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Balancing micro stakes online and low stakes live

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Balancing micro stakes online and low stakes live

Hey everyone,

I've been an MTT grinder for the last couple years, but spent 2022 getting more series with my tracking and bankroll management. My ABI online is roughly $5.50, satelliting into $33-55 tournaments when I can. This often is offset by relatively large buyins live though, typically a $200 10k GTD that I play every other month on average. In a way, the $200 tournament can be easier, as the live play is far less studied and exploitable. But when you don't cash those, it can eat into profits from micros quickly.

I'm curious if others have had this dynamic early on in their poker careers, and if so, how you went about balancing the difference there? My solution so far has to save $100 every month to put toward a live bankroll, which caps me at a $200 bimonthly, but I'd be curious to know how others have tackled this kind of issue

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