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Hand History | MatoStar posted in NLHE: 1knlHU vs buttonclickr
Blinds: $5.00/$10.00 (2 Players) BB: buttonclickr: $2972.67
SB: MatoStar14: $1785.56 (Hero)
Preflop ($15.00) MatoStar14 is SB with 9 A
buttonclickr raises to $24.00, MatoStar14 raises to $120.00, buttonclickr calls $96.00
Flop ($240.00) 6 8 Q
MatoStar14 bets $59.63, buttonclickr calls $59.63
Was thinking that the deeper we are, the smaller cbet sizing I am going to use being OOP. I think its still pretty good board for us. Expecting buttonclickr to have a bit wider range than solver - thinking he is IP and quite deep + having an edge over me. Therefore I do not mind highering my cbet frequency here. Maybe even range betting... not sure cause of the deeper stacks.
Turn ($359.26) 6 8 Q Q
MatoStar14 checks, buttonclickr checks
Should be pretty good card for me that is allowing me to bet with a higher frequency, however, I want to still keep in mind that we were 178bbs deep preflop and therefore lowering the frequency on each street is a good strat imo compared to what I might be used to 100bb deep.
In game I thought that my hand is just a good candidate to check and would rather bet most of my gutters along with some K-highs to fold out his Ax. Probably would play just 1/2 or check I think. Betting around 55-65% of my range sounds good to me.
River ($359.26) 6 8 Q Q 2
MatoStar14 checks, buttonclickr bets $238.51, MatoStar14 folds
I think my hand is a pure check on this blank. However, when he bets I think we have to call some Ax combos. Tbh, in game I was thinking that the 9 is actually quite bad and I would prefer to have K,3,4 or maybe even 5 to block less of his bluffs.
Final Pot buttonclickr wins $357.76
Rake is $1.50

April 16, 2022 | 5:13 p.m.

Do not have too much experience in this pool, but from my impression ACR blitz on 200 was too weak reg heavy - probably just grinding for the leaderboard.

Depends what are your goals, but you saying a challenge... what about playing better site with more fishes and then move up faster to nl500,1k,2k...? I doubt you will experience lack of challenges on such a journey;)
Talking from my own experience:)

Another way to challenge you, would be: hmmm, so you are looking for a challenge, to climb high mountain? Well, then just go ahead and reg battle great regs at your limit! Or play a zoom pool with more capable regs (most of the ACR blitz one, did not put me in too many tough spots).

April 3, 2022 | 1:48 a.m.

Inspired by Demondoink decided to create an IG account just for poker!

I think this way I can get closer to more of you guys and share more of my journey.

I swear, this is just a beginning guys, playing 1k and being 21yrs old, does not feel that bad haha.
Lets see how far we can make it!

Drop me a follow, if you want to be part of this journey;)

April 2, 2022 | 11:44 p.m.

Do you think the first 50k hands at 500NL was just a learning curve?
Last 50k hands are rather consistent after taking what looks like some
20 buy-in swings.

Its impossible to know. Obviously as time goes by I am getting better and probably having higher winrate. On 500, most of them are reg tables. The 500z pool is not worth it to play when my intention is to move to 1k as soon as possible.
But could be the fact that I was playing almost exclusively stars at the beginning - so in order to get more volume I was playing way more against regs only which is for sure having a big impact on my overall winrate as well as increased standard deviation.

April 1, 2022 | 5:35 p.m.


Whats up guys I just want to share with you 2 amazing news!

  • In BrPC, I was moved up to Tier Deluxe!

  • I started taking shots at 1k!

Gonna post some graphs with my overall thoughts soon:)

April 1, 2022 | 5:30 p.m.

Blockquote My open range vs him is very tight, something like 25% (please tell me if it's too tight and why)

This is the type of mistake that I used to do when I was playing lower stake. Since most of the players are playing tighter than they should, when someone was playing looser/aggressive, I immediately started to adjust thinking he is too aggro/loose etc. The truth, however, is that 3b frequency BvB is around 18% (in theory) and in a sim with no limps, NL50 rake, he should fold 47.5%. So from your stats I would claim that he might be playing gto-ish here. So I am gonna open my standard RFI range (around 43%).

