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Demondoink Wasn't sure if the multiplier was as important as the SPR. Getting someone to put in 20bb (20%) of their stack whether they go 7.5 and I go to 20bb or they go 9bb and I go 20bb. Not sure how much their range actually changes from calling 12.5bb vs calling 11bb more. One side you have a 2.66x multiplier and other side 2.22x. Both problems seem to be conquered with the 20bb sizing and just creating a 2 SPR. If they go small with a linear range I can size up with my 4bet size. If they go bigger with a polar range then small 4bet also makes sense. Is my thought process ok here?

July 30, 2021 | 10:32 p.m.

Would like to see a review session of some of these hands PIO'd.

what is appropriate 4bet sizing IP / OOP vs small 3bets? Should I just stick to a standard 2.5x?

For the mental game side of this video with it being a "shit show" I viewed it as you were playing pretty well, so I honestly couldn't even tell you were losing from resetting the stacks.

July 30, 2021 | 9:55 p.m.

Demondoink A lot of my large 4 bet sizing is when there is a 3bet + a cold call and I honestly don't know what size to make it. If I open 2.5, villain 3bets to 8, BB cold calls, I tend to make it 26-28bb. Where if there was no cold call 2.5 to 8bb I would typically go 20-22. It's a tad large but in general my thought process is pool has a tight 3 bet range to begin with (About 60% of what GTO is 3 betting) so they shouldn't have much of a folding range, so I tend to size up. I changed my sizing to 2.2x IP and 2.4x OOP yesterday. Then I guess vs a 3bet and a cold call I should just stick to 3x (24bb)?

July 30, 2021 | 8:46 p.m.

I think it was Katt Williams (comedian) in terms of life / death that said, "If you come into this world and people are changing your diaper, then you leave this world where people are changing your diaper, then you over stayed you're welcome."

Also I agree animals just bring out a social aspect 10x how people usually socialize. Some times can't just be nice to people and say "That's a nice jacket" or "I like your hair" without them thinking you are hitting on them. Unless you are with your GF then your GF finds it weird you are giving other women compliments LOL. Maybe I'll look up some psychology experiments and try them out. There are a couple that are a little strange like taking a piss next to someone where there are 4-5 other open urinals or starring at the driver next to you. Most drivers just look straight ahead as it's "impolite to stare." Might be worth exploring some social boundaries for fun.

July 30, 2021 | 7:47 a.m.

Ya I agree. I PIO'd the hand after with what I thought opening and BB defense range was and it is infact folding 12% or so of the time. I posted some links of screen shots in the comments. I think on Wizard it was pure calling, but PIO is mixing in some folds and more folds when you have a heart blocking the barrels.

The argument with 500z pool under bluffing was a lot of back and forth with Sauce on why he doesn't adjust and he keeps calling because it's GTO or too small of a sample to make adjustments still. It's easy for me being able to see the hole cards on ignition. On PokerStars I think I would call a bit more because I want to be able to sleep at night.

July 30, 2021 | 7:32 a.m.

Only played 10k hands since my last update and results have been stagnant as you can see in the graph below. I am still having one of my best months, but doesn't look like I'll achieve that $10,000 milestone I was hoping for. Been under the weather the last two days, but hopefully feeling better tomorrow (Friday) so I may put in some extra volume. I redid my pace chart for 2,360 hands a day which will go from July 6th - Oct 19th for 250k hands. This puts me on pace with my coaching.

I am still making some decent size blunders despite my win rate. It's spots where there is a 4-straight on the board and the K hits the river in a 3BP, where I XC flop cbet, turn XX, and I know opponent has AK which I can't beat. I check to let them value bet, but I go for a fancy check raise knowing they only have one pair and being check raised on the river is pretty nutted usually, but I keep getting snapped off by this AK. If only I managed to have "it" once in a while my win rate would be even better.

