No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

50NL A9s broke preflop by Trinity Hand $ 0 19h 45m ago by Trinity
Polarized Flop Betting by TiltedPrimate Topic $ 3 20h 6m ago by Trinity
JJ in BB facing raise + 3bet by ChunkyMonkey Hand $ 7 20h 31m ago by Trinity
New microstakes cash discord! by Ivashanko Topic $ 0 2d 6h ago by Ivashanko
Merged Flop Raising by Jalo Topic $ 6 2d 22h ago by HawksWin
Effect of rake on preflop ranges by ajaapba1 Topic $ 8 2d 23h ago by João Guimarães
NL5 BBvUTG 3bp Turn Play by Olamegusta Topic $ 6 2d 23h ago by Jeff_
Help me with a toy game - Impossible rake by João Guimarães Topic $ 15 3d 16h ago by Steve Paul
AJo from the BU - call BB's 3bet. by yehudi Hand $ 2 6d 8h ago by bumblebtuna
Question about flop sizing AJ2r vs KJ2r by Ismallah1 Topic $ 14 6d 19h ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
NL 5z. Getting value. by pokernemo10 Hand $ 4 12d ago by emsterdad
Flopped set in position on wtish board multiway. Get it in on the flop or call to keep sb in hand and keep UTG betting OTT? What to do OTT? by kaiefanten Hand $ 3 14d 14h ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
10NLz - Flopped Nutflush with 2 overs multiway. Is this a call OTF? As played do we shove OTT? by kaiefanten Hand $ 4 14d 18h ago by kaiefanten
Video removed? by Trinity Topic $ 1 15d 2h ago by RaoulFlush
1/3 range in every single SRP vs regs at NL100 by Lood111 Topic $ 8 17d 1h ago by Shadowfax
50NL - TPTK - Hero w/ 3b pre in SB vs UTG and BB cold call - Turn check by ifoldedkkpreonce Topic $ 12 17d 1h ago by Shadowfax
NL 2z. How would you get value in this spot? by pokernemo10 Hand $ 1 20d 10h ago by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD
Open raise with 2.5 or 3, good article? by emsterdad Topic $ 8 20d 18h ago by Trinity
NL 2z SQZ pot by pokernemo10 Hand $ 4 20d 20h ago by HawksWin
Things I wish I knew (BrPC Poker Team) by Max Lacerda Topic $ 5 20d 20h ago by nutsalltimes
Another gap in my understanding about rake by emsterdad Topic $ 5 23d 12h ago by HawksWin
What sizes do you open from different positions? by darren2607 Topic $ 20 24d 3h ago by emsterdad
Preflop sizing and variance by Dr. Maximilious Exploitopoulos MD Topic $ 2 25d ago by TPLancaster
How to get the most out of aggregate GTO reports by SwedeRaz Topic $ 9 25d 16h ago by HawksWin
AA crushed? by emsterdad Topic $ 6 26d 9h ago by HawksWin
[NL2] PF 3bet with A9s vs underfolding villain by yehudi Hand $ 4 26d 9h ago by HawksWin
[NL2] AJs w/ TP on the flop, facing big river bet by yehudi Hand $ 4 26d 10h ago by HawksWin
SB vs BB by emsterdad Topic $ 7 26d 10h ago by HawksWin
SB 3B vs BU by pokernemo10 Topic $ 2 26d 10h ago by HawksWin
Study group 10NL-25NL by SwedeRaz Topic $ 3 27d 23h ago by SMWx
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