My focus here was not to balance the c/push line but rather to overbluff as in my experience people don't except a bluffing range here and massively overfold (as he did). The blocker i mention is the A for the improbable fullhosue.

Naah. If you trust enough your experience, okay then go for it. But I would be very careful with those claims, cause you need to have very strong evidence in order to be sure that what you said its actually true. Even if so, then I would start attacking lines where people have wide ranges and lot of possible bluffs.
Another important fact when it comes to exploiting is that, you are trying to maximize your winrate, and EV in general which does not necessarily means a highest EV play at any given moment. This is a little bit advanced, but you seem like someone who likes to exploit other people, so I am gonna dive into that.

Imagine he calls you down here (could have the nuts or whatever). Do you think you can run this bluff again vs him? I really doubt that. So when you think you have a clear exploit on people, try to do it in a way that they do not immediately realize that they got exploited. (unless you are playing on anonymous site, which I doubt you do as you provided a decent sample on Villain). In this case it would mean turning most of the mixed strategies bluff-raises into pure ones.
If you play in a huge pool, you can probably dont give a shit about that. But once you plan on moving up through stakes, the pool is going to get smaller and smaller, and having constant edge over your opponents can just bring way more EV (I was experimenting with that all the way from NL50 to NL500)

March 19, 2022 | 11:55 p.m.

He appears to be competent and will probably understand how well protected your range is with the hands I mentioned above.

I think this is a very assumptive statement. For 2 main reasons.

First of all, we are playing NL25. Yes he has a reggish stats, maybe a bit on aggro side, but that does not make him competent in any way.
Second of all, his river sizing this one is probably even more important. Competent player would understand that re-opening in position on the river for less than 1/2 is 99% not a thing in theory.

Agree with x/calling the river though.

March 19, 2022 | 9:32 p.m.

Okay, I did not intend to post at first, but there are some things that are important to be said here:

  1. What is your overall flop strategy? You did not mention anything in your post. I am asking that because this bigger sizing does not make sense to use here. Especially when there is 5 and 4 + flush draw. Those cards connect very well with the BB range + there are many runouts 3,6,7,8 flushes where he is going to have big amount of nutted hands. Therefore we prefer to bet just 1/3, but only like around 30% of the time. In general, there are not many boards BvB, where you like to size up, so at these stakes I would not mind using just 1/3 or check as a simplification.

  2. Your bet + sizing OTF does not accomplish much. All pairs are gonna call you with few exceptions and most of his folding range is coming from Axo, Kxo - exactly the type of hands you block.

  3. Turn is a flush completing card. There is something to mention when you play BvB after you cbet flop, most flush completing cards are going to give the BB an advantage as he has more suited combos in his preflop range. Therefore we are going to have very high checking frequency with you correctly pointed out - smaller sizings. However, after you big bet flop, in BvB you typically have very few A-highs as those hands are appearing to be very strong to be turn into a bluff when ranges are so wide, while he is going to have decent amount of them as he is going to fold Kxo, Qxo but still needs to call something in order to not massively overfold. Also a small note A and J are of spades, which means there are more flushes available on the lower cards - so he has more of them and we should be more passive. If it would be something like 4s5sJc, 9s, now we could be a little bit more aggressive, as his 42s,43s,53s,52s etc flush advantage is heavily blocked by the cards on the board while we still have a lot of AsXs,KsXs.

  4. 4.

In theory i should defend >50% and my bluffing range OTT should be a similar % depending on my river sizing on various runouts, thus i call

Yes, you should defend more than 50% but you are going to have less bluffs than that. Remember, the smaller you bet, the less bluffs you are going to have, because the better price you are giving him to call. If you would bet exactly pot, then the bluff:value ratio would be around 1 (could be a bit higher as your bluffs has got some equity).

But I would not put my focus too much on those type of things and rather focus on what your range wants to do? On every single street basically, so that you can get more coherent process and avoid this type of nonsense plays.

River I bluff this hand as i think his sets and 2pairs aren't strong enough to raise the turn, and i have a blocker too, so he has mostly flush or bluff.

Okay so now you are saying that he has mostly flush or bluff and after that you mentioned that you are having good blockers. What blockers are you having to a flush?

My turn calling range has some sets and 2pairs tho, so i can easily represent them.

