Do you want a win-rate that truly reflects your skill level and work ethic? Tired of underperforming due to having the wrong thoughts and desires at the wrong time? The human mind is not wired for the volatile world of poker, but it can be adapted.


"Poker Therapy is a book about uninstalling your bad thought processes and emotional reactions and replacing them with the right ones."

Run it Once coach Peter Clarke has already pioneered the renowned technical poker book - The Grinder’s Manual and the practical workbook - 100 Hands. Now with Poker Therapy, Peter has turned his attention to the Mental Game and translated the powerful techniques he has used to get the best out of hundreds of private students into a clear strategy for rewiring your mind for the challenges of the game.

Peter knows from his many years of one-to-one coaching that every student could achieve a huge win-rate boost by conquering the common mental-game afflictions that plague so many players. Poker Therapy has everything to do with the inner workings of the human mind and how it can be re-programmed to excel in the difficult realm of poker in 2020.

Humans were never built to thrive in the perilous landscape of poker, but with this book, we can retrain our minds to respond in the right way to the many challenges that lie before us. Get ready to transform the way you react to adversity.

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