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April 10, 2020 | 1:25 p.m.

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April 10, 2020 | 7:05 a.m.

Bluffing at 2nl is rare. You need to play fit or fold vs the fish, youll never take them off hands.

You should play tight, and iso huge with value hands, or just limp/fold in many cases with drawing hands. You should play your position for sure, and really do some range work to bring your VPIP low, I'd say sub-20 at this stake.

Your only real bluffs should be cbetting flops (they will fold easily if they have nothing) and maybe the occasional double barrel if you realize your opponent is smart enough to fold out marginal pairs.

If you have the cash, skip 2nl, move up to the next stake.

Also, you should use a HUD if your site allows it.

Nate Williams put together a very good article on the skill difference at these stakes:

Moving From NL2 to NL5: What to Expect

April 10, 2020 | 5:50 a.m.

Hand History | nat2r posted in NLHE: Loose Aggro Players Getting Frisky Pre - QJs
Blinds: $0.02/$0.05 (6 Players) MP: $12.05
CO: $5.00 (Hero)
BN: $4.33
SB: $3.72
BB: $5.64
UTG: $1.91
MP is an extreme LAG, generally is going to have an understanding of player tendencies postflop and put a ton of pressure on them. Preflop he limp backraises, but generally will 100% flat any 3b's to his open. He is an 84/29 with an AF of 2. His 3b% is 7.

BB is a LAG as well, with a 26/21 and 3b'ing 18% making him far more aggro pre than our other villain.
Preflop ($0.07) Hero is CO with J Q
UTG folds, MP raises to $0.15, Hero raises to $0.45, 2 folds, BB raises to $1.70, MP calls $1.55, Hero calls $1.25
Given the villans loose nature, I am going to put a raise in to iso. When I get 4b by a player that is highly aggressive, and villain flats. I am getting 3:1 odds to continue.

Should this be a fold?
Flop ($5.12) T A K
BB bets $3.94 and is all in, MP calls $3.94, Hero calls $3.30 and is all in
I flop the nuts.
Turn ($16.30) T A K 4
River ($16.30) T A K 4 T
Final Pot MP wins and shows two pair, Kings and Tens.
CO wins and shows a straight, Ten to Ace.
BB lost and shows two pair, Queens and Tens.
CO wins $14.27 MP wins $1.21
Rake is $0.82
PFR has K7dd, BB has QQ.

April 10, 2020 | 5:38 a.m.

Hand History | nat2r posted in NLHE: Value Betting River - Too Thin?
Blinds: $0.02/$0.05 (6 Players) BB: $2.24
UTG: $5.17
MP: $3.95
CO: $9.76
BN: $4.68
SB: $4.83 (Hero)
Villain in this hand (button) is a very loose, mildly passive recreational player playing a 53/12, with 0 3bs and 45% CB rate over 154 hands.
Preflop ($0.07) Hero is SB with A K
UTG folds, MP calls $0.05, CO folds, BN calls $0.05, Hero raises to $0.30, BB folds, MP folds, BN calls $0.25
Open slightly larger OOP, MP is 40/20 (5 hands).
Flop ($0.70) 7 2 K
Hero bets $0.55, BN calls $0.55
Turn ($1.80) 7 2 K 6
Hero bets $1.42, BN calls $1.42
River ($4.64) 7 2 K 6 T
Hero bets $2.56 and is all in, BN calls $2.41 and is all in
This is probably the worst card than can come out for me. Completes all draws including KT...but given his stats, hes going to have a ton of offsuit hands here. He's only folding to cbets 25% of the time, so he's tending to call down weak. Thoughts here?
Final Pot BN lost and shows a pair of Kings.
SB wins and shows a pair of Kings.
SB wins $8.99
Rake is $0.47
Villain shows KhJd.

April 10, 2020 | 5:29 a.m.

Hand History | nat2r posted in NLHE: Difficulty Breaking out of the Micros
Blinds: $0.01/$0.02 (6 Players) CO: $2.00
BN: $2.17 (Hero)
SB: $2.24
BB: $1.08
UTG: $0.95
MP: $5.89
Recs in this hands are ATC. Will both fold to a jam but will likely cold call up to 7-8bb opens.
Preflop ($0.03) Hero is BN with T T
UTG calls $0.02, 2 folds, Hero raises to $0.10, SB folds, BB calls $0.08, UTG calls $0.08
I opt for a large sizing knowing that if they both call it will reduce SPR enough for me to get away on bad boards and pile on good ones.
Flop ($0.31) 6 5 6
BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets $2.06, BB calls $0.98 and is all in, UTG folds
As good as a board as any. I am just going to jam here hoping to get called by AK AQ AJ that flat pre, hands like 78o, 79, 77, 88, 99. SPR is low enough and players are poor enough where I can get value from a lot,
Turn ($3.35) 6 5 6 K
River ($3.35) 6 5 6 K 5
Final Pot BN lost and shows two pair, Tens and Sixes.
BB wins and shows a full house, Sixes full of Fives.
BB wins $2.17
Rake is $0.10
I was flatted pre by Q6 offsuit to a 10x open.