Yes, you are going to have some value raises, BUT. You probably have in your range other AKo combos maybe some AQo as well, some J5s, 54s, maybe even KsJx, QsQx,KsKx. All of those hands are either same "good" bluffs or even better. Can you count how many combos of value hands you do have here? No need to do the calculation to see that you have actually way more possible bluffs to choose from. So using the argument that you have the nuts to raise with in this scenario is not really ideal. I would rather see here a thought process: what are my best bluffs here? The ones that block his bet/calls and unblock his bet folds. But I would not focus too much here, on balancing my b-brc-xr line and rather as I mentioned earlier focus on coherent street by street process.

Hope it was not too offensive, my intention was to just help you to see also other perspective:)

March 19, 2022 | 9:26 p.m.


Whats up guys! Its been almost 5 months since I made my last update about my journey and I have to say that a lot of big things changed over time.

First, the most important one is that I decided to move from Slovakia to Brazil for 4 months! At the end of November of last year, I went to Brazil for the BSOP series + to meet my friends from BrPC and well, I also managed to find a girlfriend :D Thats basically the main reason why I am there rn:)
It is actually something very big as I never was out of my country for such a long time. Also there are lot of challenging things connected to living alone such as managing your day, building your habits/routine etc. Basically I have got 24 hours a day and need to decide what to do in every hour.

In terms of stakes playing, unfortunately, I have not managed to put a decent sample size at 500 as at the end of last year I was travelling to Brazil and back, then having Christmas holidays + spending some time with my family and in January I was trying spend some time with my friends and already dealing with stuff connected to my trip to Brazil (I went there at the beginning of February).
That said, when I was playing it was mostly the stake I am the most comfortable with - 200z but still I have to say that I am very glad to have such an impressive results there.

These days, I am actually quite established here in Brazil, trying to balance poker life, my own self-development + spending some time on calls with my family and friends as well as being here in Brazil with my gf. Definitely not easy, but I am learning a lot on this journey. Since I already built up pretty good routine, I am trying to play exclusively NL500. My goal is to put there around 100-200k hands with having at least 3bb/100 and from there consider taking a shots at 1k (also depends how much trust Saulo and Zinhao are going to have in me)

I also started to stream on BrPC twitch! So far had 2 streams, and one more is coming next month. I was really enjoying sharing my knowledge to people. (Might consider doing some coachings as well in the near future).

I am gonna keep this update very brief, but you can definitely expect a follow up in the next days/weeks!


Since joining BrPC Feb2020


March 18, 2022 | 12:35 a.m.

Whats up guys,

Before one huge update, I am gonna do another twitch stream!!

Starting today at 8pm CET :)

See you here:

March 16, 2022 | 5:23 p.m.

Hey guys,

Gonna be doing my first stream on 200z pokerstars in less than an hour on BrPC twitch!!

See ya there:)

Feb. 9, 2022 | 6:19 p.m.

Do not have the RIO subscription. But yes, from the first 2mins I saw myself at those tables. Also remember few hands vs Gary. Might post them too later on.

Also I was not posting for a bit longer as there are big changes in my life.
Gonna post an update soon!

Jan. 30, 2022 | 9:35 a.m.

Lets gooooo!!!

Really like the non-poker related goals! (esp. the 1st one;)

Keep us updated:)

Jan. 5, 2022 | 2:59 p.m.

Congratulations! I respect your attitude toward poker so much.

Thank you very much for the words, I really appreciate it:)

So could you tell me your session/break schedule if you have a specific one? :)

Well, that's a very good question. I'm trying to approach in few ways:
1. I have a very good tables with some whales - in this case I play as long as they keep playing and I take a small break every 60-90minutes, but only a small one, so that I won't be kicked off from the tables
2. I have a mediocre tables, with some fishes but not whales: that's close, and it depends how often the option 1 is occuring. In my case finding 4 tables with at least one fish (at nl500) is pretty rare so I'd do almost the same as in the option 1. The only difference is that I'll not be playing forever, and rather play for like 3 hours max.
3. I have very few good tables. In this case it depends how do I feel mentally. If I feel mediocre or worse, I don't mind just quitting all the tables and getting back at a different time. When I feel good, I continue playing as a standard session for 60-90 minutes, but mostly I'll stop and leave all tables at this point.

