£1/£1 NLHE - AKo in SB vs 2 opponents, 250 BB deep

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£1/£1 NLHE - AKo in SB vs 2 opponents, 250 BB deep

Hi Guys

Its probably been about 5 years since my last post! But I've been playing poker again more and more often and this hand has had me thinking for a few days, so I'd like some input!

UTG limp £1, MP limp £1, co raise £10, btn call £10, I’m on Sb with AhKc

I make it £33 to go with 250 bb effective stacks

CO call, BTN call

Both regs, both OK players, probably just make general live mistakes but certainly not bad. I’d seen CO bluff earlier so not incapable of it and BTN had been tight all night, not seen much action from him (headphones on, watching stuff on youtube..)

Flop comes

I cbet £45 into the £100~ pot for equity protection and value. Both players call.

Turn is Tc (Pot: £235)

On the turn I decide to check. This is questionable but my reasons are as follows. At this point I feel I only get value from AJ, everything else I have in their range beats me, apart from flush draws. Its unlikely both have flush draws. I decide the most optimal line here is checking, but it feels weak like I am giving up. Position really makes this hand difficult.

CO bets £125, BTN calls £125, hero?

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