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No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Topic $ 0 4d 20h ago by Eldora
nl100z 2 pair vs 1 table player by Jeff_ Hand $ 5 47m ago by thezemo
( NL 50 zoom ) KK vs 5b by thewizz Topic $ 10 50m ago by thezemo
Assuming you are a microstakes player (up to NL50), what spots would you review after session? by Wallmonger Topic $ 8 55m ago by thezemo
Holdem Resources - Facing a raise in BB short stacked by Tieifleif Topic $ 1 1h 30m ago by thezemo
Squeeze HUD value by podilatis Topic $ 1 1h 31m ago by thezemo
Spazzy idea Nl10z by piownu Hand $ 2 1h 32m ago by thezemo
Donk overbet NL10z by piownu Hand $ 3 1h 35m ago by thezemo
AK 3 way NL10 by piownu Hand $ 4 10h 37m ago by James Hudson
[10NLZ] Turn barrel with TT? by Barkn Topic $ 4 11h 57m ago by Barkn
[NL10 - 6max] 78s did I play it wrong by RoyOne Topic $ 6 20h 53m ago by James Hudson
[10NLZ] Not an interesting HH, but do you bluff this spot often? by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 8 20h 54m ago by Jeff_
[5nl] AA - Good fold? by pwalker 9 Hand $ 5 20h 56m ago by James Hudson
[NL10 - 6max] T9o did I overfold this one? by RoyOne Topic $ 7 20h 59m ago by James Hudson
zNL5 - 4B Pot BvB by Alison95 Hand $ 8 21h 19m ago by James Hudson
[z16] call or fold OTR? by LLiarrr Hand $ 5 21h 25m ago by James Hudson
[5nl] Getting raised OTR with a straight. Call or Fold? by pwalker 9 Hand $ 5 21h 31m ago by James Hudson
[10NLZ] Do we have a lot of thin value OTR versus two likely fishes? by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 3 21h 36m ago by James Hudson
AK river re-raise by Aceone Hand $ 2 1d 13h ago by Aceone
If you are running badly, what stats would you check to verify whether is it true or not? by Wallmonger Topic $ 16 1d 19h ago by Wallmonger
Study Group/Poker Buddies only 50z + minimum 50nl winners only serious players by TheDunda Topic $ 6 1d 22h ago by TheDunda
TPGK vs Check-raise by Greenpower Topic $ 7 2d 19h ago by FlaXmarZ
poker friends by smlove Topic $ 4 3d ago by smlove
[25NLZ] Here's another spew by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 10 3d 3h ago by Wallmonger
[25NLZ] 3bet pot ip, Was that well played? by ChaoRen123 Hand $ 13 3d 4h ago by Wallmonger
NL 25 - Is there a way to win the hand? by Wallmonger Hand $ 5 3d 11h ago by Samu Patronen
[NL16z] AK TPTK in Blindwar by weltcheftrainer Hand $ 5 3d 20h ago by wesdaco
How to interpret winrate facing a 3bet? by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 12 3d 21h ago by JackPozzi
[HELP] How to maximally exploit my database and stats? Redline is dropping, need to fix a lot of leaks... by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 8 5d 9h ago by RegSam
[10NLZ] Facing 1/3rd donk OTR versus unknown by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 0 5d 12h ago by ChaoRen123
[10NLZ] Tight regular and nonsense line: missed a snap call OTR? by ChaoRen123 Topic $ 0 5d 12h ago by ChaoRen123
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