Nov. 18, 2021 | 6:10 p.m.

Thanks for the words man! I really appreciate it!

Do you think there was a drastic change in your strategy before joining BrPC or just a ton of small tweaks?

Not really drastic. I mean before I joined a stable I was consciously trying to play exploitative poker. However, the biggest difference was that unless I saw the black and white data, I was basically guessing based on my perspection of the game how are people deviating and from there making some exploitative plays.
Now I still play exploitative strategies, however, it's actually driven by real data. It all makes way more sense and gives me a ton of confidence in spots where I would have been really unsure if not totally lost.

Nov. 18, 2021 | 5:59 p.m.

Is joining BrPC worth it?

What's up guys, in this post I'll briefly discuss my whether joining BrPC is worth it or not

As most of you guys might know, I've joined this stable and I've been there for 9 months which is exactly half of the contract.
From what I can say so far, it's been the best decision I could have made. I mean, I obviously don't know how would my journey look like if I wouldn't have joined this stable.. but one thing I know for sure - since I joined this stable I've started to moving up through stakes as fast as I never did before. You can just see that from my graphs. (I'm trying to be totally transparent)

There's nothing to hide here. Yeah, they are keeping ~50% of my profits, but without this investment I wouldn't be playing nl500 right now = I'd earn even less even if I would have kept 100% of my profits (that's my assumption based on my results before joining BrPC)

Also in general, I really like the concept of investing to myself. In poker it's joining a stable or hiring a Coach or buying some videos/softwares.
In other parts, it can be physical health - exercising, healthy eating etc; mental health - regular mediation, walks, good sleep etc.
That's what I'm doing right now, consciously trying to get better, become stronger, more confident.. at whatever I do.

Before I joined the BrPC I had many thoughts in my head thinking about how much money I could be possibly losing if I give someone 50% of my profit . It still sometimes occurs to me - that I think from a very biased perspective - how much money I'll lose at a given moment. But that's only a small part of the equation. I'm totally forgetting about the long term perspective of an investment. However, the need of achieving everything right now is so strong that it many times lead to a -EV decision. Mainly because our ego is really hungry for an immediate reward/satisfaction. That's why it sucks so much when we are on a downswing.. (but that's another topic)

Anyway, I promised to keep this short, so I will stop it here. There's a lot more to write actually - if you are interested in knowing more about some pros/cons on BrPC either ask it here or send me a private message and I'll be glad to answer any questions:)

If you are about to apply to BrPC, it would be great if you could mention my nick (MatoStar) in the reference section, thank you:))

Nov. 18, 2021 | 5:51 p.m.


So first of all, I have 2 exciting news:
1. I received an award - Player of the Month!
2. I got moved up to Tier Elite!

I am really glad and grateful for it. In tier elite, we are getting lessons from the founders- Already did have few with both of them Saulo and Zinhao and it has been really valuable.

This month as a whole was pretty unique to me, as I was playing mostly the stake I have never been playing before (NL500).
Regarding my game, I would say I mostly play pretty solid game. There were few times where I think I played more tables than I should.. even if the tables were relatively good, I was losing a lot concentration that results in not playing a-game. I imagine playing 1-2 more reg tables than I typically do just because tables are good is okay. However, I need to set this threshold in advance. For the next month, I would like to play max 6 reg tables or 4r + 1z or 2r + 2z.

I also set to myself a new goal - get to highstakes (nl1k) - that means for me couple of things:

  • put a decent sample at nl500 (and try to avoid playing nl200z)
  • get better at technical part - study consistently
  • be mentally/physically prepared - meditation 2times a day, cold shower every morning, lot of sports, healthy eating, reading books, enough socialization with my friends

Last but not least, I observed that sometimes during a session I am focused too much on the outcome/profit instead of the game and my thought process. This is one of the key factors that will determinate my long term journey - my attitude towards poker while I play. As a poker player, I will spend most of my hours just playing. So its almost crucial to focus on the right things while I am playing.
So since part of my life vision is to getting better at whatever I do, poker is no exception. I just love the game with all the aspects. Trying to come up with the highest ev play in every hand is just so exciting as well as experimenting with new ideas and getting real time feedback on it. I can not imagine any other work that would offer me anything similar than this.

