50NL 4bet pot river spot do not know what to do

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50NL 4bet pot river spot do not know what to do

So I find it difficult to play the river especially.
So flop is easy 4bet ( I should have 4bet a bit higher to 24bb/25bb preflop), pot I check although the most standard play would have just to be betting myself for 1/4.
As played what do I do on the river as the turn goes check/check and I underrep my hand? I just hope he bluffs off AK? As im not sure if we would bet the river with AQ and I block AQ a bit as well. just a fold on river? but I get the feeling im playing too tight when checkfolding or this is just a never a bluff spot from villain IP even with AKo combo's?

Anybody thinks this is just a standard river call?

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