High Level Leaks in my game

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High Level Leaks in my game

These leaks are so apparent to me but I can really figure out how to fix them short of just not doing these actions altogether, which would open up other major weaknesses in my game.

I play on a very soft site, where people are never folding top pair, as marginal as their hand may be. An example of this was a player calling my 3b with A9o and calling 3 streets and an overbet jam on the river on AAKQJ. Quiet peculiar.

Anyways, I think i can sum up my two or three major leaks as an example hand.

  1. Folds to me on the button with 98s. SB calls, and the flop is J94r. He checks to me. Should I be betting here? I think that I usually do. They will call and the turn will come and I really don't know whether to bet again or not. He could have QT, he could have a bunch of jacks, including like J3. So if I check and he bets the river, am I just folding? This happens to me calling from IP a lot too.

  2. I will have an overpair on a dry board in a 3b pot. I will bet and get a call, turn will be some essentially bricked holding. I'll bet again and get called. River I will bet again and be jammed on. I'll call off since i usually have odds to and I'll be shown like 8T for a turned two pair. Value owned!

  3. This is the most common one. I will have something like 67s OOP in a multiway pot or even a HU pot and flop top pair, I'll check to the PFR who will check back and BOOP, ace on the turn. Obviously a terrible card for me so I check and he bets. I'll call down and be shown the ace.

I guess I just don't know when to fold, even in these small marginal pots. The thing is I'm losing so much money in these pots over time that its really hurting my performance, causing a bit of tilt.

Another thing is that these games have a pretty odd blend of playstyles. A lot of players playing ATC and a lot of players 3betting to iso them.

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