Attachment, Projecting, Fear, Rigidity

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Attachment, Projecting, Fear, Rigidity

Ive played poker for over a decade and currently gring husngs and 6max cash Poker is just a manifestation of the issues ive struggled with my entire life: Attachment to certain results leading to fear of losing or entitlement or confirmation bias, projecting onto other players creating a false & rigid narrative of whats going on without being able to reassess my assumptions. In other words i am results oriented and i jump to conclusions...big surprise. These are the same things i have done in other facets of my life since i was young.

I start my sessions well, keeping a balanced, open mind to evaluate the right variables and seeing things truthfully (or so it feels) but there comes a certain point where i get sucked into emotion/fear depending on my results or I start projecting. At this point im flying by the seat of my pants grabbing onto the first thought that fits my narrative. I can even sense when i have ventured into this place and it takes awhile to right the ship. Its not like an on and off switch.I have gotten better throughout the years and can play better for longer. But that is only some background information to help you shed some light on my real question...

Assuming I already do the things off the table (journal, TMGP, meditate, etc.) that help me understand my issues at their core and i am aware of myself even as i venture into this fight or flight stress state, will simply playing more to practice corrcting myself when i slip into this state help me progress? I know ive improved but its hard to target the reason why ive improved. Has anyone else had this issue and improved over time just because theyve had to confront it more often by playing more? Am i answering my own question and just impatient with myself and the speed of my progress?

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