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5R Awkward Preflop Spot

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5R Awkward Preflop Spot

Blinds: t625/t1 250 (9 Players) CO: 14 374
BN: 74 043 (Hero)
SB: 14 888
BB: 45 537
UTG: 55 282
UTG+1: 72 248
MP: 83 278
MP+1: 47 139
MP+2: 42 494
Original opener is running 29/11 and quite tight from EP. I could 3bet but felt it was better to just flat call on the button when we are this deep. Plus by flatting i think SB will shove quite a lot as he has been quite aggro so far. When MP just flats the shove he could be trapping but we are getting a good price and in position so think call is fine. At the same time he seems fairly passive so do you think we could shove to take advantage of all the dead money in the pot.
Preflop (1 875) Hero is BN with 9 9
2 folds, MP raises to 2 500, 3 folds, Hero calls 2 500, SB raises to 14 738 and is all in, BB folds, MP calls 12 238, Hero calls 12 238
Flop (46 814) T 4 4
MP checks, Hero bets 12 550, MP folds
Once he checks i think a small bet here is mandatory if he had cbet do you think just calling flop and then folding unimproved against further aggression is a good line?
Turn (59 364) T 4 4 9
River (59 364) T 4 4 9 J

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