March 25, 2020 | 1:14 a.m.

Whale at my table was jamming any two and hitting dumb shit and amassed like $300 doing this. I open, he jammed $100 without glancing at his cards, I snap with AK. He shows J7o and hits a J on the river to take it down.

Seat to his left opens. Hello! I move.


$1/2, I have $400 behind.

V1 is aforementioned whale.

V2 is your standard player in his late 20's-30s. He had commented that he had to claw back to get his stack to where it was after getting wrecked. I bluffed him off middle pair at one point, but in general, he's been observing me crushing. Every hand I've tabled except for the T7dd with him as been great. Trips with T9hh, AK multiple times, big pairs, AQ, TJs, etc. V2 is highly aware that our whale is being dumb. He is also trying to get into pots with him. He is to my left.

Whale is UTG. I keep my eye on his cards. He doesn't look at them. He opens to $25.

I flat JTdd.

V2 flats.

I think Seat 2 flats but he's irrelevant.

Upon my calling, and while V2 calls, our whale decides to take a looksie. When myself or V2 are in pots with him he gets nervous and announces "gotta look at my cards I don't like this guy" as a "joke"

Flop is KcQc6x.

SB checks. Whale bets $25. I flat. V2 decides to punch it up to $150.

Upon seeing this, I immediately thought to myself that
if the whale folds, I'm going to jam the rest of my stack in.

1) I'm perceived to be the strongest player at the table by villain

2) I know that he's raising to iso the whale, and believes that I'm just gonna ditch my QX, KX, 22-JJ. I believe he has AK because he's fairly passive and flatting that against the whale and hitting would be pretty clutch. He also could have other KX or even aces, but I think of he had JJ+ he would have iso'd pre instead of letting me in. He could have top two (p rare) or bottom set (also rare) but given how all the action went, I think he's sitting on a one pair hand.

3) This bet will put a MASSIVE amount of pressure on him, knowing that against a whale there's a number of things I could flat. He is quite tight, and believes me to be tight as well.

So everyone else folds and it's on to me and I decide to rip it in pretty quickly.

Q: Do tag players fold AK often enough for this to be break even?


He's pretty flabbergasted and realises that his plan didn't work and now he's facing a monster bet and starts to talk a lot. He tells the table that it's going to be a minute and starts asking me what I want him to do. "You can do whatever you'd like" I say, and he doesn't like that answer, it makes him more nervous. He starts to believe that I'm super value oriented here and is convinced I have KQ. He apologizes to the table and continues to tank before showing AK and announcing that he folds. I show him the TJdd and the 2 other good players at the table along with him spend the next orbit talking about that hand. All of them believed I had KQ, and were pained by that bet size and they all said they would have folded as well.

He lets me know what I suspected. He was trying to iso the whale and thought I'd just fold, without any particular thoughts of what I might have, because I could be floating the whale with A hi.

Dec. 15, 2019 | 2:09 a.m.

April 6, 2019 | 8:06 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in Other: Any videos regarding Spins/Hypers?

There's a gap here in filters, only cash and MTT's, but nothing for ST Hypers and Spins. Is there any content kicking around on these?

April 1, 2019 | 7:17 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in Chatter: PF Calling Range Construction

Are there any videos on 6max preflop calling range construction? Would be very interested in this.

Feb. 17, 2019 | 9:49 p.m.

QJ, QT, JJ, TT, Ad8x

The main diamond draw misses, so by jamming he polarizes and could get hero'd off

Jan. 22, 2019 | 5:07 p.m.

Two things:

One. Clarkmeister Theorem - If you are heads up and first to act on the river, if the river card is the 4th card of a same suit you should bet

Realistically you can represent this.


Two. This is 5nl and this guy is probably married to his set so you could overbet jam 100x pot and he will likely call it off.

Sept. 12, 2018 | 5:21 p.m.

Over time you'll realize that theres much more celebration deserved for putting your money in ahead, as opposed to the end result.

You stacked off an 80% favorite :)

Thats Awesome.

Sept. 12, 2018 | 5:09 p.m.

Hey Dekkers what packages/frequency do you offer after the initial session?

Sept. 12, 2018 | 3:17 p.m.

No particular reads

Sept. 8, 2018 | 6 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in NLHE: [100nl] Nasty little spot with AJ

The hand:

The best part about globals native player is that it retains timing in the hand.

Flop: First thought was to just fold, but I know that im playing higher than I have in the past and that players are capable of making big moves with less. The main reason I called though is because I often have the best hand here and cant just fold that quickly.

Turn: Changes nothing. Call.

