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2023: The Crossroads…Poker is not Dead

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2023: The Crossroads…Poker is not Dead

Greetings, fellow poker enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nik, a passionate and dedicated cash game grinder who has lived and breathed poker for over a decade. From 2012 to 2020, I had the incredible fortune of fully immersing myself in the poker world, both online and in live games. These years of relentless pursuit not only allowed me to travel far and wide, connecting with diverse individuals and forging lasting friendships, but also provided me with a profound self-discovery experience.

Looking back at my journey today, I recall the trials, the hardships, and the immense pressure I faced in proving to myself and my loved ones that I could forge a prosperous life through this magnificent game. It was not just a mere dream; it was a deliberate choice that granted me absolute freedom. However, this choice did not come without its share of costs. The psychological strain, the anxiety, the nagging feeling that my worth hinged solely on my poker victories… these emotions can be overwhelming and can potentially shatter one's spirit, should they embark on the path of a professional poker player. To those who believe that excelling in poker is solely about study and grinding, I wish you the utmost luck in preserving your mental well-being!

On the flip side, the triumphs in poker bestow upon us extraordinary feelings of accomplishment and sheer joy. It is not solely about the monetary gains; it is about the journey we undertake to reach those heights, the sense of fulfillment that accompanies each milestone. While my poker achievements may not be monumental in terms of financial gains, they hold immense significance to me because they have gifted me with profound feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction. Allow me to share some of the defining moments that have shaped my poker career:

2014: Made significant progress by moving up from NL10 to NL100 Zoom on iPoker within six months. Later, transitioned to playing 5$/10$ live games at Cyprus Merit casino with the assistance of a staking deal.

2014-2015: Consistently played at the highest stakes of my poker career, successfully navigating the intense 10$/25$ games at Cyprus Merit casino and earning substantial rewards.

2016: Took my first trip to the United States, exploring the poker scene in lively Las Vegas.

2017: Enjoyed a memorable two-month grind alongside close friends in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

2019: Achieved an impressive milestone by securing 1st place in a major Sunday event on Pokerstars.

Lacking Motivation: Considering a New Career Path

As I turned 30, I began to feel a decline in the positive emotions poker once evoked in me. I started to contemplate other paths and became engrossed in the world of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. Algo trading captivated my interest, and I pursued technical market analysis to enhance my skills. Alongside a talented developer, I delved into creating automated trading systems for the cryptocurrency market. Poker took a backseat in my life.

2023: The Crossroads

The experience of the trading world taught me valuable lessons, and my trading business is still strong. However, there is a part of me that still feels compelled to take one last shot at poker. I believe there is more to prove, more challenges to face. While I don't see myself playing poker indefinitely, I want to give it one final go.

My Plan:

For the rest of this year, I have decided to immerse myself in full-time poker once again, embracing a mix of online and live games. I aim to document my journey by livestreaming my online sessions on Twitch. Regardless of the outcome, I will return to my trading business at the end of this year.

Goals and Requirements

To maintain discipline, I will treat poker as a regular job and show up every day. My online sessions will be livestreamed on Twitch, while any live sessions will be shared on Twitter. Additionally, I will set monthly challenges, provide a weekly grind schedule, and commit to a minimum volume requirement of 100 hours per month for online play and 80 hours per month for live play. Studying will be an essential part of my routine, dedicating time to explore specific dynamics and exploit strategies, providing weekly summaries that will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. This endeavor seeks to benefit and inspire all of you on your individual poker journeys.

Game selection

While I acknowledge that I may be a bit rusty, I am committed to putting in the hard work and pushing myself to play in the challenging field of GGpoker, ranging from NL200 to NL1k stakes. As the year progresses, I might explore other platforms like poker apps. Here is a graph depicting the hands I have played in NL500 so far this year.

I am fully aware that this journey will not be without its difficulties. Motivation may fluctuate, but my determination to persevere remains unwavering. The primary goal is to never give up, regardless of the circumstances. May the cards be in our favor.

By MayNuts and SolidPoker Team - Grinder is not Dead




PS: Everything is pretty new, streaming and content creation are purely for my own motivation so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. In time it will get better.

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