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BECOMING A POKER PRO (via NachosPoker and BrPC)

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BECOMING A POKER PRO (via NachosPoker and BrPC)

Hey everyone:)


My name is Martin, I am currently 22 years old guy from Slovakia. I have always been passionate about the game, grinding zynga poker :D, but given the fact that my country is so small (5.5mil) it was kinda hard to start playing "professionally" since you need someone who shows you the fundamentals (even the forum like this is almost impossible to find for a recreational). However, I got lucky since friend of mine (from chess which I was playing for almost 7yrs) introduced me to online poker for real money as well as my first poker forum where I have registered - pokerstrategy.
I was totally overwhelmed, excited.. when I saw some beginner strategies (not limping preflop, regggs tags, nits, lags type of players..) esp. when I looked at play money poker and there were all recreational doing those wrong things, so I could test it and see if it works.. Surprisingly it worked really well!
I literally spent 2 months prob like 4h+ a day on that forum, reading articles, watching videos.. basically trying to grasp the fundamentals and to be well prepared for the real money games. Its hard to describe, but I was incredibly motivated.. (it was actually during summer holidays 2017)
I still remember the amount of excitement when I first time opened the pokerstars real money tables... the main obstacle I had was my secondary grammar school (since I was attending one of the best ones in my country) so it took me a decent amount of time and I also have had lot of different activities going on.

I have been playing poker for 3 years (mostly 6max cash game), but have had some breaks, because of school, friends, my free time activities etc etc. Currently playing nl50 6max on pokerstars/gg. I used to dream to become a poker pro, so I hope that one day, my dream come true! Thats why I decided to go to uni only for students benefits, so I have got "gap year" as a trial to see whether I am able to make it as a poker pro, but also if this is something which is really fulfilling me.. That said, if after this year I wont be able to make it as a pro or I will find that poker isnt the way to go, I will go to the uni next year and study either math or psychology+statistics.

My approach to poker as some of you might have seen on this forum is highly exploitative.. I was inspired by Nick Howard and his free youtube content. His approach really resonates with me esp. because I think there are very few coaches who are talking about that stuff (if you know someone else, please let me know:)

Besides technical part, I am also trying to work on my mental game, I believe I can gain additional edge at the tables by meditating, exercising, having a cold shower, eating healthy stuff.. For me, its really important to listen to people who I regard as successful and trying to take from them good habits, because I think those rooted habits makes them better than the others bottom 80%

I am more of a sport type person enjoy being around people and having a lot of fun! However, currently due to lockdown in my country, I am forced to exercise only at home and meeting most of my friends just online, but still its better than nothing:)

Outside of poker, I am currently in 3-year leadership program (Nexteria). Which is really cool, since its pretty hard to get there and I found the community being so great, esp. because people out there really wants to become better as a person. The vision of that non-profit organization is to have competent and fair people on important positions in Slovakia

My life philosophy is basically enjoying life at any given moment, because life is too short.. thats why you would see me smiling most of the time:)


  • keep myself accountable
  • inspire some (microgrinders) that its possible to get there


  • some sort of exercise
  • meditation
  • intentions and gratefulness (I have a notebook where I write on a daily basis my intentions and few things for which I am grateful)
  • book reading (currently reading 12 rules for life by J.Peterson)
  • morning cold shower
  • checking out my vision


  • thinking in terms of ranges in every single spot
  • trying to enjoy the process of learning and playing as much as possible


  • chess
  • table soccer
  • football
  • swimming in cold water
  • walking
  • math / logical problems
  • table games

I will be updating this journal on a weekly basis, trying to bring at least one thing which I have learned/wanna share with you

sorry for my English and grammar mistakes, I am far from being a native speaker:)

Enjoy reading! :)

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