1/2 live NLH (max buy in 500) Poker house dallas AA in the small blind

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1/2 live NLH (max buy in 500) Poker house dallas AA in the small blind

Alright everyone! Am i a fish or a ninja?
1/2 live cash game in dallas texas (these games play big, probably plays more like a 1/3... maybe even a 2/5)
Second hand of the night I have 200 behind and wake up in the small blind with AA
The primary villain has around 1.4k behind and has straddled on the button

UTG: limp 5 (around 500 behind)
UTG +2: limp 5 (around 500 behind)
folds around to me.in the small blind with AA... I raise it to 20 (probably a little bit light... what should I have made it?)
Villain on the button: call (around 1.4k behind)
UTG: call
UTG+2: call

K Q 8 rainbow

Me in SB: 20
UTG: call
UTG+2: call
POT: 140 usd
villain: 115 (nearly putting me all in)
me: call (at this point I am risking 95 more to win over 250), and If i call i only have 20-30 more
utg: fold
utg+2: fold


at the turn card I have maybe 30 USD left and it goes in

He turns up KQo... and i get stacked second hand of the night... what does everyone think of my play?
FWIW there are 16 combos of JTo and 9 combos of KQ... both are plausible hands and plausible that he would play that way given the stack depth and him having position.
AK QQ and KK can probably be eliminated from the likely possibilities.... I suppose there are 3 combos of 88 left in the deck which also be bad for me.

No need to feel to bad for me though... i would re-buy for 200 USD and run it up to 600 over the next 2ish hours (primarily off of the same guy)

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