2017 Momess Poker Journal

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2017 Momess Poker Journal

Not quite sure how to start this so I'll just type some words and see how it goes. I am starting a journal for myself first to help with goals, motivation and work ethic just to name a few things I want to keep in line, I am also doing it to show people that are coming up in the game just how much work on and off the felt it is to be a successful poker player, that everything isn't always as easy as it seems and finally for anyone and everyone that's interested in the way of the poker life. I will be posting at least twice a month, poker goals, study goals, lifestyle goals and results.
To start off, 2017 main goals, POKER focus this year is quality over quantity, I will probably be playing the least amount of hands I've ever played in a year but I want all these hands to be played the best way I can. My home base is nl200 but I am looking to play much more nl400+ and I will be spreading out my play over several sites so I can get the best tables everywhere. I will start playing more tournaments (1 to 2 days per week) and fitting in some private coaching, live cash games and live tournaments in the mix.
STUDY goals are to drastically improved my tournament game (which is far behind good players), keeping up my focus on weekly cash game study, reviewing my database daily, adjusting my HUD and to the meta.
LIFESTYLE goals are keeping up my healthy habits, I have been vegan for the last 6 months (after being vegetarian for the last 2 years) and I love it, going to the gym at least 3 times a week and jogging once or twice a day (which I've started roughly 3 months ago and also love it).
These are just main goals, many other things should come into the mix and I will be writing these things down as I go along, hope anyone that follows this participates in conversation, asks questions and gives constructive criticism, but for now, GL to all in 2017 at the tables!

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