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River Bluff Size - BBvCO 3BP BXB line by MOM SAID Topic $ 2 6h 21m ago by HawksWin
Kinda Gross Spot. Faced big raise OTR, hero with trash full house? by MOM SAID Topic $ 2 6h 24m ago by HawksWin
3b pot , river dacision , 2 pairs by MartiniTSW Topic $ 2 6h 31m ago by HawksWin
4Bet/Flat/Jam ? Faced 3bet from IP and BB CC, hero with JJ? by MOM SAID Topic $ 8 23h 31m ago by heytheremate
25 NL: 3BP OOP FACING ALL IN ON TURN W OVERPAIR by Arteus Topic $ 7 1d ago by Adrian Milroy
Can someone recommend good videos for NL25ish stakes that are not overly focused on GTO? by namredire Topic $ 1 2d 10h ago by heytheremate
Specific question about HM3 4bet HUD Stat by Arteus Topic $ 3 3d ago by HawksWin
Zoom 5NL Challenge by NeverFlameOfc Topic $ 1 4d 1h ago by whiteshark
How to enter rakeback in HM3 by whiteshark Topic $ 2 4d 17h ago by whiteshark
Need help when using hm2 hud by ronneycui Topic $ 0 4d 18h ago by ronneycui
How to use nodelock feature more efficiently. by MOM SAID Topic $ 1 5d 17h ago by HawksWin
how in the hell do you keep redline going up or keep it at 0? by rosaaa Topic $ 4 7d 14h ago by Jeff_
Missed Value Spot? by MOM SAID Topic $ 6 7d 14h ago by Jeff_
ACR beast leader board. by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 5 10d 4h ago by ten25
BB/100 on the blinds - Winning Reg by Lipolol Topic $ 13 11d 12h ago by RaoulFlush
Free RNG Software by Lipolol Topic $ 2 12d 17h ago by Lipolol
Tough river spot with top pair top kicker, or easy fold? by nutsalltimes Topic $ 9 13d 6h ago by Robbiish
10NL : Punt Call? vs 1.5x pot jam 4BP by MOM SAID Hand $ 4 14d 5h ago by MOM SAID
25NL Thin Value Bet on River, To thin? by mitch1991 Topic $ 4 14d 7h ago by Robbiish
25NL: SB vs BU 3bp with KQs by Arteus Topic $ 5 14d 22h ago by Qing Yang
50z BvB stab size by Luke Hand $ 4 16d 5h ago by Luke
50z JJ 3bp by Luke Hand $ 3 16d 6h ago by TPLancaster
25NL: JJ in big MW 3BP by Arteus Topic $ 4 16d 16h ago by Qing Yang
how to play against a small 3 bet sizing OOP and big IP by rosaaa Topic $ 3 18d 23h ago by sjfraley1975
question about the book<Application of NLHD>by mathew janada by 19984625531 Topic $ 0 20d 7h ago by 19984625531
How do you make use of solvers to improve your game? by heytheremate Topic $ 4 20d 16h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
25NL - Should we ever be folding NF vs River x/r All in on paired board? by mitch1991 Topic $ 4 20d 19h ago by HawksWin
Really Simple Question on Pot Odds by Nick Celsius Topic $ 2 24d 13h ago by Nick Celsius
JJ 3b pot OOP by MartiniTSW Topic $ 2 25d 14h ago by heytheremate
MPvEP 3b pot by MartiniTSW Topic $ 1 26d 2h ago by RaoulFlush
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