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No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Crazy cash games by Cnrhoden Topic $ 2 25m ago by belrio42
2 pair utg vs Co by fidelinos Hand $ 3 3h 30m ago by mariopork
99 Vs Linear 3b pot IPO by Archer1066 Hand $ 3 6h 38m ago by Bingo 123
HH hero callish by simonfrost681 Topic $ 3 7h 39m ago by phrikshin
4NL - Trips on flop - Line/analysis check by MinimalMan Topic $ 1 9h 54m ago by simonfrost681
HH scare cards by simonfrost681 Topic $ 0 10h 13m ago by simonfrost681
NL5 3betpot Turnspot by isnurgeld Hand $ 3 15h 17m ago by fidelinos
Nl 50z - Two Pair vavlue shove river? by Jan Hand $ 2 15h 46m ago by Jeff_
NL 50z - AKs 3 streets? by Jan Hand $ 2 15h 51m ago by Jeff_
NL100. 3B pott v reg. Turn decision and which size? by jonte89 Hand $ 5 1d 15h ago by Samu Patronen
HH- HAZAAAAA! :) feel good hand...then bad...then I don't know by simonfrost681 Topic $ 1 1d 22h ago by akissv7
How bad am I for calling this river? by sunshine98 Topic $ 4 1d 22h ago by akissv7
AK - Exploit Fold TPTK? by Archer1066 Hand $ 5 1d 22h ago by akissv7
Yay or nay on 4betting this hand? by Seed2Shade Hand $ 3 1d 22h ago by akissv7
NL200. 3B pott. Overbluffing river v reg. by jonte89 Hand $ 3 2d 17h ago by Samu Patronen
QTs call or fold vs C/R? by Archer1066 Hand $ 2 2d 21h ago by Samu Patronen
HH interesting hand by simonfrost681 Topic $ 17 3d 12h ago by simonfrost681
Just for fun ! by fidelinos Hand $ 8 3d 18h ago by fidelinos
BBcallBTN - solver folds 52% to Cbet by Meliodas Topic $ 5 5d 10h ago by Holonomy
Excel translating Flops by MRBMR Topic $ 1 6d 6h ago by simonfrost681
Very low WWSF in 6max winning at NL10/25 regardless by Puma1 Topic $ 8 6d 9h ago by simonfrost681
[5nl FR] KK 3bp vs passive player (Postflop af 0.9, 28 hands) by jp_carvalho Hand $ 6 6d 10h ago by jp_carvalho
HH AK or AA? by simonfrost681 Topic $ 4 6d 11h ago by simonfrost681
5NL Tight Preflop Fold Deep Stacked by phrikshin Hand $ 3 6d 17h ago by Samu Patronen
Too Many Questions by Zachary Larson Topic $ 3 6d 17h ago by Samu Patronen
nl100z call/fold? by Jeff_ Hand $ 6 6d 20h ago by Jeff_
220BB deep. JJ facing turn PSB in 3bet pot. by Seed2Shade Hand $ 8 7d 17h ago by HugO
NL5 AKo in 4betpot by isnurgeld Hand $ 4 7d 22h ago by belrio42
"GTO PREFLOP RANGE" by SikBluffBruh Topic $ 42 8d 1h ago by simonfrost681
HH ak fold, too weak? by simonfrost681 Topic $ 3 9d 9h ago by simonfrost681
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