Achieving Higher Balance

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Achieving Higher Balance

As a coach, most of the mistakes I've made in the past were due to my over-insistence that I should apply the same lesson plan to each student. This is a problem because it functions under the distortion (call it coach's arrogance) that the student is not capable of guiding his own learning process in a way that is maximally relevant to his growth. At first glance, it may not feel wholesome to assign the student this much power in the teacher/student relationship. After all, the student decides to get coaching after admitting that he is incapable of fixing his own game. So how can the coach justify putting him behind the wheel during lessons? I've balanced this paradox in the following way:

The student maximally accelerates his learning process in one way only: expressing his confusion.

Once the coach has clear vision of a distortional imbalance that is forcing the student to make poor decisions in certain spots, the coach can then balance that distortion. This is how to maximally accelerate the student's winrate.

In a proper teacher/student dynamic, the student is trained to detect his own distortional imbalances, until the coach is no longer needed. A student that develops the capacity to self-correct his own distortions is equipped to be his own teacher. If you've had a coach for over a year, fire him, imho.

My best students were the ones who were devoted to truth. They were humble enough to express their own confusion. They have balanced me as much as I've balanced them.

A student grows by having his biases exposed

A teacher grows by developing a greater understanding of the various paradigms of his students, thus understanding more of the distortional nature of bias. This naturally refines his own balance.

We are all students and teachers, simultaneously. Neither role is in greater service to the other. The roles are completely equalized for the one who is trained see from truth instead of bias.

We are all knights of infinite balance. I encourage everyone to approach life at this level of personal challenge. There's no beauty like it, no expansion like it, and no service like it.

Go forth knights, the scales await you!

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