Dealing with Hyper-Aggressive players Pilo

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Dealing with Hyper-Aggressive players Pilo

Been playing a lot of .25/.50 PLO8 lately. I've only been playing for about a month now. I've come across a reg on on ACR who is a complete maniac but absolutely crushes it. He does alot of 3-betting preflop, he does this a fair amount out of position. He 4 bet me all in preflop with a high only hand KQJ9 double suited. He c-bets 100% of flops and not afraid of getting it in light on the flop. i've seen him give up on the turn a few times but is capable of a turn c/r.

My main strategy when hes at the table is to limp open strong 2-way suited hands, A4JT , A3xx, 23KQ, because he sure to raise anyway. I'll also limp with hands such as AAxx, A234, AK23, KKA2 with the intention of re-raising. I pretty much play fit or fold on the flop and later streets. 

I've played against him a few times now, he always seems to be up at least 3-4 buyin on whatever table he's on. I've won some big pot against him and i think overall im winning against him but not by much. I find myself building a big stack against him and then slowly giving it back by constantly folding preflop and to his c-bets.

Should I widen my prefolp range?

Am I ever folding to his preflop raise IP?

What type of hands is it ok to get it in preflop?

How aggressive should i be on the flop?

Who else wants to see more PLO8 vids?

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