I did find another error as I filtered for all my aces this year because I felt I wasn't getting much action the last couple of days whenever I 4bet, so I wanted to see what they had. Most of the time, 90% or so, they were making reasonable laydowns with AQo, AJs, 87s, or 77 etc. The error I was making though was my 4bet sizing has been way too large! When I was going 2.5x to even 3.5x in some spots and looking back at it I just ask myself two questions 1) What was I thinking? 2) What was I afraid of? Aces doesn't need protection! My sizing was so large I was killing my own action. Today I managed to fix that where they will 3bet to 9bb (PSB) and I will make it 21bb but they were still folding. Some spots were a little surprising such as BvB where they are folding IP, which is quite astonishing because the pool already under 3 bets as it is. That is what I'm going to be focused on this weekend is using smaller 4 bet sizing and I also need to check my 4bet success rate to see how many more bluffs I can mix in. There are a few of these hands where they are folding JJ-99, AJs, and AKo! To Normal size 4bets!

Here is a hand where I thought the min 3bet was someone just messing around, as usually the min 3bets are really weak, combined with the fact it's a deeper stack player likely points to a weaker player in my pool. I tried making an exploitative 4bet and it went a little something like this:

Other times my blunders don't work out so well, but just to show you all what I mean by deeper stack players are usually weaker, in this hand guy cold calls 3bet, then called the 4 bet. Based on this board texture and my hand this is a pretty large blunder to shove this flop. Got to the flop with a 1-SPR and didn't know what to do...

That is pretty much it for the update, will try and update again after the weekend. Being a little sick, I can't do much else besides stay home. Don't want to get anyone else sick, so not going to the gym, visit family, or outside in general unless I have to. I am guessing by Sunday I'll be better! It's just a small cough and running nose, but just trying to stay hygienic, drink lot of water, continue to take my vitamins, and get lots of rest; the body will do the rest with the recovery.

July 30, 2021 | 7:23 a.m.

BvB where SB checks the flop, what sizing are you using in general IP?

Earlier in the video MP vs UTG 3x you fold 66 and say it's close, then T#3 at 22:23 fold 66 Co vs UTG 2.25x 200bb+ deep. Are you just playing 77+ vs UTG?

Felt like you play a bit timid four tabling with under 3 betting i.e TT from the BB vs CO or AJs / AQs a couple times throughout the video where chose to cold call rather than 3 bet. Then some other spots 6c4c Sb vs BB said AcKc7d board is checking 50-60% of the time. I would think on AKX it's actually the opposite and you are betting 60%+ of the time here. With that said I would like to see a second part.

July 29, 2021 | 9:18 p.m.

RIO needs to pay more for your content, pure gold. I thought it was very impressive how much information you gave in this video without repeating yourself!

The only part I disagree with is at the end of the video (35min) on Jh-9d-2h board where you mention mostly a small bet is going to be used. On dynamic boards where there are many draws possible but no straights or flushes possible I think these boards are going to mostly use a big bet strategy. Small bets will still be used but roughly 1/3 of the time as the bigger bet.
On your sheet a similar board you can see bet size here. I think the smaller bet is used when it's 1 high card and 2 cards 8 and lower. Two cards 9 and higher typically favor IP quite a bit, so bigger bets are being used. I like to think of it as set advantage where IP can have all 3 sets and OOP only has bottom set, so bigger bets are used.

I didn't solve this down all the way, but you can see bigger bet being used here on the J92hh about 3/4 of the time with two sizes given of 30% & 75%.

Everything else in the video looks spot on! Thought you did a fantastic job.

July 28, 2021 | 9:28 p.m.

Gary Chappell I used some basic ranges for BB vs BTN they might be a little off compared to GTO ranges but think they are close. AJ is folding a small frequency of the time in the solve I ran so I was little surprised there.
Flop vs XR

Turn vs 100% PSB

River vs all in 102% pot

Tree I used. If it doesn't look right please let me know.

Villains shoving range - looks like bluffs are coming from the QhXh and ThX hands.

BTN's EV on the river facing jam.

July 28, 2021 | 8:13 p.m.

Guess he was trying to win the 72 bounty! LOL In terms of staying productive from waking up early I am in the same boat. If I wake up at 10am, then I feel my day is done by 2pm, just some grinding after this. I need to buy some video games or go to the park more often with nieces. Right now the weather is roughly 100 degrees here then with my skin even with sunblock I can't do much outside. I 100% prefer the late evenings when sun is going down or early mornings before it gets hot. The other months are fine, just two months out of the year where it seems unbearable at times.

Side question: Have you watched Gary's recent video? What did you think of his fold with AJ on a AKJXX run out Btn vs BB SRP against Jarretman?

