Bluffing on the river

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Bluffing on the river

The hand:

I open button for 2.5bb with 9c8s

BB calls

Pot 5.5 bb

Flop: 7s 6h Kd

I bet 3bb, BB calls

Pot 11.5bb

Turn: 6d

So board now: 7s 6h Kd 6d

BB leads 3bb, I call

Pot 17.5bb

River Qs

Board now: 7s 6h Kd 6d Qs

BB checks

I bet 14bb, BB calls and had K5hh

Was I right to bluff 98 in this spot??? Was my sizing any good??

I'd imagine when I call turn and bet river my value is going to be Kx and AA. I don't think I have a six here, I would also raise sets on the turn. My hands that miss that won't win at showdown are going to be 98,97,45,T8, diamond flush draws. Do I bluff every single hand that misses?? Or do I give up some. My Ax hands and pairs smaller than Kx that I call turn with, I would just check back the river.

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