Multiway PKO allins

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Multiway PKO allins

Hey I'm wondering how do people calculate multiway PKO allin spots. I try to go by equity discount type of way but I think for multway I have to use the bounty amount to chip value and calculate just based on pot odds adding in the extra chips.

This is the spot, I need 39% equity based on pot odds but I think extra chip value is about 33-50% of starting stack which was 3000 in this mtt. I'm not going to figure out exactly what it is but in this spot I assume it's (34% so 34% x 3000 x 2) to account for both players PKO so that would make it an extra 2000 chips in the pot roughly and I have to call 1680 to win 6300 so I need 26.7% equity against both ranges.

Am I getting the values and math right?

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