July 28, 2021 | 8:08 p.m.

It's a trap

July 28, 2021 | 12:22 a.m.

Shaun Pauwels I am confused by your question 87592 board for 64 > T9. I only have a pair.

July 27, 2021 | 7:32 p.m.

It was roughly 7 hour session, I don't keep track of hours though, not any more at least. The whales were there less than 45 minutes so it was crazy during that stretch of time. There were even some hands where whale opens $50 so I'm calling KTo in the CO for this 17bb open LOL. Flop 822r and guy shoves 87o for $400 I fold. That is just how you have to play in live poker. I think it was Bart Hanson that said for live poker the value of the blinds doesn't determine how big the game is, but the standard opening size will determine how many big blinds you actually have. With the whales opening $30-$75, might as well treat it like a short stack $5/$10 game and just embrace the variance that comes with it. As Bruce Lee says you have to adapt "be water my friend."

July 27, 2021 | 6:59 a.m.

where's your journal zache86 I feel as if you support a lot of members, I would like to return the support.

July 27, 2021 | 6:52 a.m.

July 27, 2021 | 1:15 a.m.

Vegas trip went well. I only played one session though, in for $1k out for roughly $1500. It was a rocky start of running bad and just not believing people even with all the live reads. Where my mind says folds based on all my data points and my hand throws in the chips to call. I think I was right with action + mind on the same page about one time out of eleven. It's always good to donate to the fish to make sure they have a good time though. Then hearing the young kids talk about it "Damn (insert name) you should keep playing, that is like $118/hr." Then the kid responds with "I usually like to stop around 5x" as if it's common LOL. This is the same kid who didn't know when it was his turn or would min 3bet after a bet and two callers LOL. It was hard to contain my laughter in some of these spots as live games are just so different than online. I was only playing $1/$3 where there was one nit at the table and 6 other recs (8 handed). I was licking my chops but couldn't get much going.

I bounced back towards the end of my session when a whale came to the table, he was up around $20k+ he said on baccarat and just came with his buddy to play poker for fun before they went to dinner. When the whale pulled out a fat stack of 100s! and asked what the max buy-in was I knew I was in for a wild ride. Dealer said "$300" and he responded with "that is no fun, might as well go all in every hand." First hand they sat down they both went all in dark $300 each, I think it was J2o vs 75o something like this. Next hand I pick up Q10h btn, whale opens CO $35 (11x) but RFI sizing and ranges go out the window when whales sit down so I of course call. Flop T75ss. Whale bets $50, I shove and whale snaps with JTo. QT holds up. Next hand his friend dares him go all in dark again so he does. His friend calls him with A4o. board A7725. Whale turns of a 2.... then a 7! LOL

A few more hands go by and I have to say Vegas nits are the absolute worst! These guys are going all in dark almost every other hand or opening $30-$75 without any limps, just grabbing stacks of chips and splashing the pot. When game is this good, you can't really think in terms of Big blinds. Just focus on making a pair or having a decent strong hand top 20-25% of hands or so and hold on tight! This hand UTG all in dark before he gets his cards as he has done the previous two hands, he doesn't care if it's his turn to act or not, he just leaves his stack across the line and people can do whatever they want. Guy in MP tanks for about 90 seconds, here I think he is hollywood with the whale to act behind him. Whale sitting on my direct right makes a comment "Not that serious, taking way too long for $300" and the Vegas nit eventually folds. Whale gives his friend action and calls blind! and they go HU. Board runs out J7265. UTG shows J9o and whale shows 43o LOL. Fantastic game! The Vegas nit smiles and says "See that is why I folded AK!" He is proud of this fold! This is the worst player for the game. How do you not give whales action with AK? Just go home if you are going to fold AK to people shoving dark!

Next big pot I played vs them before they went to dinner, whale opens $35 MP, I call CO 55, BTN calls behind 3 ways. Flop ($109) 543hh. Whale all in $500ish, I am not one to waste time and snap with 55 and to my surprised BTN snaps as well ($350). I had around $400 and change here so pot ends up being around $1250. Board runs out 543TK. Whale shows 52o, Sb 33, and hero scoops with the case 5 for top set. They left to dinner shortly after this, but his friend played all in blind his last 5 hands just reloading 300 each time as his friend went to the bathroom. I'm glad the whales won in baccarat. I think they only donated around $2k-$2.5k as they did win some hands. It seemed only me and two other guys were giving them action. Anyone else who called their bets preflop ended up always having JJ+ or AK. Makes me wonder if people are actually folding ATo or 77 type hands to them. People were scared to put in $30-$75 preflop with their small pairs, SCs, or weaker off suite broadways. When you have a hand like JTo here it's a monster preflop compared to their ranges. There is nothing wrong with playing bingo against whales.

