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If I type in 7c6c to UTG 2.5 and btn 3 bet to 8bb for 100bb stacks, the EV of 4 betting 76s is only -0.07, so seems like a decent hand to 4 bet with given it's only slightly -EV. possibly +EV? Because hero already put in 2.5bb... Where Ac5c snowie is showing 0.00 EV with a 4 bet UTG vs BTN. Even plugging in a random hand like kc4c is only -0.06 EV. Doesn't seem too bad to have a polar 4 bet range here to put the button in a tough spot. 88 in this spot shows -0.02 for a PSB, but a smaller 4 bet sizing of 17bb is +0.45 I think we just need to pull the trigger in some of these spots.

Quite interesting even a hand like Ac6c here in this range for a 5 bet shove shows +EV of 0.17 Seems really spewy to me as you likely get called by QQ+ AK most of the time. Especially with UTG range rarely 4 betting. Mixing A5s-A2s and QQ+AK, then basically folding A5s-A2s vs 5 bet shove and calling off QQ+ AK.

July 7, 2020 | 4:53 a.m.

I found quite a few spots like this where snowie seems to use a super large 4bet size even at 100bb with a lot of AXs hands but rarely KK QQ hands or even AKo hands. I'm guessing 2x pot is something like 50bb here as a PSB is 25.5bb, so not sure what snowie means by 2x pot.

I think a good person to watch, old school coach from a couple years ago, but plays a pretty aggro 3betting / 4 betting range and still see him around in the 500z videos for other coaches. His videos don't seem to be very popular, but I like his style of play. "Mikhail Shalamov" aka innerpsy very aggressive player, supposed to be a legend on $1/$2. Maybe some of his videos will help us? I think he uses more SCs to avoid domination and has a very deceptive results for some big pots.

I think we just need to 3 bet / 4 bet more often and pull the trigger relentlessly, but be able to 4 bet fold AK and QQ more often and fold to 5 bets. Hopefully do not get trapped by KK and AA flatting.[not-seen,partially-seen,completed]

This is 2x POT

This is PSB

July 7, 2020 | 4:43 a.m.

I keep getting in these spots roughly 150-300bb deep on 100NL and I kinda freeze up with my aggression. Part of it is correct because you don't want to over play AK or TT hands when your deep and oop, but I think part of it is just not pulling the trigger. I have an uncertainty of correct deep stack strategy.

Example #1 villain on the button is unknown, but has shown a willingness to 3bet at a high frequency. I've seen him 3 bet a couple of times now over a tiny sample trying to isolate weaker players. I 4 bet him once and he just snap folded.
Currently 5 handed. Hero opens (MP) technically cutoff AhKh $2.50 and Btn 3 bets to $7.50 I elect to flat roughly $175 deep to keep his dominated hands in because I know he has a wide range and suited hands still play well oop. Not sure what hands I should be 4 betting here. I did watch Sauce123 deep stack series where he flatted KK in MP 300+ bb deep saying it's a low frequency 4 bet vs button.

Example #2 UTG limps $1, btn iso $4 (regular pretty ABC), hero SB TT flat calls. At 100bb standard 3 bet spot here for me, but we were around $200 (200bb) deep and I didn't want to play a bloated pot oop with TT.

I think I just need to be 3 betting / 4 betting these hands, but looking for some confirmation. Snowie in general gives limpers a ton of credit and over limps as strong as JJ, so can't really rely on snowie for feed back when facing a limper and an iso. Snowie only plays TT+, AKo, AJs+, KQs when there is a limper and a 4bb iso and hero is in the SB. Super nutted range because snowie thinks limper has hands like TT, AK, AQs etc in range.

Debating maybe going back and watching some old deep stack play from a couple years ago, but not sure what videos are best. Sorry is post is a bit unorganized. Appreciate any responses I receive.

July 7, 2020 | 3:27 a.m.

In this spot snowie is showing -0.43 as a call, but because hero is in the BB does this make the call +EV of 0.57 since we have 1 BB already invested?

What range are you defending here? Snowie is really nitty in this spot. I think Btn iso raise 20-25% of hands here.

July 7, 2020 | 12:48 a.m.

Thank you Akshar Patel makes a lot more sense now! LOL I was like how is QJs losing hand here? Didn't make sense to me.