River. A couple straights get there but I think the folding player was more likely holding these types of hands. I am pretty much putting him on 55. Not many combos of this and so many more draws so I just called.

The problem is the hand that he showed me. If he hit two pair, or made trips, he would always get my money because his bluff here is so obscure that I never in a million years would assume he has it. V unorthodox.

Sept. 8, 2018 | 5:32 a.m.

We can have a balanced 3b range that includes more than just face cards.

Sept. 8, 2018 | 5:25 a.m.

In regards to doing something like this live...opens are bigger so we are gambling far more when we call the 6-7x open as opposed to the 3x open online.

Also if people miss they aren't bluffing enough live. I think the tighter approach is more important when live there's more of a "punty" approach by fish

Sept. 7, 2018 | 9:05 p.m.

Thanks for the feedback. I could have definitely 3b but I wanted to keep him in control, and let him think that he was controlling the action and I was playing a more passive role (of course I'm pulling the strings using some weaker betsizings)

In addition, our table wasn't that aggressive? Guy two to my left was limping every hand and folding to multiway aggression, and the two other guys I guess I wasn't too worried about.

I'm obviously aware it's a trash hand, I'd usually fold it against any open, but in this particular case I'm willing to make these -EV plays just to get in good spots with our VIP.

Sept. 7, 2018 | 9:03 p.m.

He was the straddle. And it would be 7.5x right? Lot of dead money in the middle so yeah I get that it's huge with a marginal hand but it's 1/2 so I really didn't want everyone coming along.

Sept. 7, 2018 | 8:58 p.m.

I find it pretty hard to get some hand reviews online due to some strategies I have that some may not agree with.

Primarily calling wide against deep-stacked fish.

I was at a 50nl 6-max table when the player to my right opened to 12x vs a limp. This was absurd so I immediately tagged him as a VIP since he was not afraid to get large portions of his stack in.

Next hand he opens to 3x UTG and I called with 65o next to act. I am sitting on $97 and he has around $76.

Immediately the pre-flop police start attacking me for this. I am definitely stronger than this player post-flop and have no problem making thin call downs when he starts to go nuts. Is it wrong to be trying to get into as many spots as possible with this guy? Or is the internet hivemind correct that I should be playing tighter against him.

Flop is 578r, he checks to me, I bet 2/3s, he raises to 4x my bet, I call. Turn a 4 making me straight. He checks to be again. I make a small 1/3 bet knowing he will perceive this as weakness. River as a 9 and he bombs it for like 2x pot repping TJ basically. I snap call and he shows ace high (A2s)

These are spots I constantly find myself in because I put myself in them. I think my fellow players are leaving a lot on the table playing far too ABC around these guys.

Sept. 7, 2018 | 4:04 p.m.

I forget the preflop specifics, but I'll do my best to fill them in

1/2 $200 effective

There was a straddle, and a lot of limpers. I was in the CO with 8Ts and this is my first hand. I figure this is a good hand to make a play with, considering dead money. There is a maniac on the straddle who I've only seen in one hand, but judging by his brash demeanor and the things he said when he made a high hand, he was here to play a lot of hands fast and leave soon. I wouldn't say the guy was a fish, but he was a bit too emotional for his own good.

He calls the 30 and we see a flop which is a relatively good one.

986hhx ($85ish)

He stares at the flop for a bit and decides to lead for $20. I turn my hand into a semi-bluff and jam to put him in a gross spot. I think, being PFR, I can get him to fold a lot of his 9's but still call with a lot of his flush draws and open enders. He has a lot more combos of the aforementioned hands than he does 9's and I think when he calls the extra $26 pre he's going to have more overcards in his range.

So he asks for a count, and starts complaining, shows the guy next to him his hand and says "can you believe this shit" and is just eyeing me down and adjusting his position in his chair a lot, clearly feeling he weight of this bet.

The intercom goes off and he just learns that his high hand is beat, so he starts to tilt mid-hand since he thought he actually had WON the high hand. He goes off the rails and calls. Cards run out, and he says "i missed" and then starts to berate me after I show him my hand. He had KJhh for a flip in my favor.

I think a jam is fine here given stack depths, knowing that im putting a ton of pressure on him with a vulnerable hand, and having an opportunity to hit a gutshot and blocking his GS/OE outs if he has something like JQ or 7X.


Sept. 6, 2018 | 5:50 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in NLHE: Verdict on GS+BDFD Flop Calls?

This spot comes up an obscene amount for me, I think IP its slightly easier because you can raise flop and possibly see a free river, but OOP this would generally not work. Also considering that villain might not barrel the turn it can be a decent float spot (if he opens utg and you call with 78s and the flop is 567 with a spade or something)

Yesterday I had A2ss on 45K with a spade and peeled the turn and hit my gutshot and got a lot of value.