I heard many comments in Vegas about how people "don't want to play against maniacs." Does this make any sense to anyone? Last time I went to Vegas one lady actually said "Bring us someone tighter, that guy played too crazy." Are people going to just pay rake and cooler other nits or are they there to make money?

One of my FAILED bluff attempts early in the session. I mean this play has to be pretty bad!!! I call a $10 bet preflop and goes 7 ways to the flop ($70) 875r. SB bets $20, BB raises to $50. SB asked him "Do you already have it?" with still 5 other players left to act. Everyone folds to the donkey (ME!!!!) Who thinks "well I block the nuts and I don't really care if he has it, maybe I'll get there." 3bet to $135. BB ask "how much do you have?" He literally wanted me to count my chips so he can go all in for the exact amount. I don't have my chips covered and dealer tell him that I don't have to count my stack. It was only like $135 behind and kid has me well covered. After some hollywood he eventually goes all in and I snap of course being pot committed at this point with an OE. Just hoping he has two pair or set so my outs are clean. I told him I heard him say he already has it but didn't care. His 64o held up on a 87592 run out. I think these are the types of plays you have to make from time to time with low SDV and decent equity to give these fish action. No one likes when you tank and are trying to make calculations in your head of the highest EV play on every street. Just check your ego at the door, loosen up, have fun, and just play simple poker. Live poker is easy enough where you don't have to take it that serious to make some decent money.

Anyways I only took one picture since I only played one session and didn't eat out, so no food pics either. Just some home cooked meals visiting family. This week back to online poker for a couple weeks playing catch up on some volume. Also bought some groceries this morning, so just going to focus on veggies, eggs, and chicken this week as my "diet." It's not really a diet, it's all food I like! So should be sustainable long term. Just cutting out all the processed foods, fried foods, red meats, and dairy. I am not sure what my gym routine is going to look like this week. Last week I wanted to run 10 miles a day to lose weight, but research I was doing just talked about lifting heavy to burn the most fat, then finish off your workouts with some high intensity cardio rather than long jogs. That is what I'm going to focus on. Not going to set time limits or distance to run. Just try and push myself to my limits on the weights and do some walk - run - walk - run workouts to finish off each session. Then next Monday I'll check my weight and see where I'm at. I will likely play 10-20k hands before my next update. Maybe wait for Friday as a weekly recap. Time to go start my first session of the week :-)

July 27, 2021 | 1:14 a.m.

5:20 Table #2 with AJ on the AKJhh-4x-2x run out. I don't think I can fold here unless I had a heart. I think villain can value bet worse as well right? KJ might be thin, but may also have hands like A4h A2h that decides to jam instead of XC. I agree with your logic of being a good board for IP, so BB will have less bluffs here, but before I even consider bluffs I would ask myself if he can value bet a worse hand? The bluffs I do see coming from Th9x, Qh9x, and KxTh at some frequency. Almost feels disrespectful to fold this hand to Jarretman.

46:15 Table #1 with QT on the QT668 board. I think if we are considering folding this river, then we have to consider 3betting the flop right? There are so many straight draws that A, K, J, 9, 8, 7, 6, are all some what bad cards that two wants some protection to least narrow the range down to open ended and get rid of some of the gut shots right?

July 27, 2021 | 12:04 a.m.

If I am ever feeling down about my session results, I just look at my monthly or yearly results to feel better. That way the session results don't mentally play a part in your thoughts, just one giant session for the year.

July 26, 2021 | 6:06 p.m.

Are you going to post any monthly graphs or just session graphs? I find dogs to be extremely beneficial when you are under high stress. Also forces you to get out of the house and take walks, not that this is a problem for you.

July 26, 2021 | 4:54 a.m.

