Pre-flop strategy against Aggro-Fish

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Pre-flop strategy against Aggro-Fish

I find it pretty hard to get some hand reviews online due to some strategies I have that some may not agree with.

Primarily calling wide against deep-stacked fish.

I was at a 50nl 6-max table when the player to my right opened to 12x vs a limp. This was absurd so I immediately tagged him as a VIP since he was not afraid to get large portions of his stack in.

Next hand he opens to 3x UTG and I called with 65o next to act. I am sitting on $97 and he has around $76.

Immediately the pre-flop police start attacking me for this. I am definitely stronger than this player post-flop and have no problem making thin call downs when he starts to go nuts. Is it wrong to be trying to get into as many spots as possible with this guy? Or is the internet hivemind correct that I should be playing tighter against him.

Flop is 578r, he checks to me, I bet 2/3s, he raises to 4x my bet, I call. Turn a 4 making me straight. He checks to be again. I make a small 1/3 bet knowing he will perceive this as weakness. River as a 9 and he bombs it for like 2x pot repping TJ basically. I snap call and he shows ace high (A2s)

These are spots I constantly find myself in because I put myself in them. I think my fellow players are leaving a lot on the table playing far too ABC around these guys.

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