3 WEEKS: Here I Go.

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3 WEEKS: Here I Go.

I need some accountability/discipline in my grind. I'm not doxing myself, and I don't plan to discuss any strat. I doubt this will be useful to anyone else. I'll be posting here for the next 3 weeks to see if publicly announcing quotas/goals will help me meet them.

My overarching goal is to be a winning 2knl reg a year from now.


[ ] 4hrs (minimum) study daily.
[ ] 3hrs (minimum) tables daily.
[ ] Establish a warmup/cooldown.
[ ] No distractions. No autopilot. Total focus.
[ ] No checking money results until 27-7.

[ ] Out of bed at 0800 latest.
[ ] No naps.
[ ] No caffeine after 1800.
[ ] Sober.
[ ] Touch grass 2x daily (minimum).
[ ] Journal entry daily.
[ ] Try meditation and objectively assess its utility.
[ ] Acknowledge emotions without reacting. No verbal outbursts.
[ ] No negative anything (music, people, environments etc).

Here I go.

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