I know you are right about long term diet. I don't really consider my "diet" as food I eat. As you said its just life style choices. Had a problem with eating out too much for convenience of not wanting to cook. There will be 1-2x a year where I do a prop bet for no fast food / soda. However, these just seem to be short term fixes. I will still buy groceries and love salads, which don't even involve cooking, just have to prepare them! I also watch some meal prepping for body builders over the years which I can see myself doing. Not being a body builder but the meal prep doesn't seem too hard with just cooking a pot of rice, baking chicken, and choosing a vegetable. I even bought meal prep containers before I moved here, but haven't used them! The eating out I come up with different excuses, this started as a mental problem decade+ ago. Where I would have a really bad session! I was only awake for a few hours at the time and just wanted to forget about the session. I would go binge at a fast food because it would make me sleepy from over eating, then I could fall asleep and just completely forget about my session. Now the excuse is "I won a lot" I want something to eat to celebrate but only thing open is fast food! Or past issue of "I lost a lot" I'm going to eat my "feelings" and go to sleep. Besides just "not doing it" I haven't figured out how to stop this long term besides choosing to make the right choice. I know in real time exactly what I am doing and why I am doing it and I know it's bad! I still choose to do it though. Maybe it's like Eliot says though, just need to write down what I am going to eat each hour of the day and stick to a schedule where fast food is not part of it. Then over time, after 3 months or more it eventually becomes a habit. It will just continue to be something I am working on for the mean time though.

In terms of playing "fast-fold" poker I get roughly 800 hands an hour, so when I come back the 4,320 hands a day for my goal is only 5.4 hours a day. This seems very reasonable to me if I can play early afternoon, 2 hrs evening, and 2 hours at night. That way I can have 1-2hr breaks in between sessions if I need. Recently have been waking up around 1p -3pm though. As I continue to add more volume each day, I am now able to play 2k-3k hands per session rather easily. If I have zero plans for the day and session is going smoothly I am sure I would be able to do 4-5k hands before needing a break. I do keep a liter of water at my desk though, so will take small breaks here and there to use the bathroom, grab an apple or some nuts to snack on. Trying not to buy any soda or chips, which I used to snack on. I will also buy some beef jerky to snack on, the protein really helps with your ability to think and keep a clear mind. My other friend told me as well, if I am able to go to the gym consistently and workout hard, that making healthier eating choices will become more natural over time. You won't want to ruin your workout.

Back when I was at a healthy weight, my diet wasn't very good, but I was playing basketball 3-4 hours a day. When I was at my healthiest point in my life I wasn't eating any fast food or soda. I was doing boxing classes for 90 minutes 3-4x a week for a few months. You either decide you want to suffer through workouts and continue to eat unhealthy or you decide to change your life style with healthier choices where workouts become easier. I think most people would throw up their first 30 minutes in a boxing class from all the cardio and body weight workouts; the pushups, jump rope, burpees, sprints, pad work, etc. I think if I push myself like this again at the gym, that I'll go back to making the right choices once more. Yesterday went to the gym twice and did 4 miles each session. Just need to continue to push myself as much as I can until I make the "right choice" most of the time. Then over time I think it will level out to be less extreme to one side or the other. There is just no overnight fix to a long term issue. I can talk about it a ton, but the answer is to be about it!

July 23, 2021 | 8:22 p.m.

For Blitz there are quite a few players on 10NL, 50NL, and 200NL. They have a small pool at $1KNL as well (17 players). the 10NL - 200NL have around 40-120 players at any given times. Keep in mind you can have up to 5 entries at the same stake, so not sure how many actual players there are in terms of # of entries per player. For regular tables just logged in and checked and they have 4 tables of $25/$50 going. Two tables of $10/$20 going. Then for $1/$2, $2/$4, and $3/6 looks to be anywhere between 4-10 tables going. There is plenty of action tables open for action. I am not too concerned with bots honestly. If someone made a bot, the bot would usually be a nit, so pretty easy to run over. People talking about bots or RTA is like the media saying people are rioting every where! Or all cops are bad etc. They take one bad event and apply it to the entire country. So one bot on ACR is now applied to there is a bot at every table LOL. When I was playing blitz I did have a "human detector" pop up... guess I was playing too fast and not tanking as much as others LOL. So they seem to be doing their part on trying to stop bots at least. As I play more on ACR I can give a review later, but my sample is just too small to say anything else besides what I see in the lobby. I think the rake back and beast promotion attracts a lot of players though. Hard to imagine ACR being as tough as people say when the player pool seems to be 4-5x bigger than ignition.

