No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 13 6m 16d ago by James Hudson
was my play good or bad ? based on gto am a big fish btw by med453 Hand $ 3 53m ago by RagingPillow
10 NL: KK, 3BP, BB vs HJ. by Arteus Topic $ 0 2h 20m ago by Arteus
NL10: 3Bet Pot - Flop FD, Turn TP, River Flush by Berge20 Topic $ 1 2h 30m ago by maco
NL10: TPTK w flush coming in by Berge20 Topic $ 3 6h 19m ago by HawksWin
3BP turn SPP into bluff by ULpiano Hand $ 14 8h 21m ago by HawksWin
Raise Turn - shove river SRP by ULpiano Hand $ 5 10h 45m ago by ULpiano
Barreling off 3bp by ULpiano Hand $ 3 11h 53m ago by DNegs98
Study group? by Ivashanko Topic $ 0 16h 48m ago by Ivashanko
Looking for study partners and poker friends by Arteus Topic $ 2 16h 50m ago by Ivashanko
Finally moved up to NL5 by Carlo Moretto Topic $ 2 19h 47m ago by GTO Warrior
10 NL: BvB 3b pot with KK overpair on wet board by Arteus Topic $ 4 1d 5h ago by Arteus
QQ bet river? by Carlo Moretto Topic $ 9 1d 5h ago by RagingPillow
2NL Zoom - 2pair vs turn check raise by Bartello82 Hand $ 2 1d 6h ago by HawksWin
50NL 3barrel spot good? by LaMenteMaestra Topic $ 8 1d 8h ago by LaMenteMaestra
AA 3bet pot facing river bet by Carlo Moretto Topic $ 7 1d 20h ago by GTO Warrior
Your account is temporarily locked. If you feel like this is a mistake, please contact us. Otherwise, please come back later. by med453 Topic $ 0 2d 6h ago by med453
Gto by Brucehero Topic $ 5 2d 8h ago by GTO Warrior
basic questions by Brucehero Topic $ 4 2d 9h ago by sjfraley1975
Gameplan T y R 3BP by ULpiano Hand $ 1 3d 8h ago by RaoulFlush
SRP CIB flop Shove turn by ULpiano Hand $ 1 3d 8h ago by RaoulFlush
Fold - Flop, Turn, or River by RagingPillow Hand $ 9 3d 17h ago by DNegs98
Range checking on which boards by Sjankerd Hand $ 5 3d 19h ago by RagingPillow
nl5 zoom, set on bad flop facing ugly turn action: When do we fold? by KillEV Hand $ 8 4d ago by GTO Warrior
Call/Fold/4bet decision is not an obvious one for me by RagingPillow Hand $ 2 4d 14h ago by maco
Bet Sizing: Last one for tonight I promise by RagingPillow Hand $ 3 5d 9h ago by RagingPillow
NL25 Zoom Equiv on ACR by Berge20 Topic $ 2 5d 10h ago by Berge20
NL 50: Solid Bluff Candidate? by RagingPillow Hand $ 4 5d 13h ago by RaoulFlush
NL 50: Questionable Cbet by RagingPillow Hand $ 3 5d 15h ago by maco
Range c-betting in SRPs: 1/3 or multi-size strategy? by whiteshark Topic $ 5 5d 18h ago by whiteshark
10 NL: JJ Cold 4-Bet Spot by Arteus Topic $ 2 6d 7h ago by Arteus
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