No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

30NL,villian bet 2 into 100pot by 19984625531 Topic $ 5 1h 48m ago by RaoulFlush
truth about micros and all these 'crushers' you see on internet by rosaaa Topic $ 5 7h 5m ago by rosaaa
Where to start for 5NL + 25NL Zone on Ignition? by SquatPraxis Topic $ 18 16h 41m ago by HawksWin
Float Bet Sizing on the Flop by SW6 Topic $ 4 19h 16m ago by SW6
Hero AKs on SB vs UTG limper villan question(micro) by INANI Topic $ 2 20h 52m ago by INANI
[Theory] Hand strength vs. blockers when defending versus bets in different types of spots by whiteshark Topic $ 6 1d 8h ago by Soda
Is there software to project notes live on screen during a session (site does not allow tracking software) by braakspatel Topic $ 2 2d 11h ago by braakspatel
NL25z AKs by dm0sky Hand $ 5 2d 11h ago by GTO Warrior
playing deep by Sjankerd Hand $ 0 2d 15h ago by Sjankerd
BBvBU SRP facing 3barrels by ULpiano Hand $ 3 2d 22h ago by ULpiano
3b sizing by rosaaa Topic $ 13 3d 20h ago by RaoulFlush
Good in theory bad in practice? by ULpiano Hand $ 3 4d 11h ago by Brokenstars
Could someone run a very, very, very simple solve for me? by nanithefrick Topic $ 2 4d 15h ago by nanithefrick
Adjusting to Tighter RFI Survey by GTO Warrior Topic $ 1 4d 17h ago by HawksWin
NL25z Turning JJ into a bluff? by whiteshark Hand $ 3 4d 17h ago by GTO Warrior
why these call/fold frequencies are so different? by rosaaa Topic $ 5 5d 1h ago by fishcheckmate
AQ top pair oop 25nlz by Bytien Hand $ 3 5d 3h ago by RaoulFlush
Confusion between different GTO solutions by SpankoPita22 Topic $ 7 5d 12h ago by Uppie_
Cash Game Study Group - looking for new member (core: 50NL) by dan-cre Topic $ 0 5d 19h ago by dan-cre
NL25z I try to exploit an aggro reg by whiteshark Topic $ 7 6d 16h ago by HawksWin
NL25z bet/overbet/overbet line by whiteshark Topic $ 11 8d 8h ago by Robbiish
NL25 - What do we do on this flop? by sunshine98 Topic $ 5 8d 12h ago by TheCheddarman1
Combating Limping in 2021 by GTO Warrior Topic $ 5 9d 11h ago by Brett Banks
NL25z T8s by dm0sky Hand $ 6 9d 18h ago by HawksWin
is it really better to play tight vs loose passive? (preflop) by GTO Warrior Topic $ 13 9d 21h ago by sjfraley1975
heads up hand question by INANI Topic $ 5 10d 18h ago by RaoulFlush
GTO wizard preflop ranges concerns by SpankoPita22 Topic $ 8 11d 15h ago by SpankoPita22
Best Background / Felt Color for ACR by RunItTw1ce Topic $ 6 12d 4h ago by RunItTw1ce
exploit by c-betting nl10 by rosaaa Topic $ 5 13d 20h ago by DNegs98
Playing Against Solutions for Free? by SpankoPita22 Topic $ 3 14d 19h ago by SpankoPita22
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