That said, I am super grateful for being a poker player and therefore from the next month, I will really try to in every single session focus exclusively on my game - just thinking through every decision and trying to come up with the best possible play. Outcomes are not under my control, so I do not care as long as I focus on playing my best. I also do not care about money for now. Because even if I win/ lose few k$, I will not be a different person.. It will not affect my core values and who am I.. so why should I care then?:)

October results


Since joining BrPC - Feb2021

Nov. 15, 2021 | 7:18 a.m.

My hands vs some GOATs: TUTI88, TheWakko, oSpiel888..

Whats up guys, I am sure you have heard of those guys already.. I mean its pretty cool feeling to play vs those guys.. few months ago I had in mind a paradigm that was basically saying: "guys like this are playing a stakes where they just play super gto or at least at those stakes you have to know a lot of theory so that I need to study hard for a long time to get there and its not achievable yet."
Well, apparently its possible and it doesnt need to take damn long time :D they are all human beings, making mistakes, learning, exploring new stuff etc.

Mistake by TheWakko? - his hand is almost a pure check OTT and solver likes to use overbet only. But if you bet the turn, you have to fire the river.

GTO Play by TUTI! - he knows HU... turn x-raise with 54o is only a thing if you hold a diamond.. for sure Tuti knows that. I should bluff the river mostly, thought that I have more showdown value and underestimated the fact that those xraises with low pairs are also a thing.

oSpiel888 is bluffing me?! - Do not make these calls unless you are playing 500z :D Just joking, you should fold anyway, because its just a -EV call xD On this board, I can get away with calling only Kx and folding the rest. But I really wanted to call:))

Those were probably the biggest names I have played against some hands. But also played few hands against guys like: Dejanlc357, MunEZ_StaRR, Jugi#6, zazano... and yeah its a good feeling to have also guys like this at the table, because not only that I can learn from them, but also I can clearly see that they are not gto machines.. and are making mistakes too:)

Next post where I will review this month incl. my results at nl500 coming soon! I hope in the following days.

Thanks for reading:)

Oct. 31, 2021 | 10:43 p.m.

Shaun Pauwels :D :D :D
HeavyMask thxxx bro, hope u are doing well too:)
Damn guys, nice to talk to you again! :D

And I promise, I will try to make updates more regularly. Maybe even showing some cool hands from nl500:)

Oct. 8, 2021 | 4:30 p.m.


Yo yo, what's up RIO!

It's been almost 5 months since I posted here. However, I'm back with the update on how my journey in BrPC goes. 

I really feel that I'm much better player than I was before joining the stable. I understand way way more exploitative stuff backed up with a lot of theory knowledge. I also have realized that there are so many spots I have almost no clue about and thats fine as long as I keep constantly working on it. Overall, it's a great feeling when you can clearly see your improvements over period of time. In my case, it's also supported by results which is even better.
Last time, I was writing about taking shots and establishing at nl200, today I can happily share with you my graph from those stakes, but more importantly --- I'm already taking shots at nl500!*

I really like to remind myself that I was just a year ago not beating even nl50. Compared to now, when I'm basically playing against guys like Teunuss (Rio elite coach). So yeah, it's like living my dream and I really hope it's just a beginning of my career. I'll try to do everything what is in my capabilities to crush even nl500 and then jump into the highstakes action.I know I need to study really hard to compete at this high level, however, I'm more motivated than ever before. Let's keep crushing!


NL500 so far


Oct. 8, 2021 | 12:17 p.m.

Yeah, definitely a lot of news!

However, I got the rakeback deal this month from pokerstars. Which is great, but since the first 10 days of this month I was off my devices, grinding it up is my highest priority right now. I will try to make an update this month though. Mainly regarding my performance, results, thoughts on my BrPC journey as well as some mindset and personal stuff.

Lets keep crushing!
See you soon.

July 18, 2021 | 11:10 a.m.

Should be fine in theory I guess nothing you can do vs such a huge 3bet thats cleary a sign of a weaker player.
With so much equity you obviously cant fold. As an explo play, you could potentially call and donk-shove once you hit and check fold vs shove once you dont - because you dont have good odds to call vs a set (if I calculated correctly, but its a bit dangerous, since there is some non-zero chance that he is overplaying his AA or AK)

May 23, 2021 | 8:52 a.m.