Thank you for responding.

July 6, 2020 | 10:49 p.m.

Hand in question that i played was
UTG $3
BTN call $3
Hero SB 7s6s $14
BB calls $14
UTG calls
BTN calls $14

Flop ($56) 9h7h6c
hero cbet $56
BB and UTG fold
BTN calls

Turn ($112) Js
Hero shoves $58
BTn snaps Ts8s

:-( :-( :-(

July 6, 2020 | 10:48 p.m.

I should add the EV of checking and shoving the river are really close, but snowie is checking 100%. I don't have the range converter for snowie, so I am not sure what hands snowie is bluffing with here. I don't think I want to bluff with clubs because those are the more obvious bluffs. I would rather bluff with hearts here, unblocking villain's clubs if he chooses to 2 barrel and give up on the river with those. I like how I played it overall, I think a lot of players are going to struggle to call the river with JJ-KK region or any TX they 3 bet with as well. They will get here with some AhXh and AcXc combos and choose to check call, making bluffing a little dangerous here, but most of the 3 bets here preflop will be A10s+ and A5s-A2s, not much middling aces.

With that said he tank called KcKx, which blocks quite a few of my bluffs here being KcTc, KJc, KQc, I guess only 3 club combos, thought it was a bit more. My Tx combos will check back, so that only heaves me with like 87h, 76h, 98c, 98h, QJ (c/h), ... not many bluffs at all really.

My defending range vs 3 bet here is going to be something like 55+, 76s+, A10s+, AQo+, KJs, I'm probably folding K10s and Q10s.

I really don't know if his KcKx call here is profitably. I'll load it back up into snowie and see what snowie is doing here. .. K loaded it up (screen shot below) -EV call here. Changing combo to KsKd didn't make a difference either, so I guess it's a good bluff on my part based on his holding. Strange I plugged in a bunch of Ah2h-Ahkh hand and shows 0.00 EV for those hands to call river as well. I guess snowie thinks the IP shoving range is mostly 2 pair+? Calling Aces up is massive EV gained. Just kinda surprised AK is not higher EV call here. Plugged in AdKd which is often a frequent double barrel or triple unblocking clubs and hearts and it's also 0EV.

July 6, 2020 | 10:44 p.m.

44 min mark villain has 8d5d here blocking both 98 and 54 here as well as some 7x combos, so great bluff candidate in general. I was wondering if its good though being it was 4 way to the flop and on a paired turn card, so even if he does make a straight on the river, still decent chance of running into a boat given you range check flop. I think it's a great bluff on non paired board, I am not sure about paired board though. Thoughts?

July 6, 2020 | 10:10 p.m.

31min mark I think this spot is standard flat call for me. Not really worried about about anything on the river, board pairing, or another diamond. Just want to give him a chance to continue bluffing if that is what he is doing. I think a likely holding may be a hand like KdQx. would be calling $52.01 to win $201.5, so needs 25.8% equity, which KdQx might not actually have if you have AK, set, or flush already.

On the Turn looks like QQ-99 is using large size at high frequency as well as QTs, J10s, QJs. How accurate do you think this is? Similar to the first hand, where you expect pool to check back high frequency, I think these hands also check back high frequency on the turn. Do you like actually betting these hands on the turn? I would honestly prefer to bet more KX blocking 2 pairs and more equity to improve to 2 pairs. I'm actually curious about betting KQ and KJ on the turn for a larger sizing because we block some AK that flats 3 bet at low frequency, but also block some AQ and AJ hands making AX hands a bit weaker that will have hard time to continue vs 2nd barrel. What are your thoughts on betting KQo vs a hand like JhTh?

July 6, 2020 | 8:58 p.m.

QcJc for the first hand shows EV -1.37. Are we making -EV calls preflop for balance or because its +EV post flop?

I've been massively over defending vs 3 bets with a lot of SCs, which are not in the SB calling range. SB defending range vs 3 bet looks similar to MP opening range. What are your thoughts on defending SCs vs 3 bets? Hand yesterday I defended MP 87s vs BB 3 bet, snowie shows -EV call preflop. I called because I was IP and know btn defends pretty wide vs SB 3 bet. I thought having position would make most SCs a call. I think snowie has it as -EV because it was 11bb 3bet, where vs smaller 7.5-9bb 3 bets it can become +EV, same for btn calling range. Also I don't understand how snowie has 76s as +EV call and 87s as -EV call. Is 87s really blocking too much of SB's calling range?