I guess the real spot I'm wondering about is like AThh in the SB to a UTG open and the board is KJ9 with a heart. When faced with a 1/2-3/4 cbet, and an opponent who is going to barrel all three streets, how can we determine if this is a profitable call. Should we only be doing this with the assumption that we have to bluff of we brick? Or is it cool to just fold the turn when the BDFD doesn't come in?

Sept. 1, 2018 | 2:33 p.m.

Thanks for the advice. I've been playing poker for a while, and am a regular at 20nl and dabbling in some 50nl and also played live semi-professionally for a long time. I think that recently i've picked up some bad habits and am starting to question my game which of course is causing all types of mental game issues at the table. I haven't messed with solvers yet but I think my exploitative approach is winning me more at the moment since I don't play any zoom or anonymous tables.

Aug. 29, 2018 | 2:04 p.m.

James Hudson You don't think he's 4-betting wider since he's UTG and OOP and we're in the Button?

Aug. 28, 2018 | 5:25 p.m.

Flop seems very JJ or AK but it could also be TT or QQ that wants to slow play. Interesting spot.

I think you're a bit fearful here. You should be working to get it in preflop here, and as played. I'd bet small on the flop to put pressure on AK and JJ to continue, likely doing so on the turn. Shutting down on the river.

Aug. 28, 2018 | 4:21 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in NLHE: Reverse Capped Range?

Typically a capped range refer's to a player who is incapable of having a monster hand in a certain spot (LP caller not having AA, KK, etc.), but is there a term to describe the opposite bounds of this?

Example: Nitty UTG player opens to 3.5x. We call from the button.

Flop: 5h6h8d

Essentially this board is infinitely better for our range, so when he bet's he is effectively "capped" having many bluffs or overpairs which are comparably weak to the holdings that we can have in this spot.


Aug. 28, 2018 | 2:28 p.m.

Post | nat2r posted in NLHE: High Level Leaks in my game

These leaks are so apparent to me but I can really figure out how to fix them short of just not doing these actions altogether, which would open up other major weaknesses in my game.

I play on a very soft site, where people are never folding top pair, as marginal as their hand may be. An example of this was a player calling my 3b with A9o and calling 3 streets and an overbet jam on the river on AAKQJ. Quiet peculiar.

Anyways, I think i can sum up my two or three major leaks as an example hand.

  1. Folds to me on the button with 98s. SB calls, and the flop is J94r. He checks to me. Should I be betting here? I think that I usually do. They will call and the turn will come and I really don't know whether to bet again or not. He could have QT, he could have a bunch of jacks, including like J3. So if I check and he bets the river, am I just folding? This happens to me calling from IP a lot too.

  2. I will have an overpair on a dry board in a 3b pot. I will bet and get a call, turn will be some essentially bricked holding. I'll bet again and get called. River I will bet again and be jammed on. I'll call off since i usually have odds to and I'll be shown like 8T for a turned two pair. Value owned!

  3. This is the most common one. I will have something like 67s OOP in a multiway pot or even a HU pot and flop top pair, I'll check to the PFR who will check back and BOOP, ace on the turn. Obviously a terrible card for me so I check and he bets. I'll call down and be shown the ace.

I guess I just don't know when to fold, even in these small marginal pots. The thing is I'm losing so much money in these pots over time that its really hurting my performance, causing a bit of tilt.

Another thing is that these games have a pretty odd blend of playstyles. A lot of players playing ATC and a lot of players 3betting to iso them.

Aug. 27, 2018 | 5 p.m.

I feel like i missed out on a ton of value but if I bomb it I think i really only get called by better. My hand is pretty thin here, and I have a blocker to the nuts.

Aug. 26, 2018 | 4:30 p.m.

I apologise for how stream of consciousness this may read.

I am a 2nl/10nl reg on my site of choice. Recently I was invited to a private freeroll on that site and placed second (I made a bad call, I knew it was a bad call, I was just done caring at that point because the payout was still pretty staggering for me)

So now I'm essentially rolled for 50nl but want to play a lot of 20nl instead of punting at 50.

I opened up 4 tables and here's what I've learned:

The biggest thing I've noticed is that everybody floating everything whether they have the odds to or not. It's like everyone subscribes to aejones theorem and they all feel that you have nothing, so they will call you all the way down with bottom pair and hope that they make two pair. Or call you down with air and just fold the river. As a result I think pot control is imperative but also quite dangerous as villain is really going to love that free card.

People aren't as ready to get it in as they are in like 4nl where it's fast and furious.

The LAGs are super aggro. I made trip kings and this guy was barrelling into me like it was nobodies business. Turns out he had a boat. K2o. Yep.

People don't give up easily. Triple barrels are insanely common and the bluffs are better constructed.

Any good videos kicking around that basically detail the jump in pool talent from uNL to the 50-100nl range?

Aug. 26, 2018 | 8:47 a.m.

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