No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 11 20d 20h ago by Jessie Barbin
25NL: KK from BB, 3B MP OR, Paired Flop by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 1 7m ago by Jeff_
Official (Odb_BlackBaron) StreamR Thread on RIO Poker by BackFromDagobah Topic $ 2 24m ago by BackFromDagobah
New here, feel completely outclassed at micros - good starting point? by aWakening2019 Topic $ 5 1h 4m ago by Samu Patronen
3 Barrel Value or XC River? by joeeey Hand $ 4 1h 14m ago by belrio42
Called 3bet preflop question by e-mal Topic $ 4 1h 23m ago by Jeff_
Help with graph and stats by buninader Topic $ 2 1h 39m ago by Jeff_
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25NL: 3bp MW-pot with AQo. Should I bet flop MW? by Anton N Topic $ 5 2h 47m ago by Jeff_
nl100z line check 3b pot by Jeff_ Hand $ 0 3h 5m ago by Jeff_
nl100z mid pair vs nit by Jeff_ Hand $ 7 3h 12m ago by Jeff_
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x by sunshine98 Topic $ 8 9h 58m ago by twinskat
25NL: AA 3X OR EP vs BB Call by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 11 15h 2m ago by HawksWin
25NLz 3bet pot by PrankCallRiver Topic $ 4 1d ago by PrankCallRiver
NL5 FR - KK 4b pot vs weak reg with nitty tendencies by jp_carvalho Hand $ 4 1d 5h ago by akissv7
2pair vs over bet all in by matiko09 Topic $ 4 1d 6h ago by akissv7
NL2- Do they call with anything worse on this river? by GeoPur Hand $ 1 1d 23h ago by akissv7
25NL: Been adding block bets to my game, is this a good spot? by Anton N Topic $ 12 2d 4h ago by Anton N
25NL: 3bp with KQo BTN vs MP by Anton N Topic $ 4 2d 5h ago by Anton N
nl100z unknown 2 tabler barreling by Jeff_ Hand $ 1 2d 11h ago by belrio42
Study group? by heine100 Topic $ 14 2d 17h ago by HawksWin
Microstake study group by seeeb Topic $ 0 2d 22h ago by seeeb
NL2- Tough spot with KK by GeoPur Hand $ 2 2d 23h ago by akissv7
50NL - Shove river? by sunshine98 Topic $ 6 2d 23h ago by PrankCallRiver
[50NLz] 4 Betting a 3 bet min raiser with JJ by akissv7 Topic $ 5 3d ago by belrio42
AA - Curious on all streets by Asdfghjkl1 Hand $ 5 3d 2h ago by Jeff_
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Preflop spot: shove or 3-bet small? by belrio42 Hand $ 3 3d 2h ago by Jeff_
25NL: 4bp with JJ by Anton N Topic $ 3 3d 5h ago by akissv7
nl100z AA will get cracked or not?(2) by Jeff_ Hand $ 7 3d 9h ago by Darren Wee
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