Do you have a rule of thumb for defending against 3bets IP / OOP? I notice ranges look similar to that of HJ range.

July 6, 2020 | 7:56 p.m.

100 NL six handed
effective stacks $120 to start
Villain has been loose aggro, but mainly IP, not too much OOL.

I put this hand into snowie and got the following out puts
preflop open -EV -0.10
Calling 3 bet -EV -1.32
Flop mandatory call +5.91 EV
Turn mandatory call +10.65 EV
River checking (+28.97 EV)
River all in (+27.35 EV)

What are your thoughts on every street?

Preflop hero opens 8h7h $2.5
BB 3 bets to $11
Hero calls

Flop ($22.5) Th 7c 2c
BB cbets $7.50
Hero calls

Turn ($37.50) Th 7c 2c 4h
BB bets $25.50
Hero calls

River ($88.50) Th 7c 2c 4h As
BB ($75) checks
Hero ($88) all in

Also what are your overall thoughts on opening SCs from MP? UTG I am using T9s+. MP I have been using 76s+ recently.

July 6, 2020 | 7:04 p.m.

I don't think we have to worry too much about slow playing and balance at low stakes anyways, just something to keep in mind. Maybe lower JX combos no heart on JJ9hh raise a bit more. KJ needs less protection and coolers some of the QT combos villain will have.

July 6, 2020 | 5:42 p.m.

I wonder if larger raise size is also a pot geometry thing. With smaller sizing and 75% barrel, it's still not a 1 SPR on the river.

Flop (2.75)
effective stack (52.18) raise 4.36

Turn (11.75)
effective stack 47.82
bet 75% ($8.81)

River ($29.37)
Effective stack: $39.01

Example larger size
Flop (2.75)
effective stack (52.18) raise 6.02 (4.4x)

Turn (14.79)
effective stack 46.16
bet 75% ($11.09)

River ($36.97)
Effective stack: $35.07

For my personal preference depending on the texture of the board i'll go a touch over 4x or a touch under the dryer it is. Also 4x is going to used more often against smaller 1/3 cbets, so I guess little over 3x is fine vs half pot cbets. As you said EV is about the same. Pot geometry is a good argument though.

July 6, 2020 | 5:40 p.m.

17 min mark on JJ9hh board I noticed the JX hands that prefer to XR are the ones without a heart. So the KhJx is raised less frequently than KcJs. Just something to note you want to unblock villain's flush draws when check raising for value. Then with your bluffs, you want to block the flush draws.

Really enjoyed this video, would love to see more break downs like this. Even if only 5 hands a video is extremely educational. When you get familiar with how suites play a big part to blocking and unblocking in regards to value / bluffs, can really get into a lot of detail. Maybe write down some heuristics to follow with your value / bluff combos. Looks like you are starting to do it in by writing down GS (d). Just taking it a step further would be really helpful to the viewers. Draws want 1 over to TP, blocking front door flush draw. Value [2 pair+] wants to unblock draws and top pair hands.

Looking forward to seeing multiple parts like this video.

July 6, 2020 | 12:22 a.m.

3min going to use half pot here. Thank you! I am watching :-)

time stamp 5:30 I think this 3.18 XR is pretty small and usually it's closer to 4.5x raise here. Maybe ok if you are using a really mergy range with a lot of double barreling. If you are XR a lot of KJ KQ 87 hands though, should be larger raise imo.

Also on the T93 for gut shots like J7, Q8, or OE J8, QJ, I think for mixing purposes, the off suite combos will be check raising if they double block the back door flush draws. To make it simple on this one, if you have a club in your hand, the hand does better as a X / C and without a club easy check raise (X/R). Also prefer having 1 over to the T as blocker to TP rather than 86 or 76 which are also gut shots, but don't block TP as much.

July 5, 2020 | 11:56 p.m.