July 23, 2021 | 8:01 p.m.

Hi All! Last minute plan to go to Vegas for the weekend for nieces bday. Will just go ahead and update now since I will be gone for the weekend. Not sure how much poker I'll play, but I assume I'll play a couple hours at least each day and will take pictures of some of the action when I can.

I put in a lot of cardio at the gym today and did a "fast" on top of that. It was more of starvation than an actual fast though. My body has enough fat on it where it's not going to starve though LOL. I weighed in at 208 lbs this morning and a healthy weight for me is around 175 lbs. Was hoping to workout hard this weekend and just do a super low calorie intake to drop some LBs over the weekend and next couple of weeks, but doesn't look like that plan is going to happen any more, so will have to continue this on Monday when I get back. GF's sister is getting married in August so also want to lose weight for that. There are so many diets and workouts with healthy habits, moderation, consistency etc. I think what works best for me is just doing something extreme and then seeing the results so I can stick with healthy eating after. The 6-18 month plan of just developing healthy habits and consistency; I just end up falling off the horse and over the years this hasn't worked out well for me. I hope I can drop about 20 lbs in a month, but I know realistic know or a healthy number is closer to 5 lbs. I do not think over training is a negative thing, I just don't think anyone truly know what is correct. Much like poker there are many styles that win money, just like there are many diets and exercise that lose weight. Water fast, egg diets, keto, carnivore, vegetarian, etc etc. For me personally I love salads but often over do it on the dressing, so I will try and do more of a carnivore diet and just eat a bunch of chicken when I get back. If I can manage to run about 10 miles a day and probably eat half a chicken or a hole chicken each day I think I'll lose quite a bit of weight over the course of a week. That is going to be my plan for next week. I started it today where my first gym session was 4 miles, I am going back to the gym after I post this to do another 6 miles though. Make myself extremely tired so I can go to bed early and just enjoy Vegas for the weekend.

Two days ago ate at a place called Zupas, pictures below of the salad / soup I ate. Salad was really good! The soup taste what it sounds like, but I don't think I'm a fan of that flavor of soup. I love enchiladas as a food, just not as a soup.

Poker I'll show my graph from July 6th - present time. July 6th was when I started coaching with Tyler. Still have quite a few leaks to fix as against some bigger size 3bets / 4bets or even larger 4x-5x RFI sizing I am a bit timid. Tyler is helping me break out of this shell and understand what range they are actually doing this with and being ok to 3bet against such a range. Even though it's a tight range, it's not well protected with nutted hands. Also it's mainly going to be a lot of weak players using this size as well unless your name is Stefan. When I come back next week my goal Mon-Friday is going to be to play 21,600 hands or 4,320 hands a day. Usually I need around 2,700 hands a day to stay on pace for 250k over a 3 month span. Because I'll miss poker Fri, Sat, and Sunday these 8100 hands will be made up Mon-Friday. Important for me to go over these numbers ahead of time, so I don't get anxiety and feel over whelmed with volume when I get back. Often if I don't work out the numbers, I get stressed trying to do everything in one day. This way I have a plan in place going forward with working out and volume. The graph below is 19 buy-ins below EV. I am very pleased with my win rate with being so far below EV over this smallish sample. In terms of BB/100 it's 3.52bb/100 below EV. Which I know will happen quite often even over 500k hands I think this might be common.

That is all for now. Will upload some pictures Monday of my Vegas trip if I do end up going to the casino, which is about a 90% chance I go! Off to the gym!

