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Preflop GTO 10-15bb - help me grasp it

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Preflop GTO 10-15bb - help me grasp it

Hello RIO,

I have been playing MTTs for many years as a side job and do pretty well making a decent side income with them every year (playing exclusively online).

I tend to mostly play push/fold up to like 14-15bb, but I have been studying GTO ranges and they do a lot of limping and min raising from all positions down to even 10bb.

I think that in practice, especially in softer games, playing push fold with solid ranges ends up being a decent exploit, but am wondering if i should take a more GTO approach to level up my game.

It feels very unnatural to me to min raise off 14bb or less, and looking at the GTO responses to my min raises, I can say that nobody is rejamming “correctly” - they are all too tight. So it seems like there are some problems with using GTO opens - we should not be calling off as light as solver does.

What are your thoughts on using GTO to come up with good ranges at these stacks? Should we even be trying to approximate GTO here? If so, how would you go about proceeding after min raising or limping given that pools don’t rejam the way a solver does?

I am very motivated to be the best player I can be and am totally cool with potentially punting off some stacks while integrating this new strategy, but am also very concerned that the GTO approach might not be ideal in a lot of real world games.

Thanks everyone!

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