No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

Defending 3bets OOP - semi tough spot by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 5 14h 59m ago by HawksWin
Limping/continuation betting by Murph1969 Topic $ 3 15h 14m ago by HawksWin
1010 3B pot Bet/Bet/AI by MartiniTSW Topic $ 1 1d ago by GTO Warrior
Starting study group to study with H2N 25nl+ by Poisson4094 Topic $ 0 1d 16h ago by Poisson4094
Check-Raising OOP after Range Check: Range Construction? by whiteshark Topic $ 5 2d 1h ago by Brett Banks
1/2 live, straddled pot cbet decision by afiguy357 Topic $ 1 2d 8h ago by RaoulFlush
help pt4 by Brucehero Topic $ 3 2d 15h ago by HawksWin
Range Construction on the flop from Solver Output by Henry Henry Topic $ 3 4d ago by Henry Henry
Is this always spew? by needtolearn1 Topic $ 2 7d 7h ago by GTO Warrior
oop vs nit 3b nl50 by Luke Topic $ 1 7d 7h ago by GTO Warrior
Warning to everyone playing on Party by pplayer85 Topic $ 4 7d 14h ago by fishcheckmate
What bet sizing in this flop spot? by Bytien Topic $ 9 8d 10h ago by CrappyTimeSlot
Question for People Playing NL5 & 10 on GG by SpankoPita22 Topic $ 14 9d 3h ago by HawksWin
KJo BB vs BU by ezzieweb Hand $ 12 10d 3h ago by Bartello82
Overfolding to 3 Bets in Fast Fold Games? by SpankoPita22 Topic $ 7 11d 2h ago by SpankoPita22
Solver Question Re Combos Differing Actions. by runningaces1 Topic $ 13 12d 19h ago by HawksWin
NL16z QQ by dm0sky Hand $ 5 17d 18h ago by GTO Warrior
should i bet/fold my tptk in 4bp? by zerocool Topic $ 4 17d 19h ago by GTO Warrior
blind vs blind 4bet pot by Akame Topic $ 3 17d 20h ago by ezzieweb
how to win in this game? micros, rant by rosaaa Topic $ 11 17d 22h ago by Lane2207
Pokerstars or Partypoker? by ezzieweb Topic $ 2 20d 19h ago by ezzieweb
NL16z K9s by dm0sky Hand $ 4 21d 21h ago by HawksWin
multiway pot,am i playing right OTR? by 19984625531 Topic $ 3 26d 1h ago by HawksWin
How can I semplify PF ranges without any major blunder? by HeavyMask Topic $ 8 26d 11h ago by MeredithRachel
New German Online Gambling Regulations ("Gl├╝cksspielstaatsvertrag") by whiteshark Topic $ 11 1m ago by whiteshark
Help with Holdem Manager 3 ( limp re-raise filter for cash ) by Matt G Topic $ 3 1m 4d ago by HawksWin
3BP OOP as caller - weird line postflop by ULpiano Hand $ 11 1m 4d ago by HawksWin
delayed C-bet by Akame Topic $ 5 1m 5d ago by HawksWin
Top set on a dry board by Akame Topic $ 3 1m 7d ago by HawksWin
[Theory] High equity turns for c-bettor: Large size or small size? by whiteshark Topic $ 5 1m 8d ago by Robbiish
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