No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Best Online Poker Platform by orion247 Topic $ 5 2d 1h ago by Jason Wells
Pokertracker4 on stars zoom by blockm22 Topic $ 1 5d 11h ago by RaoulFlush
Not sure about this all in with flush draw 5/10 6max by blockm22 Topic $ 2 5d 14h ago by blockm22
Terrible redline, bluffing, being called and 4 hands from nl10 by rosaaa Topic $ 7 6d 5h ago by HawksWin
How do I post a hand? by JonathanPla Topic $ 1 7d 15h ago by RaoulFlush
Looking for micro/low stakes players who need poker friends to talk poker on discord by timeGambler Topic $ 5 7d 20h ago by jpurcell43
Preflop NL25-50 charts by FinalVersion Topic $ 5 8d 10h ago by Claret N Blue
Beginning my journey by StunZ Topic $ 1 8d 23h ago by TPLancaster
Are there more videos like "Essential nl pro vs pro" series? by timeGambler Topic $ 3 13d 18h ago by i-hate-soup
ShortStack Poker Club by BigRisky Topic $ 0 15d ago by BigRisky
AK in a 3 pot. All in on flop? 5/10 by blockm22 Topic $ 1 16d 2h ago by RaoulFlush
AK Facing a 3 bet oop? by blockm22 Topic $ 2 17d 16h ago by blockm22
NL10 - Over Unknow limp by AlexRiffel Hand $ 0 17d 22h ago by AlexRiffel
Fold Equity definition question by Acesalad Topic $ 2 21d 22h ago by HawksWin
BB vs 4 bet or 4 bet jam at nl10 by rosaaa Topic $ 2 21d 22h ago by HawksWin
Amount of variance in single sessions is crazy by rosaaa Topic $ 3 22d 7h ago by RaoulFlush
Playing 1/2 Live by Guessin11 Topic $ 2 23d 9h ago by Guessin11
What would an optimal preflop strategy look in a very high rake game? by jeckha Topic $ 1 24d 7h ago by RaoulFlush
Teaching poker to your kids? Any negative experiences? by whiteshark Topic $ 2 24d 13h ago by whiteshark
Hand History by Dick Dastardly Topic $ 1 24d 19h ago by i-hate-soup
KK facing PSBs on 742T2 by GiantBuddha Topic $ 8 24d 19h ago by Hawkish
Preflop calling range from SB, SRP? by Hawkish Topic $ 2 24d 19h ago by Hawkish
Is "The Grinder's Manual" by Peter Clarke still relevant? by chrisb5 Topic $ 3 25d 6h ago by Guessin11
Video removed? by Trinity Topic $ 5 1m 10d ago by Trinity
How do I know if other players are betting merged or polarized? by saduser Topic $ 4 1m 14d ago by RaoulFlush
What's the best play here? by Meons Topic $ 8 1m 20d ago by RaoulFlush
Is implied odds still a thing or has that concept changed in recent times? by itemtrader Topic $ 3 1m 21d ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
Starting 6MAX Table HU with 8 hands on Villain by i-hate-soup Topic $ 1 1m 21d ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
What is your bb/100 for the cbet, check, call line in a single raised pot? by ten25 Topic $ 20 1m 26d ago by ten25
Nodelocked Preflop range vs Fish, BVB 3Bet spot. by MOM SAID Topic $ 1 2m ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
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