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How to deal with an extreme downswing? by Throwback Topic Beats & Brags 2 10d 8h ago by Throwback
What's your worst run below EV? by nickski444 Topic Beats & Brags 43 1m ago by Kyyberi
Two Biggest Sessions in Years, Business Owners Break Venmo by Corgi Topic Beats & Brags 0 1m 23d ago by Corgi
2 months rio elite / 1 month 50nlz = 6bb/100 by dizelup Topic Beats & Brags 29 2m 15d ago by adoyal
PLO is sick by CirezD Topic Beats & Brags 2 2m 20d ago by radtupperware
Still on tilt 12 hours later (Disconnected for at least $300 in EV) by Resolve Topic Beats & Brags 4 3m 16d ago by G G
Bad call or?? by Spollie-2d Topic Beats & Brags 0 5m 11d ago by Spollie-2d
45BI Downswing in 21k Hands - yep, it's possible by ethanrox Topic Beats & Brags 21 5m 18d ago by ethanrox
-50bb/100 for 5k hands after 3bb/100 25k hands by ethanrox Topic Beats & Brags 0 5m 22d ago by ethanrox
this post will prob waste your time. But lol by Jackfleming Topic Beats & Brags 4 6m 7d ago by Samu Patronen
NL50 shot & biggest pot of my life lost! by cjfly05 Hand Beats & Brags 5 6m 8d ago by nat2r
Thank You RIO! by CirezD Topic Beats & Brags 1 6m 11d ago by James Hudson
Cumicon's sick HUPLO graph + interview by Quido Topic Beats & Brags 6 7m 3d ago by Dddogkillah
Thank you RIO! by DebtsNBooze Topic Beats & Brags 4 7m 20d ago by Phil Galfond
Huge MTT by TexasFoldUmmm Topic Beats & Brags 3 7m 23d ago by TexasFoldUmmm
funny little cooler for you to enjoy by zinom1 Hand Beats & Brags 0 8m 8d ago by zinom1
good decisons by LaCasa15 Topic Beats & Brags 2 8m 10d ago by LaCasa15
Congrats!!!! O8 Bracelet for Phil :-) by Aleksandra ZenFish Topic Beats & Brags 16 8m 13d ago by eurovalve
Ugh.... by Hoothoot Hand Beats & Brags 6 10m 10d ago by Jeff_
nice hand by zinom1 Hand Beats & Brags 6 1y ago by Samu Patronen
group by SorryMom Topic Beats & Brags 3 1y ago by thewhiteyfisk
If you run bad, you cant do anything by Riqu93 Hand Beats & Brags 4 1y 3m ago by ex3ggutor
Transitioning from CG to MTT by ex3ggutor Topic Beats & Brags 0 1y 3m ago by ex3ggutor
Straightflushing in style, sadly running it twice was on by Disharmonist Hand Beats & Brags 4 1y 5m ago by ouch787
Think a perfect played air hand $50NL by Closed Bo0k Topic Beats & Brags 1 1y 6m ago by Ernestas Romeika
50 buyin downswing over about 80k hands by Taiga Topic Beats & Brags 12 1y 8m ago by Quido
Final table of 3 tournaments last night. by flash2717 Topic Beats & Brags 0 1y 8m ago by flash2717
What is the sickest run you ever made?? bb/100 by masticlox Topic Beats & Brags 4 1y 9m ago by Quido
The losers and the breakeveners by MengHao Topic Beats & Brags 0 1y 11m ago by MengHao
The feeling when you evole by M S Topic Beats & Brags 4 1y 11m ago by Matthias Sundby
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