I started 3 betting a lot of SCs from KQs-43s when IP, mostly btn vs (utg, mp, co). Playing around with snowie preflop advisor, doesn't appear to squeeze or 3 bet any SCS from the SB T9s-54s at all. IP snowie uses 76s-54s & A5s-A2s very often as 3 bets, just wondering why SCs are not used oop very often. Seems like decent fold equity with squeezes and less of a chance of being dominated. Seems to 3 bet mostly 88+, AQo+, A2s+, strong suited broadways. It's a good range, the KQs, KJs, QJs, will be dominated quite a bit by the caller's range, but in a low SPR pot, should be ok with the playability factor.

Argument is we want high equity hands in low SPR pots, but we also suffer domination. We want to block their strongest hands, so we don't get 4 bet as much. Other side is with SCs we are unblocking a lot of hands that will fold as well, such as KQo, AJo, AQo, KJo, A10o, etc. Not sure how much blocking and unblocking factors into squeezes here.

Am I burning money squeezing with a hands like 76s-54s? 54s also blocks some of the 4 bet bluffs such as A5s and A4s.

July 5, 2020 | 11:29 p.m.

I started opening some 4x in SB and on the button. I am using some off combos in buttons range to open 4x K9o+ Q9o+ J9o+ T9o+ A4o+ TT+, then opening suited hands 2.5x. There are no huds in my pool and combo wise, this splits the range in half. This is for 100NL, but wondering what you think of this strategy?

In my mind it's a max exploit thing as off suite hands want more fold equity and suited hands don't mind facing a 3 bet as they can call IP. It puts people in uncomfortable spot as they don't want to 3bet to 16bb vs a 4bb open very often. What do you think about this?

July 4, 2020 | 11:07 p.m.

This is a spot that is very frequent in my games regarding players limping from UTG, MP, & CO with wide ranges from very weak hands like A4o Q8s and some stronger hands as well KQo AJs mixed into their limps as well. My question is not so much as your SB range here, but if you were on the button:

1) what sizing would you use to iso the UTG limper? I see coaches using anywhere from 2.5 to 5bb iso sizes.

2) What range are you looking to iso raise? Q7s? A4o? 22? 54s? What are the weakest hands you would iso in this spot? Which hands would you over limp with?

This is a spot we don't often see in elite videos that would be very educational for lower level players who deal with this every other hand.

Thank you for your feed back.

Time stamp 48:00

July 4, 2020 | 8:57 p.m.

45:45 mark you elect to check QQ here. I think QQ JJ are pretty standard checks here, I was wondering which KX hands you recommend checking here as well. I'm mostly 3 betting KQo+, K9s+ here from SB vs btn. I think KJo becomes a low frequency 3bet. Can you talk a little bit about your betting / checking range here please?

July 4, 2020 | 8:51 p.m.

In a previous video you talked a little bit about life balance and taking time off from poker. I was wondering with your normal routine, how many hands a week / month do you try to play? How are you structuring your daily schedule?

July 4, 2020 | 8:46 p.m.

This is a very common spot and with snowie, it has JJ for 100bb as -7.16 EV vs a 5 bet jam, so even higher -EV being deeper. I did put in a range of [A5s-A4s, AKo+, AQs+, 99+] for btn 5 bet shove range, just under 5% of hands and JJ has 51% equity against this range, so makes it a easy call. If you take out 99 and A5s-A4s from range the equity drops to 44%. Guess it becomes pretty close at this point. I think on lower stakes, where players are not 5 bet jamming very often at all unless AK+ QQ+ I think JJ becomes an easy fold.

What do you think about flatting the 3 bet and playing more post flop with JJ and TT in your range? Do you think that is lower EV then 4 betting? I was thinking on decent flops like 964, can get a lot of value from the AXs region or 77, 88, TT hands btn will have, but might not have against your 4 bet range.

Time stamp 33:30

July 4, 2020 | 8:39 p.m.

Just wondering if flat calling the 3 bet with JJ and getting a decent flop, then just playing an over pair aggressively (similar to a recreational style) is best as person will end up with a lot of middling hands like 98s and flop will put him in some tough spots on some 964 boards. What are your thoughts on this?

July 4, 2020 | 8 p.m.

What range would you recommend 4 betting here? Also this player is definitely 3 betting way more than 13% here. I would imagine he was 3betting my CO opens 60-75% of the time, so super wide range, creating a lot of dead money I guess.

