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Hi guys,

I'm an Micro/Low MTT reg currently facing a downswing. I have a pre-session routine, a study schedule and have already watched some mindset content. I've been playing for more than 3 years and but I have never faced a bad run like this.

This month I've played 20k hands already and I'm currently winning 2bb/100 when all-in adjusted BB is 8bb/100. Today my session started pretty well, then I simply busted out in 20 tournaments in a 90 minutes interval, facing a bunch of bad beats (graph). That really pissed me off, I broke a mouse and I stopped registering in tournaments, something I had never done before.

I'm really disappointed with me, cause after all this time I thought I was tilt-prove and had a descent mindset.

Should I move down stakes? I know I can beat my current stakes, I've been doing this for 2 years, but I'm afraid that I might deviate from my A-game at the moment. How about an 1-week break? I mean, I know I should accept variance and stick to plan or simply slow down and someway restore confidence? Do you guys have any trick to avoid tilt in this kind of scenario?

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