Wanting to play loads of hands preflop

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Wanting to play loads of hands preflop

When I play poker I just love playing lots of hands. Especially suited hands like connectors. I open everything like 98s but also the suited gappers like 86s 96s. I open them from every position. I also call these hands

Now I was under the impression that the better you got at poker the more hands you play preflop, but recently I've been watching high stakes games on youtube and I was surprised how tight everyone was. The best players folding everything I'm opening and they rarely call opens either. I just don't get it.

Why would they be folding so much. I understand folding crappy off suit hands, but not the suited. You can make straights and flushes, you can semi-bluff opponents off the best hands etc

I really don't get the logic, when I used to watch Ivey or Dwan playing they were opening/calling every hand and taking advantage of nits like Phil Hellmuth. Those guys was making big money and Hellmuth was going broke folding. What changed

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