eyes get big "let's make it $20" and they might as well turn their hand face up. I know you meant this video for beginners, but imo playing live poker for a few years professionally, some of this advice is false. Just quickly look at your cards, put a chip on top, quickly scan the table for any reads as others look at their cards, then you can make a decision when it's your turn to act whether limping, raising, folding, etc. Strongly disagree with waiting your turn to look at your cards because most people can't control their facial ticks, but they can quickly glance at their cards and wait their turn and avoid folding out of turn or raising out of turn. Much easier to control than your eyes.

11) In terms of taking notes on your phone, I think that is fine to do, but don't make it obvious especially if you're in the 4-5-6 seats in a full ring game. Putting your phone away while you play and interacting with players is big.

12) not commenting on hands - usually good idea, but if someone seems to question their decision, don't tell them the correct way to play. If REC stacks off JJ vs AA preflop in a MP vs UTG 4bet pot which is obvious leak both online and live for full ring, it is fine to comment on the hand by say "wow cooler!" Or "unavoidable" to make them feel better about their decision. I would say "I would do the same thing or Can't fold jacks" etc etc. I think comments after hands just need to encourage bad play. If someone makes a tight fold "How can you fold that?" By doing this you also give yourself a "fishy image" even though you folded every hand for the last hour. There is a ton of social things you can do to get the tabling gambling. I think this video is too much of a "nitty approach" to live games for lack of better words.

13) Also end of the video you mention just having phone, head phones, wallet etc on you. Live poker is meant to be a social game if you are going to crush. A lot of tables are not social, but doesn't mean you shouldn't try to be social as you said talk about football, movies, etc. Avoid politics, surprised you mentioned that twice! One of the things you NOT supposed to talk about as a common rule in live poker. Don't talk strategy, don't talk about politics. Everything else is probably fine to talk about. Leave your head phones in your car! Sends a bad message at the poker table that you are just a grinder and not there to socialize if you are wearing ear phones.

Would love to offer suggestions or information for future live videos Akshar Patel you make if you PM me. I climbed the ranks and have several live pro friends as well that would all agree with my comments above.

Lastly I found Eliot Roe (A-game master class) to be extremely helpful for live games! Helped my game so much! I still listen to his MP3s when I'm grinding online as well.

Sept. 23, 2020 | 1:51 a.m.

I can second almost everything you say coming from west coast California. There was a group of guys who would come in for 2-3 hours every other morning 9am - noon or so and grind some before they go to work and these morning games were super splashy and fun. I did find all times of day to be really profitable though. The late games the stacks tend to be deeper and these stakes even if they are $1/$3 play more like $2/5 and $2/$5 will play more like $5/10 (shallow stack). If you think in BB where 8bb open is a large raise, you just end up over folding too much and miss out on a lot of value because people are calling these 6x opens with Q8s or ATo etc. I do agree super high variance as over two years, i've had some of my biggest wins and biggest losses at night.

I will saying playing late a night might be profitable, but there is something to be said about not being able to play your A-game because of sleep, diet, exercise to go with making more money. If you can play 2000 hours a year between 9am - 10pm range on your A game and make 10bb/hr or play 1,000 hours a year at 15bb/hr which would you choose? There is a HUGE benefit to sacrificing a few bucks an hour for longevity of your A-Game for years on.

Lastly "Friday night" over the past year or so I found Friday's to be one of the worst days because everyone says Friday night is the best, so it attracts a lot of pros and makes for really bad games some times, might be 1-3 fish with some decent stacks, but you end up having 3-4pros on the table or decent regs at least on the same table as well. My biggest winning day last year was actually on Sunday! Casino is slow with only a few tables, but for whatever reason the lack of pros I guess just increased my win rate. I think Thursday was 2nd biggest winning day.

One last thing about morning games, at the casino I played in, they ran morning tourneys as well, so you get a lot of tourney players trying to make their buy-in before the tourney and end up donating in the cash game before the tourney most of the time. You get a lot of them who hit & run once they make their buy-in, but that is another reason some morning cash games are really good. You get bunch of tourney players or early afternoon when you get tilted tourney players (myself) who would donate 3-4 buy-in after losing tourney. Definitely learned to take a couple hour break after the tourney before jumping into the cash game.

Sept. 22, 2020 | 11:23 p.m.

Dan A I haven't watched the video yet, but I am or was primarily a live player for $1/$3 and $2/5 games for last couple years before Covid. I completely understand where you are coming from with your comments and don't take offense to them really. I think the feed back like yours can be helpful to coaches creating future content and what the community expects. I was recently talking to Eldora about this earlier today. I myself am very blunt with some of my words and some times people get defensive as they may come off unprofessionally, but I know our comments are just trying to get the most out of what we are paying for. We just have to work on wording things a bit better to make sure it doesn't fall on deaf ears when people read it. Once people get defensive about what you say, anything that follows after is going to go in one ear and out the other and they won't think twice about it.

Will share my thoughts on the video after I watch right now, but found your comments helpful actually. I tend to think in terms of BB though and not $, but one thing coming from a live background that really helped me crush live environment for around 9-11bb/hr is realizing people do not think in BB but monetary value. If pot is $500 and you bet $200, the "$200" is still a "big bet" in the live environment because they have no clue how much is in the pot usually. They just know people who bet $200+ are usually nutted so they fold. Hope this helps future comments. Will share my feed back on video in about an hour.

Sept. 22, 2020 | 11:09 p.m.

There was another thread about GTO+ vs PIO where a lot of people actually recommended GTO+ in terms of being on the cheaper side of an investment. I do like PIO more visually as this is also what all the coaches seem to use in their videos, so would make studying a bit easier. I know "innerpys" uses GTO+ or simple preflop in his videos (2 years ago) and seems pretty easy to use as well. I'm still leaning towards PiO though.

I am in the process of moving, so don't think i'll buy anything until after Oct 10th, but wanted to get a head start on research and understanding of the product. As mentioned above could also always upgrade if needed. I think the $475 listed is fine, just wanted to understand the difference between the two. Maybe it's the lack of knowledge with terms that I am not understanding.

Appreciate all the feed back so far! RIO such a great community to be apart of :-)

Sept. 22, 2020 | 10:14 p.m.

I am still a little confused on this scripting thing. I was mostly looking to review hands by:
1) Input what I think ranges are for the two positions
2) input the flop
3) Run the tree for 2-3 different sizes.

I am guessing basic does all the above right? Where Pro version you are saying, I would input ranges for say CO RFI vs BTN 3 bet / CO call. So I can see how ranges interact with all flop textures given the formation? Where the basic version of PIO I can only see one flop at a time? Maybe I need to look up a youtube video on the two. Before this comment they seemed like they same thing, but apparently big difference between the two.

Sept. 22, 2020 | 10:09 p.m.

Going over them again, looks like only Edge has preflop solver.

Sept. 22, 2020 | 6:40 a.m.

Jeff_ Snowie does include rake but you can select no rake as well. There will be different options postflop of course for different sizing options. Not as advanced as PIO, but it helps.

Sept. 22, 2020 | 6:27 a.m.

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