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No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Turn hand into bluff?? by ULpiano Hand $ 2 1h 25m ago by ULpiano
NL16z A9s by dm0sky Hand $ 3 9h 11m ago by RaoulFlush
Folding a full house on the river 200NL anonymous 163bb deep. by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 23 14h 54m ago by GTO Warrior
AKo IP vs cold 4bet by Bartello82 Hand $ 2 16h 44m ago by GTO Warrior
zoom and swings micros by rosaaa Topic $ 10 1d 4h ago by rosaaa
Lucid GTO/Poker Scientist vs GTO+ by Ronnymacdonald Topic $ 24 1d 4h ago by dungdh13
3Betting 8BB Open-Raise with AK PF by poker_bro Topic $ 3 1d 5h ago by HawksWin
10z: AQo UTG vs MP+BB Calls (2bp) - River Shove OOP by ModernGrinder Topic $ 11 1d 9h ago by ModernGrinder
10z: A Free Lesson For Maco by ModernGrinder Topic $ 9 1d 9h ago by ModernGrinder
Most efficient way of improving at this game and tips you would give yourself early in journey? by Darn91 Topic $ 6 1d 11h ago by ModernGrinder
10z: Hero Calling MW PF AI w/ AKs - ROYAL FLUSH by ModernGrinder Topic $ 5 1d 19h ago by HawksWin
River action in limped pot by Bartello82 Hand $ 5 2d 2h ago by HawksWin
NL10z. Cold 4B from SB, Postflop action by fish trying to improve Hand $ 10 2d 2h ago by HawksWin
4Betting JJ vs. LAG (what he will possibly have?) by poker_bro Topic $ 1 2d 2h ago by HawksWin
AKo and 4 bet jam 100bb 6 max by rosaaa Topic $ 2 2d 2h ago by HawksWin
50NL 3bet pot river shove correct? by LaMenteMaestra Topic $ 5 2d 6h ago by LaMenteMaestra
10z: The Four Ladies by ModernGrinder Topic $ 2 2d 8h ago by maco
Nutted FD IP vs EP raise but took a passive line by FloppyFlippy Hand $ 2 3d 6h ago by FloppyFlippy
10nl Zoom JJ - SB vs BTN 4-bet - Ideal line against population? by Darn91 Topic $ 3 3d 7h ago by GTO Warrior
NL16 Q8s by dm0sky Hand $ 2 4d 5h ago by dm0sky
2Z - Bottom set MW vs river donk shove by Bartello82 Hand $ 3 4d 11h ago by ModernGrinder
50z QQ 4bpt by Luke Hand $ 3 4d 21h ago by GTO Warrior
10z: Two Pretty Cold Coolers by ModernGrinder Topic $ 3 4d 21h ago by GTO Warrior
Bet sizing for nutted FD OTF multiway IP by FloppyFlippy Hand $ 4 5d 8h ago by FloppyFlippy
Delayed CB OOP in 3bp by ULpiano Hand $ 4 5d 11h ago by RaoulFlush
Real vs Solver by Sjankerd Hand $ 5 6d 3h ago by Sjankerd
3bet Range Construction Question by John Doe Topic $ 4 6d 3h ago by HawksWin
Middling set in a squeezed pot 10nl zoom by FloppyFlippy Hand $ 7 8d 10h ago by RaoulFlush
Some hands from session. by Spencey91 Topic $ 2 8d 14h ago by Spencey91
10z: AJs BvB 3B Pot, Flop NutFlush by ModernGrinder Topic $ 11 8d 22h ago by maco
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