No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

10NL - 3bet Pot oop by Bartello82 Hand $ 8 22m ago by RaoulFlush
nl5: Facing triple barrel by kentbro1990 Hand $ 1 33m ago by RaoulFlush
10NL - KK 4bet Pot OOP by Bartello82 Hand $ 6 38m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
100NL pair + FD missed turning hand into a bluff by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 3 47m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
New player looking for a US site to play on. by benjirolove Topic $ 0 2h 41m ago by benjirolove
nl5: Facing river raise by kentbro1990 Hand $ 1 5h 50m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
nl5: Facing river raise by kentbro1990 Hand $ 1 5h 53m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
nl5: Facing river minraise by kentbro1990 Hand $ 1 5h 55m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Calculating equity in split spot scenarios by A94859 Topic $ 1 6h 34m ago by A94859
Leaking in 10-60bb pots. by MatoStar Topic $ 3 7h 24m ago by Dan Self
Building ranges by Wyvern Topic $ 2 7h 30m ago by Dan Self
10NL, facing minraise on flop. I just - didn't have a thought process from then forward by CrappyTimeSlot Hand $ 1 9h 38m ago by RaoulFlush
NL30, QTs, I feel like I set myself up to play awkwardly here. by CrappyTimeSlot Hand $ 5 14h 55m ago by CrappyTimeSlot
nl5: HJvsSB AK for stacks? by kentbro1990 Hand $ 4 20h 59m ago by RaoulFlush
3 betting / 4 betting when deep by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 10 1d 2h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
nl5: EPvsBTN AK for stacks pre ? by kentbro1990 Hand $ 1 1d 4h ago by Dan Self
x/f twopair vs a fish?! by MatoStar Hand $ 2 1d 9h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
In hand thought process.... by D94ccm Topic $ 7 1d 9h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Fish isoraising betsize by new_fish Topic $ 5 1d 10h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
How to play limped pots in micro stakes? by HaAbDe Topic $ 3 1d 17h ago by Eurocrat
25NL - Line Check - Does it Makes Sense to Triple Barrel this Spot? by XIXDANMANXIX Topic $ 3 1d 19h ago by XIXDANMANXIX
understanding EV + BB defense. by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 3 1d 19h ago by MatoStar
HAND by blacknegro Hand $ 1 1d 22h ago by RaoulFlush
Playing MP MW by RaoulFlush Hand $ 4 2d 5h ago by Dan Self
Is squeezing SCs from the blinds a thing? by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 4 2d 5h ago by DeerNBeer
KK SQZ pot got action from 3 players OTF by MatoStar Hand $ 5 2d 11h ago by RaoulFlush
Defending whide vs aggression (NL25) by RaoulFlush Hand $ 3 3d 4h ago by Dan Self
Meh blockers for herocalling by RaoulFlush Hand $ 2 3d 9h ago by RaoulFlush
Potential spew at 5nlz by Sneker314 Hand $ 4 3d 13h ago by DeerNBeer
10NL - Flatted 3bet IP by Bartello82 Hand $ 5 3d 20h ago by Jeff_
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