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Best poker software to study out of game

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Best poker software to study out of game

First I will describe my situation. I have a job were a work 13-16 hours a day and the vast majority of that is spent sitting in a pick up truck. No exaggeration I literally sit in a pick up truck watching movies for 10-11 hours a day on avg.This would be a great time for me to study and develop my game because lots of the usual distractions are out of the way. Rarely there is good enough cell reception to stream videos, read forums or play poker online.

So my question is what are the names of some software programs that you can use to study (cash or mtt) that require no internet connection to use after download, seeing as I am in the middle of butt fking nowhere. I've heard a few briefly mentioned somewhere in a post on here recently but cant find it and I wouldn't be certain whether I could run it with out an internet connection.


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