Making mistakes while studying

this is something I honestly was pretty avoiding.. usually when I was drilling certain spot and made a blunder, I wanted to skip it and go to the next one asap to prove myself that I can still get it right -- to feel the feeling of satisfaction. I mean, I am not saying I always did it like this, but it used to suck a lot to slow down and explore what leaded me to such a mistake or if there is any correction needed in my thinking process.
However, you can see how unhealthy and destructive that mindset is.
Therefore I will really try to pay attention to the mindset I am currently in. The reason is pretty simple (I guess I mentioned it in some previous posts as well), if I can get conscious about my current mindset, its almost impossible to still stay in the wrong mindset.
Ideally, I would like to achieve a state of mind when I am basically hungry for mistakes. Thanks to mistakes, I am able to get better (if I spot and learn from them), so there is no benefit for me in perceiving it as some sort of weakness. Its just because I want to get an immediate reward, however, I need to remind myself that my identity and satisfaction isnt dependent on immediate rewards or anything like this.

So yeah, this is something I definitely need to work on a bit more especially if I plan to succeed in poker.

I will appreciate any thoughts/advice:)


May 7, 2021 | 11:41 a.m.


One thing I noticed every time I move up is I level myself into thinking how good regs are at the next level up

Yeah, this is exactly what happened to me again and I feel like its pretty affecting my game in certain spots.
However, I think its important to add that the difference is real.. I mean I can clearly see that guys are putting me into more tough spots at nl200 compared to nl100.

Usually it is a tough learning curve before you realize your +EV bluff
catchers are actually -EV because the pool just isn't bluffing enough

Thanks!! and there is also a fact that certain bluffcatchers are way better than the others (in terms of ev difference) and many times its not that obvious, because we need to figure out his value betting and bluffing range first and then go from there. There is also a bit of leveling if you know that your bluffcatcher blocks gto bluffs, but you expect human to be bluffing some other combos and it can get at pretty funky deep level:)

what Kind of stats are you working with in terms of basic ones
vpip/pfr/3bet? cbet F T R? WSD WWSF?

Well, tbh everyone from the team has got different numbers.. someone likes to play more passive, someone more aggro etc.
I am rather trying to focus on spots where I think the most of my ev is coming from.. and putting my HH into gto wizard and see the biggest ev losses and then try to possibly find some similarities between those so that I know whats really important for me to study

May 5, 2021 | 11:30 a.m.

Hey friends!:)

This month was again pretty exceptional for me, mainly because I started playing nl200 - stakes I never played before online! I am super excited about it, since I am only 20yrs old and like a year ago, I was basically playing microstakes!

In terms of my performance, this month wasnt as good as it could be esp. at the end of the month when I was kinda chasing hours - hopefully following month I will be able to play on 2 sites (at least).
My study was a bit messy, it wasnt that structured, so for the next month I will try to focus on SBvBTN 3BP PFR OOP, specifically improving my play with value hands. Another aspect which I would like to focus is to improve my theory fundamentals - just putting my hands into gto wizard and go through the biggest ev losses. Lastly, I would like to more focus on "how much ev my hand has"? Basically trying to integrate this into my thinking process, because I think I was neglecting this important part of the game tree..
I was also a bit neglecting some tier studies, so for the next month I would like to do some sweat ssn with my tier mates.

Results wise its been pretty swingy, but I really dont want to pay too much attention to current results. More important is for me to improve my game in mentioned areas and become a better player.

Last but not least, I would like to reschedule my schedule, and start playing mornings 6am-11am CET which means that I will go to sleep at like 9pm and wake up at 5-5:30am. Its going to be pretty challenging, but see a lot of benefit in there so why not to try. After one week, I will look back and see how it goes.

This month


May 2, 2021 | 12:37 p.m.

Naah, I mean I like checking a lot on this flop, range check should be definitely a viable option.