Snowie seems to only be 4 betting TT+, AK+ & A2s, then a tiny frequency of 99-66 and ATo. I think our 4 bet range should be much wider than this given the 3 bet frequency. I think mixing in some K8s-K2s, A lot of A9s-A2s would be good 4 bet candidates. Is this bad thinking?

July 4, 2020 | 7:59 p.m.

Patrick Cronin I don't remember the time stamp, but plugged your Jc4c hand into Snowie for SB limp and facing a 3.5x raise vs the BB. Snowie is showing J7s-J2s as pure folds. Doesn't appear to have much of a limp raising range. Snowie has BB raising the following range:

Then SB limp and facing a 3.5bb raise reaction. In the game you did a limp raise with J4s. Are you just mixing low AXs, KXs, QXs, & JXs then low SCs, 1 gap SCs into a limp raising range for a polar strategy?

I was thinking being oop we should be linear here, but I really have no idea. Can you provide a concept, theory, or rule of thumb behind a limp raising strategy oop? What am I trying to accomplish here?

July 4, 2020 | 7:53 p.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Varying Bet Sizing

In the past, it seems like the thinking was more based around FE, and
using larger sizings in EP to discourage players calling IP.

I think in the past it was based on you have your strongest range from EP, so you want more value from your strong range.

July 4, 2020 | 7:35 p.m.

He ended up having Jc9c, which was pretty shocking. I guess vpip was not accurate because of small sample. After this hand I saw him raising A4o in MP, so he ended up being an aggro fish pretty much. Unfortunately I only played with him another 15min before I ended my session. I really thought he had JJ here myself, but don't want to fold the river, especially holding AxKs in my hand. Maybe I can fold without a spade?

July 4, 2020 | 6:12 a.m.

Post | RunItTw1ce posted in NLHE: 4 bet folding JJ co vs btn?

Spot I got into today that I ended up folding.

hero co Open 2.5,
btn 7.5,
hero 23,
btn jams.

Btn is a super aggro player who has basically 3 bet me every time i've opened and i've been mixing in 4 bets and calls vs him. He tends to cbet 1/3 and then check back turn even with top pair. Then River I don't have a large sample, but called my river bluff with TPWK once and another time Idk what he had, but I won the pot. I wanna say he called me ace high, but maybe he had a pair that checked back on T7248.

Snowie is 4 betting TT+ AK+ here and then calling off QQ+ AKs. I am wondering if 4 betting JJ and TT here is better than flatting the 3 bet? I guess people can call 4 bet and fold flop quite a bit... I am not sure what the EV is with JJ & TT hands. What hands are you 4 bet bluffing here in CO vs someone who 3 bets a lot! on the button?

July 4, 2020 | 6:08 a.m.

100NL six max
UTG is super solid tag player
BTN is unknown, bought in $200 (200bb). Site has person tagged as a "rock" meaning under 20% vpip. Have no other info.

UTG ($156) $3
MP folds
Hero ($120) AhKs $9
Btn cold calls
UTG calls

Flop ($28.5) Kc Js 2s
UTG check
Hero cbet $8.50 (30%)
Btn calls
UTG calls

Turn ($54) Kc Js 2s 9h
Utg check
hero checks (idk if I should bet here)
btn bets $40
Utg folds
Hero ($103) calls $40

River ($134) Kc Js 2s 9h 9s
hero ($63) checks
Btn all in.
Hero AhKs ?

Seems like a standard call blocking some flushes as well, but will they have like KQs here? QQ? AJs? AQs? I'm pretty lost what this person has here. JJ makes the most sense to me as it won't always raise the flop. I don't see any bluffs here, feels like I chop or lose....

July 4, 2020 | 5:18 a.m.

Remember to be happy :)

Best advice! Deserves 10 hearts.

July 4, 2020 | 3:48 a.m.

Comment | RunItTw1ce commented on Varying Bet Sizing

Isn't this completely backwards? It's larger sizings EP and smaller
sizings LP, no?

No, as stated smaller sizing from EP and larger sizing LP as stated. If you watch videos for 500z or even 200z, you'll see them using 2.2bb from UTG / mP and 2.5bb from co/btn.

July 4, 2020 | 1:17 a.m.

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