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200NL Blitz ACR. Let’s have a discussion.

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200NL Blitz ACR. Let’s have a discussion.

This is a game I've been working to beat over the last year or so. First half I was clearly a bad reg. Took a few months off, regrouped and over 2nd half I've worked to close to a breakeven player (I know great accomplishment ha…eyeroll). Been a struggle to break through to profitable reg.

I have a large sample on 200NL 6max reg tables and it shows only about 1.5%-3.0% of regs are winning depending how strict we get with statistically significance. My database size on 200NL Blitz isn't large enough yet to draw inference.

The reg/rec ratio at 200NL Blitz is maybe one of the highest vs any other 200NL format/site. Most nights its many average regs (good players, but not elite), a handful of reg fish, maybe 3-4 top notch players, and a true rec or 2 that sometimes doesn't even last the night.

The coaches here never play this format or at least don't film it. I truly wonder with such a tough pool, how many are actually winning for statistical significance? If only a fraction are winning at a easier format (reg tables), it may imply literally only a handful of legit winners (pre rakeback, promo's, etc).

Would love if anyone plays this game to share your thoughts and/or if your beating for statistical significant if you could share that as well. I’m trying to gauge what kind of mountain I am climbing here.

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