However, when on such a board he bets almost a pot size bet, you arent really happy. First of all, he shouldnt be using this sizing in theory. But when he does, he is most likely super polarized to a 9x. So if you check-raise, you are kinda isolating yourself vs really strong range.. also the fact that he can have all sets, twopairs and straight makes it even worse.. I would like it much more on boards like 963tt, T63tt, 742tt etc where he has got less nutted hands that beat us and more equity driven bluffs that we want to charge.
I would just call the flop and go from there. Just to remember poker is a multi-street game and whenever both options are pretty close (which is the case, KK are mixed in theory 66% calling and 33% raising), always opt for the one you have more confidence in/ familiar with. Nobody is going to take advantage till super high stakes - that you are pushing certain mixed strategies into pure ones.. Just because its not so obvious to recognize that it should be mixed at the first place, secondly, you need to get the grasp of frequencies and last but not least, you need to know whats the best counter-exploit if you deviate.
This process is important in general whenever you are intentionally deviating from the equilibrium

April 27, 2021 | 10:55 a.m.

Hey guys

I think this is super important and I am really gonna try to pay more attention to that.

I am talking about changing my mindset from winning money to getting better at poker (setting a goal, defining steps needed for achieving that goal and then at the end look back and analyze what worked and what did not)
Because I have to admit that recently, I started to put more pressure on myself esp. at times where results werent satisfiable. So from there, I realized that this isnt a healthy perspective, therefore I would really like to try to shift that mindset towards learning.
Every study hour or session played is mainly for the sake of getting better. It doesnt matter how much I won/lost. The key question to ask myself is: "what I have learned?"
Starting to integrate this perspective, knowing its going to take some time, but the upside is almost infinite imo.

Will make a quick reflection of that at the end of the month along with the month summary!

Cheers guys:)

Get inspired also by Daniel N.
5:00-9:00 he is talking about very similar stuff.

April 27, 2021 | 10:36 a.m.

Well, its sort of dependent on your flop strategy.. if you use a range bet, then logically you are going to have pretty high checking frequency OTT.. but I think overbet or check is going to be fine strategy on most turns.. You can still use smaller sizing like 75 with bluffs without much equity and overbet the better ones..
But overbets are sometimes a bit tricky and there are examples like paired cards, flush cards etc where we barely use an overbet sizing so, whenever you are in doubts I think 66-75% pot size bet its never going to be a big mistake

April 23, 2021 | 2:34 p.m.

Well, I am not saying you can not cbet range here.. I think its fine for those stakes for sure on most boards.. Just saying if you are about to use more advanced strategy that those 9high and lower boards are usually the ones we want to size up.. However, this is actually bit of an exception where you can cbet at pretty high freq, cause its rainbow and the 2 low cards - 3 and 2 are barely connected with his calling range

April 23, 2021 | 2:30 p.m.

Well, it seems to me that you are trying to apply strategy that you dont exactly know and kind of just guessing..
At those stakes, its super important to simplify many things that arent causing big ev loss and this could be one of them..

Anyway, if you want to play more advanced: On those flops you dont want to be using the smaller sizing as often- you have plenty of trashy offsuit broadway type of hands and usually when there are 2 low cards, OOP can xraise a ton, because if the 3rd low card comes he can just overbet super often and essentially all of your overpairs becomes bluffcatchers..
Usually the overcard turn - K or A isnt actually an overbet in theory.. because you are repping very few hands for value that would like to overbet and his flop calling range is quite condensed from Kx and Ax.. so just be careful.. on the J overcard or lower it should be safe for the most part; the Q is kinda inbetween
As Ryan mentioned, your hand is just too strong to bluff - the ev of checking is just higher, because you can win a lot in showdown and at the same time if you bet, there arent many better hands that you can fold out.
Btw if you are about to take this line.. after the turn overbet (150%) on the river your main sizing is going to be AI (unless you face a river that changes equities a lot..).. so if you want to apply this strategy, try to look for turns that are blanks and then shove the river with best bluffs (those usually are going to be 3rd pairs such 76 on AK7, bc it blocks 77,K7,A7 and unblock folds). Also look for straight completing rivers (esp. with your offsuit combos), because after overbetting the turn your V can barely call you with a naked straight draw.. so you are going to have nuts that your opponent can not have --- you should be using overbets
In general, its more applicable for BBvBTN.. but not that different vs the CO as well

Hope it helps a little bit:)

April 23, 2021 | 2:08 p.m.

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