Pocket Aces vs A new Player in their First Hand

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Pocket Aces vs A new Player in their First Hand

2/5 - with a 10$ winner Straddle

I won the previous hand as the Big Blind-

Now I have the 10$ straddle on the button 1100$ effective- there are 4 Limpers and one of them is a new player in the Cutoff on their first hand.

I look down at AcAh and raise to $75 - Only the new player calls.

Flop is 7h8cJc. he checks I bet 85$. He calls (My initial read is a draw of some sorts perhaps J10 suited or even KJ AJ type hands.
Turn is a 7 of diamonds. He checks again. this is a better card for us as we are now beating 2 pair combos of J8 that decided to get sticky and eliminates possible Pocket 7s in his calling range- So I bet 150$. He check raises to 400$. (I'm already invested 310$ with total pot size being 1000$. I decided there were too many Jx Combos and Draws I was beating to fold. and calling just didn't make sense leaving me with only around 300$ left. I knew he wouldn't fold for that much. I jammed remaining 800$ ish dollars. He snap calls and turns over 10h7s

was this just a lucky donkey that I ran into - or is there a better way to play this against someone on their first hand? perhaps checking the turn or Larger flop Bet Sizing?

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