6max NLHM Coaching, 8bb/100 in 2016 playing 200NL-1000NL

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6max NLHM Coaching, 8bb/100 in 2016 playing 200NL-1000NL



Who am I?
I am Dekkers and I play professional cashgames NLHM 6max since 5 years. I started at 2NLHM(6max) and I grinded to the limits where I play now (200NL-1000NL). I have earned over 100,000 dollars with online poker.
Below you can see my results of this year.

Why coaching and revealing the secrets of poker?
I simply love to turn breakeven players at the 10NL into profitable players at the 100NL and up. This gives me a tremendous kick, and it also benefits my own playing. It's a classic win-win situation.

How do I turn you into a poker player earning 1000 to 10,000 dollars per month within six months?
First of all I cannot do this on my own, you have to be 100% motivated. If you are, I will help you. I have gained extensive knowledge about all kinds of high stake players. I have had 8 different coaches myself. Each coach taught me different things. I have the “secrets” of beating poker. These “secrets” are really simple. I am quite sure that I can turn literally anyone (except mentally disabled people) into a professional poker player. I will give you all kinds of advice and together we will ensure that you too will start playing professionally!

Because I am quite new as a coach I am offering a campaign this month. Everyone can book 1 trial lesson of one hour for free (worth of 250 dollars) without obligations. In this hour I will surely convince you that I can give you the knowledge and the means to make a lot of money with online poker. Again, you don’t have to be a genius to make a lot of money with online poker, everyone can do it! Are you motivated? Then take the next step in your poker career now.

  • update hourly is 250 now

We will be having phone calls through Skype. I will watch your screen with you (this is an option in Skype). We can use various methods.
-Data review
-Checking marked hands
-live game
-theory lessons

Together we will discuss what works best for you.
(I only coach players who beat 10NL or play breakeven over >50k sample)
Sent me a PM if you are interested


How does the free trial hour looks like?
You will be playing live for 20-30 minutes, I will watch you playing via skype. During the session I will take notes about your game. After you have played for 20-30 minutes we will review some hands, and I will let you know what your biggest leaks are. Then I will create a plan how to fix those leaks in other sessions.

Do you teach GTO?
Yes I do, I have studied a lot of GTO. I can teach you in what spots you should use GTO

Can I learn much in the free trial hour?
In the trial hour I will not focus too much on fixing your leaks, in this hour my goal is to find out what your leaks are. Then I will create a plan how I think we should fix those leaks in other sessions.

Is it smart to only take the free hour?
No, because in the first hour I wont learn you much. So taking a free hour without the purpose to take more sessions isn’t a good idea, and probably a waste of time for us both. Unless you didn’t liked the trial hour.

Isn’t 149 per hour too expensive?
You have to calculate how much extra money you will make. If we assume that your winrate will increase by 1bb after the second session. Then you will earn your invest of 149 dollar back in less than a month.(If you play 50NL, on 25NL this will be 1 or 2 months).
Example: You are playing 50NL and you grind 75k hands per month. After our second session you winrate has improved by 1bb. 1bb higher winrate over 75k hands is an extra profit of 375 dollars!
In 1 year you will earn 4500 dollar extra! So you will invest 149 dollar and you will get 4,5k extra profit over a year.

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