July 23, 2021 | 7:06 a.m.

zache86 Going to keep both sites actually. I think Ignition is just too soft to leave. ACR is a bit nitty but I think very beatable at least at 50NL. In terms of my coaching contract half of my volume will be at 200NL, so going to be doing that on ignition mostly. Also my win rate just keeps getting better. Trying not to be annoying and update the journal every day. I think every few days or once a week for progress is good enough. I was thinking every Sunday should be my weekly update since that is the day I usually plan to take off to do family stuff, but I do end up playing quite a bit on Sunday anyways. I am curious about how many hands I need to play on ACR to get one of the top spots for the cash bonus. They have a $50-$125-$250-$500 weekly bonus and tourney tickets for the $125+. The rake back is 27% which is about 1bb/1k hands I think. It's not a ton but a little something... After my coaching contract I will try and get one of the top spots on ACR to earn the $500 a week + tourney ticket. If I am already playing 30+ hrs a week, then earning a $2k bonus a month is pretty nice to add to the hourly. I'll build up a sample on there and compare it to ignition. Another reason I like ACR is just the volume that is available 24hrs a day. I'm probably repeating myself from above but I felt ignition I had to play between 4pm - 2am on zone and it's just not a healthy schedule. With ACR I can wake up at a decent hour, say 10am, Play 4 hours or so and be done for the day by 2pm and go and do other stuff. Ok done rambling. Maybe do a Friday update this week and thanks for following :-) I enjoy the extra support from the community to help push me forward. Maybe I'll do some prop bets in the future to make it more exciting if anyone wants to take action on it. I'll think of something.... like 10k hands in one day or 200k hands in a month? If you have some ideas throw them out there. for ACR it will be 4 tabling blitz. ok... now i'm done rambling GN :-zZzZz

July 22, 2021 | 10:04 a.m.

Besides your rolling high video, I think this was one of the best exploitative videos I have seen. Would love to see more of these, not just pokerstars but other sites as well.

July 22, 2021 | 2:46 a.m.

I will say before anyone takes the advice I was throwing out there Shaun Pauwels is much more studied player than I am. What I say is more towards exploits of my own pool and a lot of pools, but it could also hinder your game for the long run. This where coaches talk about crushing a certain level compared to moving up stakes. I would keep an open mind to what I say, but if you are unsure I would go with Shaun's advice. Always develop your foundation before learning exploits as they say.

July 21, 2021 | 8:30 p.m.

Appreciate the honesty behind your comment. I had a question about your comment, but you answered it in the video with opening pure with hands that are mixed frequencies with weaker players behind that are not 3 betting enough.

I am enjoying this video besides the gray background, I recently changed to a black background with a black felt because the bets / raises have white font. I find this contrast makes the graphics looks really clean! Definitely keep doing more of these post audio session reviews. Learning from the mistakes is very helpful and best way I learn I think.

July 21, 2021 | 4:48 a.m.

Just let me know when you want to start this, we can even get a small group of guys who are trust worthy to make this type of bet. I might be traveling towards the 27th-1st so might not be able to do this next week. We don't have to have the same number of hands, just something that pushes us. I'm trying to set a goal of doing 20k hands a week, but yours could be 12k or whatever it is that you are going to set your goal for. As I said before it's not about winning money off each other, but trying to reach our potential. For example last month I bet my friend $500 I would do no fast food, soda, or energy drinks for the month and he would have to go to the gym just 8 times. So two of us totally different goals but we both put up $500 to achieve these goals. Maybe 1st week of August if I am back home will be able to do something. Just a little extra incentive to put in the volume.

July 21, 2021 | 3:59 a.m.

Black on black does appear nicer to me. Thanks for the tip.

July 20, 2021 | 3:23 a.m.

Does the dark felt mess with the color of the chips? The chips themselves seem pretty dark to me so they would blend in with the black felt right? It is white font though, so maybe I'll give it a try and just do all black. Do you mind screen shotting what yours looks like?

so that my bot can screengrab the table easier due to higher contrast

Also not sure what this is about? LOL

July 20, 2021 | 2:32 a.m.

Luke Johnson Not sure if this is possible to make a video out of, but would be curious to see what ranges we should be continuing vs small 3bet sizes IP / OOP. One pretty major leak I have is over folding to small 3bets and being pretty stagnant with my continue range. I.E over folding ATo and KJo BTN vs SB 3bet of 8.5bb. People that are just clicking POT. Because even though it's a small 3bet, their range is plenty tight 11-13%, so even with better pot odds, I feel I am dominated too often in this spot and just end up folding. Then I'm sure with your small 3bets IP you already have a good grasp of how to exploit the pool. Is there a formula I can use for pot odds + range I give them + my RFI range and figure out how often I should continue?

July 20, 2021 | 1:09 a.m.

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