Americas Card Room problems since the introduction of their new poker client. New suggestions of American sites that allow HUDs.

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Americas Card Room problems since the introduction of their new poker client. New suggestions of American sites that allow HUDs.

Hello Everyone I hope this one hasn't been posted to death and I missed it or something but I am having trouble finding other forums or anything about this so I thought I would start one here to get discussion started. Since the new client update at ACR I am experiencing a lot of problems that their customer service is not addressing and I am hoping that some of you can give feedback that they aren't. I feel we need a space to discuss all problems that we are all facing with this software so we can see if everybody is having the same issues or if it is just us individually. I hope everyone speaks up because the customer service there doesn't seem to care one bit about issues that you are having with their software.

The first and I think most important problem I am facing is since the new client launch is that Holdem Manager stopped importing my hand history so I can't see my stats in session and I can't review my sessions after the fact in the Holdem Manager hand replayer. Has anyone else experienced this or experienced the opposite where everything worked fine for them? Their customer service is atrocious and I can't get a clear answer from them if it is the new client that is doing this or if I need to change something in my Holdem Manager.

I assume other players are facing this as well but I hope that there is a work around or some kind of setting I can change in Holdem Manager or a patch I need to dl to get everything to work right or something. Everybodys' customer service wants to point the finger at the other guy though and I am making no headway on finding the real issue. I am hoping someone can post and say whether or not their tracking software works or does not work on ACR so I can further troubleshoot this problem.

There is another question I would like to address while I am asking about ACR. This is the status of Black Chip Poker., I understand BCP is another site under the Winning Poker Network who also runs ACR. Are they having any issue with Holdem Manager at the moment? If I deposit money and play there will my Holdem Manager work there? Ultimately I would like to get my Holdem Manager to work at ACR. However at the moment given their dismal customer service and me thinking the problem is their client and not my Holdem Manager I think the next step in my troubleshooting is finding another site that will take US players that supports the use of HUDs. I hate the thought of giving Winning Poker Network more of my business considering how they treated me at ACR but don't know many other sites that will accept US players AND allow the use of tracking software and a HUD.

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