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Exploiting Regs - Any thoughts on identifying tendencies to take advantage of with Regs you run into often? by Mittens Topic $ 3 4d ago by Shaun Pauwels
Returning to Poker - Trying to Identify Leaks after first 12k hands by Mittens Topic $ 1 16d 6h ago by Shaun Pauwels
Setting Up GTO+ to Review Situations by Mittens Topic $ 4 16d 22h ago by Mittens
Need Help Solving for Stake Based On Hourly by Gino Song Topic $ 3 18d 1h ago by Shaun Pauwels
Question about AKQ game in Gelfond beginner course by weltcheftrainer Topic $ 2 21d 22h ago by Shaun Pauwels
Struggling on Ignition by NerfVariance Topic $ 4 1m 1d ago by NerfVariance
50NL 4bet pot river spot do not know what to do by LaMenteMaestra Topic $ 2 1m 8d ago by LaMenteMaestra
Losing my mind! PokerBros is rigged beyond belief by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 49 1m 18d ago by RunItTw1ce
Playing off suit broadways preflop by tbeckett Topic $ 4 1m 26d ago by Alexandra Fagaras
Solvers by POSHLOST69 Topic $ 0 2m 12d ago by POSHLOST69
bluff catching river by skillo23 Topic $ 0 2m 13d ago by skillo23
Bovada 200 Zone by Garrett Utt Topic $ 0 2m 13d ago by Garrett Utt
Wanting to play loads of hands preflop by tbeckett Topic $ 1 2m 21d ago by erickgoni
622r Heads Up 3-bet pot by GMjunior Topic $ 0 3m 4d ago by GMjunior
Bizzare Solver Strategy by cparks Topic $ 1 3m 7d ago by cparks
Bluffing on the river by tbeckett Topic $ 3 3m 13d ago by ApexPredator
What's pt4 4b+ after raising supposed to be? by kingofnaps Topic $ 0 3m 18d ago by kingofnaps
Ways to practice aside from live/online? by WaveRunner Topic $ 2 3m 24d ago by ash190
Video removed? by Trinity Topic $ 6 4m 3d ago by Eldora
Looking for study partner EU (currently $10NL) by daviusminimus Topic $ 3 4m 12d ago by Nataku04
Trying to understand a hand played by a top player by tbeckett Topic $ 8 4m 28d ago by ash190
Rake Per Hour at NL100 Zoom by Neverforget Topic $ 2 5m 3d ago by pokerBoi
Poker journey by TRUEPOWER Topic $ 17 5m 3d ago by TRUEPOWER
Calling 4bets with jj-88 by tbeckett Topic $ 1 5m 13d ago by Shadowfax
Anyone play ontario online games? by MichealJMurphy Topic $ 3 5m 22d ago by TRUEPOWER
Preflop Ranges by froggypoker Topic $ 9 5m 22d ago by AaronJ89
Tips to improve my game by aramanha Topic $ 1 6m 1d ago by Trinity
Recommended Poker software by BlackDespair Topic $ 9 6m 4d ago by EthanParkerXO
Need an advice by Pokersong Topic $ 2 6m 7d ago by ash190
How to download my From the ground up preflop charts? by Dman1486 Topic $ 1 6m 15d ago by Ubersantas
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