[100nl] Nasty little spot with AJ

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[100nl] Nasty little spot with AJ

The hand:

The best part about globals native player is that it retains timing in the hand.

Flop: First thought was to just fold, but I know that im playing higher than I have in the past and that players are capable of making big moves with less. The main reason I called though is because I often have the best hand here and cant just fold that quickly.

Turn: Changes nothing. Call.

River. A couple straights get there but I think the folding player was more likely holding these types of hands. I am pretty much putting him on 55. Not many combos of this and so many more draws so I just called.

The problem is the hand that he showed me. If he hit two pair, or made trips, he would always get my money because his bluff here is so obscure that I never in a million years would assume he has it. V unorthodox.

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