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Live 1/2 Spot - 8Tss in CO vs Maniac

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Live 1/2 Spot - 8Tss in CO vs Maniac

I forget the preflop specifics, but I'll do my best to fill them in

1/2 $200 effective

There was a straddle, and a lot of limpers. I was in the CO with 8Ts and this is my first hand. I figure this is a good hand to make a play with, considering dead money. There is a maniac on the straddle who I've only seen in one hand, but judging by his brash demeanor and the things he said when he made a high hand, he was here to play a lot of hands fast and leave soon. I wouldn't say the guy was a fish, but he was a bit too emotional for his own good.

He calls the 30 and we see a flop which is a relatively good one.

986hhx ($85ish)

He stares at the flop for a bit and decides to lead for $20. I turn my hand into a semi-bluff and jam to put him in a gross spot. I think, being PFR, I can get him to fold a lot of his 9's but still call with a lot of his flush draws and open enders. He has a lot more combos of the aforementioned hands than he does 9's and I think when he calls the extra $26 pre he's going to have more overcards in his range.

So he asks for a count, and starts complaining, shows the guy next to him his hand and says "can you believe this shit" and is just eyeing me down and adjusting his position in his chair a lot, clearly feeling he weight of this bet.

The intercom goes off and he just learns that his high hand is beat, so he starts to tilt mid-hand since he thought he actually had WON the high hand. He goes off the rails and calls. Cards run out, and he says "i missed" and then starts to berate me after I show him my hand. He had KJhh for a flip in my favor.

I think a jam is fine here given stack depths, knowing that im putting a ton of pressure on him with a vulnerable hand, and having an opportunity to hit a gutshot and blocking his GS/OE outs if he has something like JQ or 7X.


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